Did Rino Aprea Cheat On Teresa – Who is The Mystery Mistress?

Posted on Aug 18 2014 - 11:41am by Editor

Teresa & Rino Aprea

In the previews for next week’s episode of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Victoria Gotti, Teresa Giudice and Amber Marchese gossip about Rino Aprea’s alleged affair with a mystery woman. Doesn’t Teresa Giudice have her own [legal] problems to worry about instead of gossiping?


Teresa Aprea did not take too kindly to the chatter and publicly declared her husband never cheated.

The couple were married for 7 years, divorced then remarried 11 years later. During their time apart, Teresa married another man and produced a son from that marriage.

Teresa A. has spoken to the media and adamantly denies the rumors. She said adultery has never been an issue in their marriage, even 20 years ago when we got divorced.

Is the Rino Aprea cheating gossip producer induced drama? Are Bravo producers playing with the editing to make us believe Rino cheated? 

Tell me what you think. Sound off in the comments.

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  • WestCoastFeed

    I’m confused. Is Giovanni their son by their first marriage to each other? Is there another son. too? A son by her second marriage who we haven’t seen yet?

    • nan/4

      I thought that he was Reno’s son, but he’s not??? I’m confused too…:-/

      • karma

        He is rino son we just haven’t seen teresa’other son by her other ex husband

        • nan/4

          Thanks for clearing that up for me karma!

          Take good care……:-)

          • njfan

            I think he fooled around w a guy.. that’s why their reaction was as followed

          • Anom

            Yes, exactly. I distinctly heard “with a boy” on the video clip – VG said that’s who aribi said it was…a BOY!!

          • Anom

            Sorry- autocorrect on aribi **Rino

    • karma

      Yes giovanni is rino and teresa son we haven’t seen her son by her other ex husband

  • nan/4

    Melissa maybe? Why would Tre react so strongly unless he said that he had cheated with Tre herself. Hmm. This should be fun! lol

    Hi all. Hope everyone is doing well today. 🙂

    • WestCoastFeed

      Doesn’t it have to be either Nicole or Melissa to get that reaction from Amber and Tre?

      • nan/4

        The one who reacted the strongest was Tre. So, my first thought was Melissa, then Tre herself, then Dina. But, you’re right WCF, it could be that there was a little sister swap. But why would that make Tre so upset? Such intrigue….I’m totally kidding. This doesn’t add anything to my “interest quotient.” lol

        How are ya’ today? I hope you’re having a good one! 😉

      • Chris t.

        No it’s her own Mother who rino cheated with n i believe it

  • twifan2

    So is Teresa A. going to call Victoria Gotti a liar? 😮

    • Victoria and the TRUTH are STRANGERS

      • nan/4

        That’s probably true Doxing. But why start? Do you think she wants to become a cast member? She wants to cause trouble……why? Who knows….

      • twifan2

        But it will be interesting to see/hear what T.A. says about Victoria. LOL 🙂

      • Sam P.

        She took a fucking lie detector test and passed yet rino won’t take one so I’m gonna believe victoria got ti over rino cause he looks sneaky anyway n i believe he cheats on his wife so say what you want about victoria gotti she proved to be telling the truth he did tell victoria that

    • nan/4

      Victoria would have a lot to answer to if anything ever happened to Teresa A. so maybe she wouldn’t be afraid. This world (thank-goodness) is very foreign to me.

      Hi Twi!!!! How are you honey-pie? Dream of any TRULY hot men last night? The projector thing worked like a charm…….hehe

      • twifan2

        What IF what Victoria says IS the truth! OH MY!

        Hi Hi Nan! 🙂
        Sleep well, thanks to the blown up wall size poster I put up at the far wall by my bed! 🙂

        • nan/4

          It could be. Hey, maybe he had the affair with her? I just thought that Tre’s response was so over-the-top, that it had to be someone close to her little circle. But…..ewww, who would want to have sex with him? Seriously Twi. I mean…..come on…..

          Try the projector!!!!! It was wooondeeerfuuullll.

          • twifan2

            That guy is NO True Blood eye candy! >(

            I’ll try the projector thing AFTER I get more pics & make a slideshow! 😉

          • nan/4

            It might be hard to change the pictures….Just sayin’….LOL! Okay. I’ll stop now. No sprinkle cookie for me. 🙁

          • twifan2

            *hands Nan 2 sprinkle cookies* 🙂
            I’ll put the projector on ‘auto’! Problem solved. 🙂

          • twifan2
    • karma

      IMO i do believe that Rino did cheat on Teresa that’s why they divorced. Im shocked she re-married & had a son they show her son with Rino where’s her son with her other ex husband?

      • RealitytvJunkie

        I don’t think that boy is Rino’s son. I have a feeling he’s the son of her ex-husband.

        • That’s Rino’s son

          He looks EXACTLY like Rino. Have they ever shown a younger son that would have been from her second marriage?

  • It’s pretty rich for teresa G to be participating in gossip about someone else’s cheating husband considering how much Juicy got around. In that old-school Paisano/ Italian culture, it’s totally normal for a married guy to have a mistress. They call them Gumars, but hypocrisy is apparently an essential ingredient for the RH recipe.

    • Mari Poli

      I don’t understand why Bravo allows them on the show, they are criminals that plead guilty, Bravo is condoning criminal activity

      • Alex r.

        People need to calm the fuck down there are tons of people n celebrities in the world that have been arrested people are suck jerks they made a mistake n are gonna pay for it by going to jail people need to get off there damn high horses there not the only people in the world that have ever committed a crime get over it people

    • Ben_Dover

      Agreed. From Tre, whose husband called her a cvnt on national TV. But suddenly their marriage is solid, B-Vo having us believe that Tre will go down with Juicy. Woman got her own attorney for a reason! She’s doing RH for the $ but the marriage has been a sham for awhile.

    • Danny g.

      What Teresa didn’t run around spreading the rumor she only told Dina so why is everyone being nasty towards Teresa g. She is not running around gossiping calm down ppl and rino is the definition of a mother fucker

  • karma

    I wonder if she left her 2nd husband for Rino & maybe even was seeing him on the side before divorceing her 2nd husband. She did say she was happy 2 be married again to Rino because of giovanni & having her family back.

    What about her other son doesn’t he also have the right 2 have a family & why isn’t if with her we never see him on the show & she never speaks bout him.

    Also this is the 1st I’ve heard hid rremarried & had a son & how old is he & what’s his name hmmm

  • equinox2009

    Since when Victoria Gotti the voice of any reason! Yes, Teresa you need her advice

  • EMS07

    This show is all fake, all fake all the time

    • Ben_Dover

      What’s fake about it?

      • Ben_Dover


        • Ben_Dover

          Photos not attaching. Third attempt….

          • Ben_Dover

            4th attempt…

          • Ben_Dover

            uhhh…. word to the wise. jpg attachments not working.

          • They all worked. You just needed to refresh your screen.

  • WestCoastFeed

    Teresa’s delighted surprised reaction means it could be………??
    Caroline Manzo!!!!!!

  • MJR0818

    From the looks of it, it could be her twin?? Who else would it be that they would seem so shocked besides maybe a celebrity??

  • Mari Poli

    I bet h cheated wth the twin sister.

  • Ben_Dover

    Rino never cheated on Ter-ehhhhh-sah? Bwaaa-haaa-haaaa! From the man who said, if have money, you get the best pv&&y.

    • I think he cheated with her twin sister.

  • Jim’s scum

    Nothing Rino has done is as bad as Jim Marchese defrauding Medicare and other’s by putting out cancer medication that was not approved. He did this when he worked for a pharmaceutical company in Seattle. He risked the lives of women, and turned informant when he was fired. He even got a million and a half reward for being a whistle-blower even though he was the supposed ringleader behind the fraud. The judge even said his hands weren’t clean, but I guess it was worth giving the creep immunity in order to get the bigger fish. He’s still the lowest of the low. He may have caused people with cancer their lives. He has no soul. Is Bravo going to expose what Jim did? It’s much worse than mortgage fraud because peoples lives were/are at risk and he also defrauded Medicare, which we all pay into. I can’t stand Amber and Jim, they came in looking to take over the show and I hope the show destroys them, just like Jim destroyed the system. They are truly the scum of the earth. All About The Tea has the story, read it and tell me you don’t find Jim the worse villain and pos Bravo has ever cast on any housewives’ show.

    • Joe L

      I don’t know fucking your mother in law is pretty bad too rino is scum n i believe the rumors to be true this scumbag definitely fucked his mother in law thats supposedly y they got divorced the first time

  • K Coffey

    Jim is scum I agree with all of you. Unfortunately Jim MarCrazy seems to LOVE the negative attention. He is Narcistic and they love any attention positive or negative JIM is ecstatic about his 15 minutes of fame. This man should be put in jail for what he has done. BUT no instead he is on TV because he wants to portray himself as a family man who has great faith and belief in the catholic religion. He is all over twitter giving us insider information on how reality TV really works. LMAO. I hope Jim and Amber are one and done