RHONJ: Teresa Giudice Accepted Cash To Sign Her Book At Kim D’s Posche Spring Soiree

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Kim D

Newly convicted felon and Real Housewives of New Jersey “star” Teresa Giuidce appeared as the “celebrity guest” at Kim D’s Posche Spring Soiree on Wednesday evening.

The event was hosted by Kim Depaolo aka Kim D, owner of the Posche boutique. According to a guest who attended the event, Teresa charged $25.00 for her autograph and a photo with her. The big kicker here is, guests were required to pay the $25.00 fee in cash only. No credit cards, no checks or receipts issued. Cash only. I highly doubt the tax man will get his cut.

Kim D

Now while many of the guests were shocked by the gesture, we are not. This type of fraudulent and shystie behavior is status quo for the convicted felon who pleaded guilty to several counts of fraud including: bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud.

Teresa and her husband Joe ran a crime syndicate for over 10 years. They are life-long habitual criminals. Committing crime is hardwired in their DNA. Just because they pled guilty and confessed to their crimes does not take the criminal element out of their systems. People like them don’t wake up one day and decide they will stop committing crimes. Similar to drug addicts or alcoholics, their addition to crime won’t stop overnight.

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One of the guests who attended the event reached out to All About The Tea and had this to say:

“I was outraged and shocked by Teresa’s behavior and request to pay cash only. I only carry credit cards on me and did not have cash. I wanted to leave the event and request a refund”

Guests attending the Posche Spring Fashion Show were charged $110, which included dinner, wine, music and a fashion show. There was no mention prior to the event that the “celebrity guest,” Teresa Giudice would swindle charge guests any amount to sign the book and take a photo with her. Even more surprising was that when guests willing to pay the $25 pulled out their credit cards they were told by Teresa’s assistant, and Giudice herself, that it was cash only. Reportedly no receipts were issued either.

VIDEO: Watch a guest try to get her book signed and is told the cost would be $25, cash only. The eyewitness said, “Cash only? Who takes cash only? Teresa reportedly had bags of cash beside her where her assistant collected the cash. This is reminiscent of an episode of the Soprano’s and Kim D’s involvement does not surprise since she rolls with the “big boys.”


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