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UPDATE: Angela Stanton vs. Phaedra Parks — Motion for Summary Judgment Against Defamation

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As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the law firm of James Radford, LLC are seeking  judgment in favor of Angela Stanton, against Phaedra Parks, on defamation claims asserted by Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks. Per, James Radford, all the evidence that has been developed in the case points to the truth of Ms. Stanton’s book, Lies of Real Housewife, and Mrs. Parks has failed to put on any evidence to support her claims. Mrs. Parks has not sat for her own deposition. They’re also seeking attorneys fees due for what they are calling “frivolous litigation.”


[READ] The Entire Motion for Summary Judgment


Parks v Stanton – Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment

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