Teresa Giudice: Thinks Her Legal Drama Will Make Her More Famous

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Teresa Giudice

Real Housewives of New Jersey “star” and newly convicted felon, Teresa Giudice, believes her legal crisis will make her more famous!

A source told In Touch:

“Teresa thinks that if she goes to jail, it’ll only make her more famous. She thinks she’ll be redeemed — and then become even more popular and be able to make a fortune.”

As first reported by All About The Tea, Wendy Feldman, Teresa’s Crisis PR Manager, said the following about Teresa’s mental state:

“Teresa’s team needs to have her psychologically evaluated. There is something wrong (mentally) with her thinking”

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According to In Touch, Teresa has already been exploiting her legal drama by allowing Bravo cameras to film every private family moment including all her tears/fears leading up to her March 4th guilty plea in court. A production insider told In Touch:

“She knows she has to let them film in order to be the star and central story line of the show. This is her moment.”

The intelligent viewing public already knew this so it’s not a big revelation.  However, Teresa is running around misleading her fans by tweeting and Facebooking idiotic statements like the following:

Teresa Giudice

 Teresa’s March 5th tweet has since been deleted which further proves that Bravo cameras were indeed rolling while she discussed private matters with daughters.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey will return later this year and fans will see a lot of the drama go down.


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