Exclusive: Real Housewives of New Jersey Alternate Finale Taping & Reunion Update

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RHONJ Season 6

After the massive fan backlash and sharp decline in ratings, Bravo producers have switched gears for season six.

Initially the main storyline centered around Teresa Giudices’ legal drama but the explosive Motherf*cker Gate involving TereSSa/Rino/Santa is now their main focus.

According to an exclusive source, producers are now working on an alternate ending for the season finale. Typically, the season ends with a fashion show brawl where sinks are thrown and punches are flung but now that Kim D is not in the picture; we’ll have to wait and see what direction they go in.

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This news comes on the heels of media reports of a delayed reunion taping due to Teresa Giudices’ sentencing reschedule to October 2.  The new reunion filming is scheduled for October 5. 

Our source also revealed, the network has now extended reunion invitations to the husbands and boyfriends. This makes sense since the men have been stirring the pot more than their counterparts. 

The feedback from many viewers is that the network’s exploitive portrayal of The Giudice family legal mess and it’s fallout was disturbing. Especially involving the children’s pain and anguish over their parents poor decisions. Many fans of the show vowed they would not watch and it appears many did say adios to the RHONJ.

According to our exclusive source, the Santa/Rino affair has changed the course of the show and Bravo has scrapped their taped finale surrounding Giudices’ legal drama and is taping new footage to create an alternate finale ending.

Season six was hyped (by the network) and the hope was that Teresa Giudices’ legal woes would attract a boatload of viewers. However, their strategy has backfired and they’ve the switched their focus to Victoria Gotti’s bombshell announcement.

Stay tuned for more RHONJ updates.


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