Hollywood Exes Drea Kelly Filing For Divorce: New Hubby Caught Creeping, Exposed on Twitter

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Andrea Kelly, ex-wife of R. Kelly and star of “Hollywood Exes” surprised viewers on the premier episode of “Hollywood Exes” season three. Drea strolled  into Nicole Murphy’s lunch with a much younger man on her arm and a rock on her ring finger! Drea announced she was engaged! Her co-stars and the viewers were stunned. As we reported, Drea got married on March 6 to 36-year old barber, Brian McKee.

The two met during layovers at the airport and after a world wind courtship they got hitched. The irony is Drea’s wedding is a huge part of her story arc for the current season of “Hollywood Exes.” 

The reality star did a recent interview with Hello Beautiful where she gushes over Brian, referring to him as her “best friend” and she “struck gold!” 

“Honey, Mr. Man, that’s my boo. He is just my best friend. That’s the only word I can use to describe him. [He is] someone who, even on my worst day, makes me feel beautiful. I just feel like I’m 100 percent me. He is my biggest cheerleader, the best coach and a dedicated man all in one. He pushes me to be better and there’s nothing that I feel like I can’t do [when I’m with him]. He’s just a wonderful guy. A God-fearing guy is someone I prayed for and he’s funny.”

Now here’s the tea….

A mere two months after tying the knot, Drea and Brian’s marriage is over. Drea is reportedly filing for divorce from her PYT (Pretty Young Thang) barber. The marriage blew up over Twitter. Two mistresses who claim to be currently sleeping with Brian came after Drea Kelly posting text messages and emails on Twitter.

It seems Drea’s “pot of gold” is a man-whore who use women for money and fame. All his posts on Instagram contained hashtags #VH1 #HollywoodExes #actor.

Brian seems extra thirsty, star struck and materialistic, most pics are of him and a celebrity. Not very much of his new wife. Below are some photos from Brian’s Instagram page:

b_mckee on Instagram.clipular (6)“Hollywood Exes” cast group photo. Brian is NOT standing near Drea and has his arm around Jessica Canseco. Brian’s hand is positioned on the side of Jessica’s breastNotice that sneaky smirk on his face.

b_mckee on Instagram.clipular (3)Brian and Sheree Fletcher, ex-wife of Will Smith

b_mckee on Instagram.clipular 4Brian and Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy’s fiancé 

b_mckee on Instagram.clipular (7)Brian and R&B Artist Ginuwine

Brian McKee » Photos.clipularBrian wrapped up in Drea’s “Hollywood Exes” co-star Mayte García

b_mckee on Instagram.clipular (8)Brian flaunting the spoils of Drea’s labor. Gucci boots $600, Louis Vuitton luggage $2,000-10,000

b_mckee on Instagram.clipular (4)Brian’s hands and head touching R&B Artist Ginuwine AGAIN!

The crazy part of this whole ordeal is Drea and Brian do NOT have a prenup agreement and she gave up her spousal support from R. Kelly to marry Brian. Oh Lawd!

Both mistresses posted tweets and one posted a text message claiming to be from Brian where he’s asking her for money and monthly payments.

Both women were supposedly blocked by Drea on Instagram. One of the side chicks, (identified as Rebecca Hunter) on Twitter sent Drea an email detailing Brian’s gigolo ways.  

Rebecca Drea KellyRebecca Hunter

Rebecca’s tweets:

Edit Post - All About The Tea - WordPress.clipular

So Rebecca went on Twitter to expose the text message. The following is a text message gigolo Brian allegedly sent to one of the side chicks begging for $3000.00 immediately or monthly payments:


“Are you working in Chi anywhere?”


“No I just got 3,000 a month in bills with no job. car pmnt, student loans etc cell, you already know its simple math, car ins….cc etc….I need help yesterday!!!! Need a western union a couple of grand today!!! But we can do monthly on going or weekly, this is no joke or game! My daughter’s in college needing”


Hollywood Exes Season 3 Drea Kelly


More Tweets from Rebecca:

Twitter - ImWickedSweet- Our breakup was due to religious ....clipular


Rebecca Hunter (ImWickedSweet) on Twitter.clipular


Twitter - ImWickedSweet- @1ONLY1QUEEN @PrettyFootball ....clipular (2)



Then another lady by the name of Jaylynn Umbleby joined in claiming to also be dating Brian.

Jay Lynn Drea KellyJaylynn Umbleby


On May 8th, Brian tweeted the following. I assume sensing his cover had been blown by his side chicks:

Twitter - B_crispy1- Since the show came out,I have ....clipular (1)

Jaylynn responds to Brian (on May 8) “not since the show boo boo your text to me was just a few days ago STOP lying” 


Then days later Jaylynn tweeted the following in regards Drea ignoring her emails:

Twitter - XOJAYLYNNOX- For somebody who ain't wanna ....clipular

JAYLYNN UMBLEBY (XOJAYLYNNOX) on Twitter.clipular (2)

Twitter - PrettyFootball- @XOJAYLYNNOX Funny how ppl ....clipular (1)


JAYLYNN UMBLEBY (XOJAYLYNNOX) on Twitter.clipular (1)

Rebecca Hunter (ImWickedSweet) on Twitter.clipular

UPDATE: Now Jaylynn is tweeting that her life has been threatened:

“Wow and this just doesn’t stop being threatened because you lost everything?! I’m sorry you have to use ppl to make it through life!”


Twitter - XOJAYLYNNOX- Wow and this just doesn't stop ....clipular (1)


At first Drea was pissed and read the ladies for filth. Drea tweeted:

“You try to twist it. You could have privately emailed me, not go on Twitter. This was your way and it was f*cked up no matter how you went on social media to follow me and hurt me not find a contact. And again I’ve had that email as long as I’ve been on Twitter but you should know.Social media and hashtag everybody except God! F*ck Brian own your sh*t boo. But I guess the new season of my show was the right time to tell me on. You did what you did out [of] hate and malice, so yes, I called ya ass, haters and I.


Many on Twitter intervened and calmed things down by bringing the women together in peace.

Twitter -Drea Kelly

Twitter - justLetrice- @XOJAYLYNNOX you WILL be fine. ....clipular

Eventually Drea came to her senses and realized she was taking her anger out on the wrong parties. She eventually forgave the women. Drea tweeted:

“I read your email and I want the world to know I FORGIVE YOU! And you stepped up like a WOMEN. I’M PROUD OF YOU!” 

Twitter - DreaKelly- @XOJAYLYNNOX I read you're ....clipular (4)

Drea seems deeply affected by the whole incident. Reportedly she’s kicked Brian out of their home and is in the process of filing for divorce. Drea tweeted the following :

“Gave over a year of my life for this… THE VERDICT: @DreaKelly guilty on all charges of being HONEST, FALLING IN LOVE,AND TRUSTING…..”
“I don’t care if you’ve been w someone for 22yrs or 22 seconds on the 23rd you find out it’s not TRUE-that’s your cue to end it…..CLARITY!”
“I will always love me more….. 1)Roll the dice 2)Bet on DREA 3)Win EVERY time. #free”

Many on social media claim the marriage was fake and done only for reality television.

UPDATE: Drea Kelly has begun the process of filing for divorce from Brian McKee. 

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