Exclusive Interview [Part 2]: Jim Marchese Blows The Lid Off of Bobby & Nicole’s Fake Relationship!

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Last week, Jim Marchese, husband of Amber Marchese, and star of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” granted All About The Tea an EXCLUSIVE and in depth interview.

Jim spilled the tea on many hot topics surrounding his RHONJ costars, the Giudice’s legal drama, the whistleblower case and broken friendships. He was gracious and opened up about his broken friendship with Bobby Ciasulli. The interview is piping hot and well deserving of two parts. 

Enjoy part two of the interview below: 


1. AATT: Is your company “Mortgage Now” currently operating?

Jim: “Yes! We handle 100’s of millions of dollars.” 


2. AATT: There was a recent blockbuster whistleblower case involving Bank of America and your company was named in the documents. Can you elaborate on that? 

Jim: “The Department of Justice put together a huge task force. We [Mortgage Now] provided expertise on a lot of the issues especially the legalities of some things. I’ve never worked for BOA. We were able to look at their claims versus what they should of been filing versus what we knew they should have been filing. We worked on the case with the DOJ but they get all the credit. We were the only company listed by name on the documents. I’m very proud of it. I worked over a 1000 hours on the case. Everyone worked really hard. It was an honor.”


3. AATT: What’s your connection with murdered Detroit banker, David Widlak? (In 2009, Mortgage Now merged with Community Bank and at the time the deal was executed, the bank’s CEO was murdered) 

Jim“There was a group out of Connecticut that put mergers together and we were contacted by them, they’re called the “Westbury Group.” They partner banks and financial institutes together. The Community Central Bank were a publicly traded entity and they were interested in a national platform and we could provide it for them. We’d actually negotiated and executed merger documents. The two entities [Community Central Bank and Mortgage Now] in September 2009 did merge for 20 days until Mr. Widlak was murdered. Then the bank went into receivership and the merger got broken up, effectively. Dave was a friend of mine and I worked with him on the merger for about 7 months. He lived in Michigan and I lived in New Jersey so we weren’t close friends in that regard but we worked together a lot of hours on the merger. He was a very nice man. This is an absolute tragedy and to this day no one has been able to give me any explanation why someone murdered him. He was good man. Sad.”


4. AATT: Can you clarify the comment you work with the US Attorney’s office prosecuting Joe Giudice?

Jim: “Just to clarify…I didn’t say I was prosecuting Joe [Giudice]. I said I work with the same prosecutor whose prosecuting Joe and that’s 100% true. I’m currently working with the DOJ on a mortgage fraud case similar to the Giudice case and it’s being prosecuted by the same prosecutor, Paul Fishman. I do not deal with Paul directly but he is the main prosecutor on the case.” 


5. AATT: Do you think you’re being painted as a villain this season?

Jim: “God yes! No question. They [production] purposely took out all my Christmas, Valentines and playing with my kids scenes. They shot for 3 months and the only bad scene I had [First Responders party drama] they showed that. Meanwhile, they showed everyone else’s Christmas, Valentines, etc. I make a flippant comment (Jim’s talking head about suing & IQ of 12) and they choose to focus on that and ignore everything bad everyone else has said.” 


6. AATT: You’re extremely vocal on Twitter. Why do you respond to mean people?

Jim: “I’m being portrayed as a villain and I take issue with that. I’m active on Twitter to control how I’m viewed. Having people be so aggressive is not common to me. Those that are mean, I block right away but those that approach me in a respectful way, I respond to. The show was not a normal environment to put your wife in a fight then Joe Gorga and Rino coming at you.” 


7. AATT: Do you regret doing the show?

Jim: “This is Amber’s dream and given what she’s gone through…no, I would never take that from her.” 


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