Brian McKee Denies Dating Momma Dee!

Posted on Aug 6 2014 - 4:52pm by Editor

Momma Dee

And as soon as they began, Brian Mckee and Momma Dee are DONE! After Brian McKee and Momma Dee were photo’d together in her home, talk quickly spread about the new possible reality TV “it” couple.

As we reported, Momma Dee tweeted the following photo of Brian and her sitting closely together with the caption: “Finally my king @B_crispy1 :).” Then she went on various interviews to confirm she was dating Brian.

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But a relationship with Momma Dee was news to Drea Kelly’s ex-husband. Brian took to his Instagram today to deny rumors he’s dating “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” star, Momma Dee. McKee’s Instagram post could not have been clearer, his message captioned:

“To FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS, FANS and FOES….to EVERYBODY, I am making this “OFFICAL STATEMENT” to set the record straight!!!!!! I AM NOT and again I repeat, I AM NOT, IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MOMMA DEE. We are not involved romantically or otherwise, we have NEVER dated. Our acquaintance is STRICKLY PLATONIC (FRIENDS ONLY)!!!!! I have ONLY the utmost respect for Momma Dee and we will continue to remain FRIENDS ONLY, no hidden agendas or motives PERIOD!!!! So, there you have it…., Bloggers and Social Media Outlets alike, GO SPREAD THIS and STOP giving life to that which is not true. #tellthetruth #rumors #friendsonly #mediatakeout #sista2sista #madamenoire #loveandhiphop #vh1″

Then in an interview with Madame Noire, McKee revealed that although the two are friends, they are not dating:

““I don’t know how things got misconstrued or how it got out there that we’re dating because that’s just not true.” 
“I’ve gotten to know her. She’s a really good person, really down to earth and we really have become friends, but we’re not romantically involved. We’ve been talking and that sort of thing, but I’m really just going through my divorce with Drea. I’m not really seeing anybody like that.”

Well that clears that up.


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  • Primrose

    Quotes from Mama Dee says differently. She makes it sound like they are in the early stages of a relationship and they are getting to know each other. Is he denying Mama Dee’s oldgina in his manho hustle? If the relationship is real, why is he embarrassed to clam her? Isn’t it more embarrassing to be a gold digger?

    • Hey Primrose. Momma Dee is now saying they’re not in a relationship and she has a new man. LMAO! Momma Dee is a mess and Brian is con artist gigolo. Lawd help these two.

      • Primrose

        They actually deserve each other. Two hot mess. I needed Scrappy to call him Pa for a minute.

  • RealitytvJunkie

    Is Momma Dee aware of this? She seems to be in love with the dirt bag.

  • Virgo (say_no_go)

    Brian is a gigolo

    • janedoebaby

      Your mouth is my toilet bowl. Your weave is my toilet paper.
      Open a vein under your Christmas tree and give your family the gift they really want.

  • RonnieIsBack

    Brian the giglo would not have had a problem being linked to anyone else, but Scar..he was like “Say What Now?” I do believe he hit it once…why else would she be all chatty cathy and talking about her love and her king? He betta tread lightly or Scrappy will put dem paws on him for denying he smashed…lolz….
    A bunch of losers…why is he is Atlanta anyway.