Wendy Williams Confirms All The RHOA Ladies Will Return; Calls Phaedra Parks a LIAR & FRAUD

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Wendy Williams

As we reported weeks ago, the reports of Nene Leakes quitting “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the rumor about Nene getting demoted to a “friend of  a Housewife” were false.

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On Thursday [June 5, 2014], Wendy Williams confirmed inside sources Andy Cohen have confirmed ALL six ladies will return for season seven. During her “Hot Topics” segment Wendy explained the producers of the RHOA are happy about the huge ratings success and want all the ladies back to kick up the drama. 

Wendy stated Cynthia should have left the show seasons ago, however, she’s staying. The reason Cynthia is not gone is because of her feud with her former bff, Nene Leakes.  She also said Nene does not have a choice but to film with Cynthia, it’s the only paycheck everyone is getting right now. 

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On Cynthia Bailey:

“Although I think Cynthia needed to have left season ago, Cynthia’s staying. And the reason why Cynthia’s staying is because Cynthia is fighting with NeNe.”

On Phaedra Parks:

“I don’t even want Phaedra’s storyline at all. Apollo is going to jail. Mr President and Vice President are going to be crying and EVERYTHING PHAEDRA IS BUILT ON A LIE, in my opinion. The only thing that’s truthful is that she has a law degree BUT she’s a lawyer that takes cash out of the glove compartment — you remember that episode. She’s not even like a lawyer lady who’s practicing. Yes, she’s got the funeral home but who wants to see dead people?  And based on the money that her husband has alleged to have stolen, they are no better than the Giudice’s in Jersey.”
NOW that’s a READ!


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On Porsha Williams:

Porsha and Kenya will be forced to film together. Porsha should have exited the show after the reunion fight. She has no storyline besides her divorce from Kordell. She disappointed the viewers when she didn’t go on dates and she lied about having an African Prince.

WATCH: Wendy Williams throw major shade on Phaedra Parks:


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