Wendy Feldman Speaks Out About Teresa Giudice Exploiting Her Kids

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 teresa-giudice-joe-guidice-guilty-crisis-manager[Photo: BravoTV]

Rumors have circulated that convicted felon and “star” of The Real Housewives of New JerseyTeresa Giudice allowed Bravo to film intimate discussions (regarding her legal drama) between Teresa and Joe Giudice with their children. Reportedly, Teresa told her girls that mommy and daddy are crooks and will have to go to prison while the Bravo cameras rolled. Wendy Feldman, Teresa’s Crisis PR Manager spoke with Rumorfix and had the following to say:

“That’s not true. Teresa is a mom and no matter what show she’s on, she’s not going to do something private in that forum if it’s not best for them. Bravo and the production company treated this with respect. A collaborative effort. We were able to preserve things we needed to preserve.”

She added:

“They don’t want their Number One star not to be available.”

As we reported firstWendy Feldman was caught on tape, referring to her client, Teresa Giudice as a liar, a fraud and in need of psychological help. Therefore, I highly doubt Teresa possess the common sense and decency to tell Bravo to turn off the cameras. The woman is a ginormous narcissist who lives for the cameras even at the expense of exploiting her kids and husband. Had she cared about her kids (in the first place) she would have thought twice about committing the fraud that has led to her current demise. And supposedly, selling stories to the press about her kids.

teresa-giudice-in-touch-cover[Photo: InTouchMagazine]

“They don’t want their number one star not to be available,” Wendy told Rumorfix. Wendy herself does not believe that. A mere 3 months prior to becoming Teresa’s Crisis PR Manager, she made the following statement about her client:

“This is the thing and this is why I wouldn’t work with her [Teresa]…she [Teresa] would be a disaster client..Because if it was my client…I would say… no show…no more interviews…no more selling things [stories] to the press…SHUT UP!”
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As you know, Teresa and her nefarious hubby Joe Giudice, pleaded guilty to a litany of serious felonies; wire fraud, mail fraud, loan application fraud and perjury. The couple stole over $5 million from numerous banks. However, in spite of their legal drama, the couple continues to live lavishly, spending every dime possible before they are sentenced on July 8th.

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