Exclusive Interview [Part 1]: Jim Marchese Blows The Lid Off of Bobby & Nicole’s Fake Relationship!

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Last week, Jim Marchese, husband of Amber Marchese, and star of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” granted All About The Tea an EXCLUSIVE and in depth interview.

Jim spilled the tea on many hot topics surrounding his RHONJ costars, the Giudice’s legal drama, the whistleblower case and broken friendships. He was gracious and opened up about his broken friendship with Bobby Ciasulli. The interview is piping hot and well deserving of two parts. Part two will be published tomorrow. 

Enjoy part one of the interview below: 

1. AATT: How has the show affected your friendship with Bobby?

Jim: “We have not talked since he came to my house after the first responders party. We did one more scene together and it was not a pleasant one so we don’t have a relationship at this point.” 

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2. AATT: Did reality TV ruin your friendship?

Jim: “We’ve known each other over 10 years. It’s definitely a hard thing. I know it was Bobby’s desire to be famous, the show didn’t do it. He made a choice that he needed a storyline and he sacrificed our friendship to get there. It’s bad but it’s not incredibly shocking to me his desire to be famous is his 1st, 2nd and 3rd priority and that’s what he did.”


3. AATT: Do you think Bobby and Nicole have a genuine relationship?

Jim:Amber and I got contacted by a casting company, she [Amber] gets offered the job first, then they asked her to bring in 3 to 4 other women. We interviewed 8 women. They end up picking the twins. Bobby tried to sleep with every single one of the women that was interviewed to be on the show. He [Bobby] found the twins at the Dunkin Donuts and thought they would be perfect. Bobby started dating her [Nicole] because of the show. Not for any other reason. He didn’t like her or wasn’t attracted to her but he wanted to be on the show and that’s where the relationship started. And I did know the real girl he was dating. He and I have been friends for a lot of years and I’ve heard how he spoke about her [Nicole] versus other girls he dated and I don’t know if it’s genuine.”


4. AATT: Do you feel Bobby betrayed you for fame?

Jim: “Do you know about the recent Bank of America settlement? The $17 billion dollar settlement…”Mortgage Now,” which is my company, we were brought in as experts on this and listed as one of the people that assisted the government and it’s actually in the settlement. Bobby knew I was working on that case for 4 1/2 years and he knew I had to keep a distance from certain situations because of this. He knew I wasn’t suppose to film with certain people. And it was nothing personal….I was working on bank fraud. That’s what really rubbed me when he put me in that situation when I got him the job and I got his girlfriend the job and Rino’s wife the job. He knew this was the biggest case of my life…a landmark case and for him to jeopardize my livelihood because he wants a storyline. I don’t know how you reconcile it but what you can get a feel for is, the level of betrayal. It’s not like he needs the money, he’s Bobby Ciasulli. The Ciasulli Auto Mall makes $500 million a year…that’s his daddy’s company, so it’s not like he needs the money. He just likes the fame.” 

Jim“I’m not a spooner [silver spooner]. I work for everything I have in my life. My house was 1,200 square feet growing up. Four kids and one bathroom, it wasn’t glamorous. I had $200,000 in student loans when I got out of school. I work my butt OFF! Nothing was given to me. We’re [Bobby and I] from two different worlds in that respect. That’s why the betrayal and what he did was…..[short pause]….we’re DONE! I’ll never talk to him again!” 


5. AATT: Did you know the Giudice were going to plead guilty?

Jim: “I knew the Giudice’s were going to plead guilty. I read their case. I didn’t work on their case but you know when you got a guilty party. It’s very simple…did you file your tax returns?…no…ok, that’s a provable fact. No one is going to a grand jury and say you didn’t file your tax returns if you really did. A U.S. Attorney is not going to do that. I also read the bankruptcy documents and watched the television show and it’s very clear they didn’t show their assets. The mortgage fraud case is huge because if you don’t file tax returns you can not get a mortgage. And one of the documents you sign say’s you filed tax returns. Their case is cut and dry.”


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