Teresa Giudice: Despite Being Bankrupt Is Sending Her Kid To The Nick Choice Awards!

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What does bankruptcy have to do with it?

Convicted felon and star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice may be bankrupt but is not slowing down on the spending. Teresa is blowing throw all the banks money and the money of the people she stole goods/services from, at warp speed. She has been spending on lavish family vacations, Demi Lavato concert tickets for her daughter, Gia and now she’s sending Gia to Los Angeles to attend the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards hosted by Mark Wahlberg. In addition to purchasing the expensive Demi Lavato concert tickets, Teresa also paid the additional $350 to have Gia meet Miss Lavato after the concert. Take a look at some of Gia’s tweets below:

RHONJ[Photo: Twitter]


At this rate of spending, little to none will be left to pay the banks and the endless list of creditors she owes. This public display of frivolous spending is a big “f*ck youse” to the American public struggling to make ends meet.

RHONJ[Photo: Twitter]

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As you know, Teresa and her nefarious hubby Joe Giudice, pleaded guilty to a litany of serious felonies; wire fraud, mail fraud, loan application fraud and perjury. The couple stole over $5 million from numerous banks. However, in spite of their legal drama, the couple continues to live lavishly, spending every dime possible before they are sentenced on July 8th.

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Teresa was recently caught red-handed accepting cash in exchange for an autographed copy of her book and photo without issuing receipts to patrons. Then once she was caught on camera committing the dirty deed, she claimed the proceeds would be donated to charity. As it turns out, it’s illegal to accept monies for a product without notifying the patrons upfront their purchase would benefit a charity. In addition to, not issuing a receipt to account for the total amount collected. Teresa quickly tried to cover her tracks after she was caught by tweeting the following:

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 1.53.23 PM[Photo: Twitter]




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