Teresa Giudice’s Mother-In-Law’s House in Foreclosure & On The Auction Block

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Filomena Giudice

There seems to be a downsizing epidemic sweeping through “Real Housewives of New Jersey” territory. While we are supposed to believe that all of these choices are voluntary, and the result of spiritual awakening and growth, we all know better.  Most of these changes evolve from circumstances that are either the result of bad decisions, or life circumstances.  The latest casualty is the mother-in-law of RHONJ star, Teresa Giudice.

Filomena Giudice

The NJPA issued a public notice earlier this month, stating that a residence owned by Frank and Filomena Giudice is on the block for auction to the highest bidder.

Filomena Giudice

Filomena Giudice, the mother of Joe Giudice, is the sole owner, due to the recent death of her husband, Frank. The Hydeway Drive residence in Totowa, NJ is set for auction on September 30th at the Passaic County Courthouse.

Filomena GiudiceHydeway Drive residence in Totowa, NJ

Filomena Giudice is allegedly financially struggling, and as records indicate, has a history of property foreclosures.

Life has to be difficult for Mrs. Giudice. She is coping with the reality of being a widow, she has lost her home, and she has to come to grips with the fact that her son is heading to federal prison.

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Filomena currently resides with her son, Pete Giudice, and his wife, Sheila. While I am unsure of how her character played into the criminal road her son went down, my hope is that she will take an active, positive role in his daughters’ lives, especially while Joe is gone. These four girls badly need to be taught the importance of honesty, integrity, and the difference between right and wrong. Let’s hope that someone steps up and does it.


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