Did Phaedra Parks Take A Leave Of Absence From RHOA to Avoid Her Angela Stanton Deposition Being Filmed?

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There’s a lot of gossip and speculation floating around that Bravo has lost one of their star peaches. Unconfirmed reports say, Phaedra Parks has taken a leave of absence from the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

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As we previously reported, season 7 of “RHOA” is currently filming and Phaedra and her hubby, Apollo Nida are facing a very rough season. Apollo Nida is heading off to prison to serve a 8-year prison sentence; which leaves Phaedra alone to figure out how she’ll raise their sons while he’s in lock up.

Many speculated Phaedra’s departure may have to do with Apollo finally admitting he lied on Kenya Moore and the #TextGate scandal during a recent taping of the show. Apollo filmed a scene at Peter Thomas’, Bar One, where he comes clean about the Kenya Moore #TextGate. He admitted he initially texted Kenya because he wanted to have sex with her and when she exposed him, he lied to his wife to cover up his dishonest actions.

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While it may appear from all outward appearances Phaedra is taking a small break from the show to focus on her kids during this “difficult” transition, others don’t think so.

As we previously reported, on June 19, a “Motion to Compel” order was issued to Phaedra Parks. The “RHOA” star and power attorney was ordered by a Georgia Court that she must be deposed by Angela Stanton’s attorneys in 45 days of the order. That would mean Phaedra has until August 3rd, 8 days from today (July 27) to answer the court ordered motion or face legal ramifications.

This means Phae Phae can no longer drag this case out wasting the court and the defendant’s time. If Phaedra continues to refuse to be deposed, the judge will rule her lawsuit has no merit and Angela Stanton’s counterclaims for damages will be awarded. 

Angela Stanton, author of the book, “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil,” candidly exposed the scams Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida were doing years ago involving check and auto theft  fraud. Angela and Apollo took the fall for those crimes and served time in prison while Phaedra got off scott-free. Phaedra Parks adamantly denied those claims and in 2012 filed a defamation lawsuit against her former friend.

Perhaps, Phaedra’s “sudden” leave of absence may have more to do with Parks avoiding her own legal drama being filmed, than, Apollo apologizing and allegedly kissing Kenya Moore on camera. By Apollo’s own admission, the couple’s relationship is in a bad place. Supposedly, the two have been living apart for  a year so Apollo filming a scene with Kenya Moore seems irrelevant as this point.

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Phaedra has filmed a lot of footage for the show already involving Apollo’s legal mess so why the abrupt change now when the clock is ticking for own deposition?

Speculation is, Phaedra knows her Angela Stanton legal matters would be ultimate MUST SEE reality TV and she couldn’t hide that part of her life from the Bravo cameras .

With Phaedra possibly taking a leave of absence, producers may consider finding a temporary replacement. The gossip is, Sheree Whitfield might return to the “RHOA” this season, so it would be interesting to catch up with her in Phaedra’s absence.

The clock is ticking and what’s goes on in the dark always comes to light!

Is the law finally catching up to Phaedra Parks? Why would a woman with nothing to hide continuously dodge requests from Angela Stanton’s legal counsel to give information in a defamation lawsuit Parks brought against her accuser (Angela Stanton)? Tell us what you think. Sound off in the comments.


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