Teresa Giudice: Asking The Judge For House Arrest & Other Special Privileges; Andy Cohen Weighs in On The Case

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Teresa Giudice

Attorneys for , newly convicted felon and “star” of The has made 3 formal request to . Judge Salas is presiding over the Giudice case and will be the deciding factor on whether or not Teresa and her husband Joe serve their sentences in or at home under . Sentencing is scheduled on July 8th.

On Tuesday, March 4th, the felonious couple each plead guilty to four counts of fraud including: bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud and failing to pay taxes. , specifically was accused of not filing tax returns for four years, so he plead guilty to an additional count of  failure to file income taxes.

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Teresa is requesting Staggered Sentencing, House Arrest and Permission To Film.

1) Staggered Sentencing
Teresa has requested the judge grant her the privilege to serve a staggered prison term. Which essentially means instead of serving her prison sentence while her husband Joe serves his time in prison, Teresa will serve her sentence after her husband completes his prison term. According to Teresa’s attorney’s, the request for separate prison terms is being requested for the sake of the couple’s four daughters. Serving their time separately would allow for one parent to be home to care for their four daughters. Under federal sentencing guidelines, Teresa is facing a 21 to 27 month prison sentence and Joe is looking at 37 to 46 months. 

2) House Arrest
Teresa is requesting the judge grant her house arrest. House arrest also known as home confinement, home detention, or electronic monitoring is a lenient alternative to prison time. The prisoner is confined to their residence and is electronically monitored 24/7. Teresa would be REQUIRED to wear а transmitter оn her ankle 24 hours а day. Travel is restricted, if allowed at all. Generally, under house arrest no electronic communication or video taping are allowed.

3) Permission To Film
Teresa’s third and final request is for the judge to allow to continue filming, The Real Housewives of New Jersey from her home IF she is granted house arrest. This request will likely be denied since electronic videotaping by Bravo or Teresa herself violates the terms of “House Arrest.”  Any violation of the terms set forth in the “House Arrest” guidelines would automatically send Teresa to a federal prison to complete the remainder of her term. It would be lights out by 9:30 p.m. and beige jumpsuits for the “star” of the show!

On March 10th, , host of Watch What Happens Live did an interview with E! Online where he weighed in on Teresa’s legal drama and her future with the network. When asked if she [Teresa] doesn’t go to jail and stays on house arrest, will she be able to shoot the show, Andy (in a pessimistic tone) responds with:

“I’m gonna let her get through the sentencing and then we’ll all talk”

OH SNAP!!! Andy is not confirming Teresa’s return after she’s sentenced. Has Bravo finally seen the light? Sentencing is scheduled for July 8th.



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