UPDATE: Angela Stanton Vs. Phaedra Parks… Not Looking Good For Phaedra Parks

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Phaedra-Parks-Angela-StantonAccording to Tamaratattles, James Radford, Angela Stanton’s attorney filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in favor of Angela Stanton today. Stanton’s attorneys are seeking all charges against Ms. Stanton be dismissed per Angela’s deposition and all the evidence on record supporting her case as truthful. This includes all the allegations stated in Stanton’s book, “Lies of a Real Housewife: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil,” revealing Phaedra Parks involvement in Apollo Nida’s insurance fraud and car theft ring (Apollo’s first conviction not the new charges).

Angela Stanton, author of  the scandalous book “Lies of a Real House Wife: Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil“ Listen to the three-part Vibe Magazine interview, where Stanton gives a detailed account of Phaedra’s role in the schemes.

Angela Stanton, Phaedra Parks Accuser, Releases New Statement


VIEW: Part One of the Video Here

VIDEOS: Angela Stanton interview about Phaedra Parks’ alleged racketeering  and insurance fraud parts 2 and 3:

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Click Here for Part Three

Suspiciously, Phaedra Parks has refused and continues to refuse to give a deposition on her behalf in this case. A motion for sanctions against Phaedra for refusing to give a deposition has also been filed, according to Tamaratattles.

The following deposition was taken last December by telephone. Leonard Holland aka Shaheed Abdullah Rahman is the father of one of Angela Stanton’s children and is currently incarcerated.

Q. Sir, again, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today. Just a couple of introductory  things. Can you state your full name for the record?

A. Leonard Holland.

Q. And do you typically go by a different name?

A. Yes. I also go by the name of Shaheed.

Q. Shaheed?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Do you have a different last name with that, or is it just Shaheed?

A. It is Shaheed Abdullah Rahman.

Q. What is the last part of that Shaheed 

A. Rahman, R-A-H-M-A-N.

Q. Okay. Got you. Thank you. And where are you today as we speak?

A. Currently housed at Smith State Prison.

Q. Now, when did you — I don’t want to get into any details about why you are there or anything  like that. When did you first go into Smith State Prison?

 A. Well, I was arrested in 2004; and I have been at Smith State Prison since 2009.

Q. Okay. And do you know my client in the case that I am interviewing you about? Her name is  Angela Stanton. Do you know Ms. Stanton?

A. Yes, I know Ms. Stanton.

Q. Okay. Can you tell us just briefly how  you know her?

A. Well, she is the mother of my daughter. She was my girlfriend at the time, so that’s how I  know her.

Q. How long were y’all an item? How long were y’all boyfriend/girlfriend?

A.  A long time, a year or two.

Q. Okay. What approximate time frame? When was that? Do you know like around what years that was?

A. I think I met her like in ’02.

Q. Okay. Y’all dated for about 

A. So actually until I was incarcerated in ’04. So like two years, basically.

Q. So roughly 2002-2004?


A. Right.

Q. Okay. And did you know that Ms. Stanton  has written a book?

A. Yeah, I am aware of that.

Q. Have you read the book?

A. I have not read it myself. Just little excerpts I have seen. I have not read the whole book  myself.

Q. Actually, that is a good thing because I want to be sure that you are not influenced  subconsciously by something you might have read in the book.

A. Okay.

Q. And have I offered you anything in exchange for you testifying today or agreed to make you any promises or anything like that?

A. Not at all, not at all.

Q. And you are willing to testify as to the truth of anything you might be aware of regarding the situation today?

A. Yes, definitely. As truthfully as I can possibly can be.

Q. So during the time that you met Ms. Stanton, did you know her to associate with someone named Phaedra Parks?

A. Yes, I am aware of Ms. Parks. I met Ms. Parks through Angie.

Q. And can you tell what was the first time you met Ms. Parks, what was that situation?

A. The first time I met Ms. Parks was she was referred to me from — by Angie because at the time I had a wife as well whose name was Kathy Evans. And she had an armed robbery case. So I do not know Phaedra, but Angie suggested she can represent her for that case. So I hired her to represent that case .

Q. Okay. So was Ms. Parks was your attorney or was the attorney of your former wife?

A. My wife, she was my wife’s attorney.

Q. Okay. And during the time you were dating Ms. Stanton, did you see Ms. Parks occasionally or  frequently during that period?

A. Oh, yeah, on a couple of occasions I met with Ms. Parks just out and about, several times at her office as well.

Q. Okay. Do you remember where her office was, approximately?

A. I want to say like the down — like maybe downtown, 14th Street area like that. I don’t remember exactly, it has been a long time ago, as far as the specifics. But I know it was like downtown. I want to say the 14th Street area of Atlanta.

Q. Okay. And were you there for legal representation or were you there for other reasons?

A. Both. On occasion, maybe two times, I can remember specifically one, was to discuss the case with her. The other time was to bring her the money to represent my wife. And on another occasion it was  just personal and just social.

Q. Okay. And you mentioned personal and social. During this period of time I guess I am  curious as to whether Ms. Stanton’s relationship with Ms. Parks from your perspective was just a legal professional relationship or was it a friendship, or  how would you characterize their relationship?

A. Well, I mean, you know, that was the — it was always, hey, I have a friend who is a lawyer. And so I know I first met her it was just introducing me to the lady. And I don’t want to get too personal; but I know that it is funny, she is known as a head doctor. She is very good at giving head. So I think she imparted that knowledge on my girlfriend. And we just laughed about that, and that’s how she got me to be her boyfriend.

Q. Okay. So did Ms. Parks say this to you, make those comments to you; or was that Angela telling 

A. What happened, Angie introduced her to me. She said this is the one who taught me everything I  know. And I am like, oh, really, I just joked with her, I said, I might get you to be the teacher rather than the student. That was the conversation. We all laughed. It was a comfortable situation.

Q. Okay. So just a friendly kind of hanging out joking around?

A. Uh-huh.

Q. Okay. So a big topic in Angela’s book is she alleges that she was involved in some criminal  enterprises with Ms. Parks.

A. Yeah.

Q. Do you have any firsthand knowledge as to that situation?

A. Well, when Angie mentioned to me that she was involved with the situation, I think my concern came with a guy named Everett — I know his name to be Everett Tripodis now because how I know that he is Everett Tripodis because he made some statements — when he got arrested, he made some statements to the police in regards to me being Angie’s like bodyguard. So that’s how I know him. But I only knew him as E. I didn’t know Everett and I didn’t know Tripodis. I just knew him as E. When she explained to me what their  involvement, I told her that I wanted to be present. I wanted to make sure that she didn’t get a bad shake or nothing like that. So that’s when her — that’s when Angie, Everett, and Ms. Parks, we all — I didn’t call her  Ms. Parks. I called her Phaedra. We all met. And 11 basically they were discussing their business, that car stuff, which was not my business at the time. I was just making sure that Angie didn’t get a bad shake.

Q. Okay. So tell me about this meeting. There was some meeting that took place and there was a discussion about some kind of scheme that was going to be carried out?

A. Oh, yeah, definitely. They had some type of thing where they would steal cars. I think Everett would steal the cars and Angela would go sell them. And the paperwork basically was provided by Ms. Parks.  You know, she knew the ins and outs on what to do, I think like the titles and the paperwork for the titles. Ms. Parks had some kind of connection where she could get that information because you had to go get the keys. The way the scheme worked was, you would use I believe the title to go to the dealership to get the keys; and Ms. Parks was able to provide that information.

Q. Okay. And were you physically present in some meeting where they were discussing carrying out that situation?

A. Oh, yeah, clearly. I was there. I can’t remember how many; but, you know, more than two meetings I was there with all of us present where, you know, basically Phaedra was just mapping out how it was supposed to go. Everybody was participating in that, you know, what to do, what was needed, stuff like that.

Q. Did you personally witness Phaedra Parks instructing Ms. Stanton and Mr. Tripodis as to how to carry out this scheme?

A. Yes. I was actually there with Angie picking up some of the paperwork from Phaedra. I was there for that. I was privy to this knowledge because, of course, I was dealing with Angie. This was — Ms. Parks was a friend. So, you know, it was no problem, you know, having that done in front of me. I wasn’t an outsider.
Q. Right. So you saw Ms. Parks hand Ms. Stanton the — I guess it was fraudulent car  titles?

A. Exactly, yeah, I was right there.

Q. And then did you — and you accompanied Ms. Stanton to make sure she was safe?

A. Yeah. Every time she met with the Everett guy, just making sure that she was okay. So I was there on more than one occasion. Not every occasion. I wasn’t there — it really wasn’t my scheme, but I knew of it and definitely was a participant on more than one occasion.

Q. Okay. Now, other than — I guess when Ms. Stanton was arrested, do you recall that day, what happened on that day she was arrested?

A. Yeah, I think that morning she went to –I believe Tennessee it was. I believe it was  Tennessee, Alabama, one of them. I don’t know. She got arrested. And the guy E, he left her. And she was like 8, 7 months pregnant at the time; and the guy E left her. So when she called, I actually could hear the running and whatnot that was happening. So I immediately called the E guy — actually, there was another person, too. His name was RiRi. I don’t remember RiRi’s name. But he informed me that Angela had been arrested. Actually, she called me from the hospital chained to the bed, she called me, told me what happened. And I immediately called E, and I told him that he better not come back to Atlanta without Angie. So he went back. He went back to go get her. That’s when he was arrested at the hospital trying to get to her.

Q. Oh, wow, okay. Did you ever talk with Ms. Parks about this situation?

A. Well, once Angie got arrested, Phaedra kind of — well, you know, I know what I am about to tell you because I have been dealing this way, but a lot of times people shut down. They will stop answering calls once a person gets locked up. They  just hold back because, of course, she is not supposed to be —Phaedra knows what is going on; but the workers, they take care of the business. They do the actual hands-on. Phaedra’s job was basically to provide legal support if need be, if anyone was arrested, and the paperwork. She had the hookups. She provided the paperwork, and then her — and Angie and E could carry out the work.

Q. Okay. Other than this situation, were you ever personally a witness to Ms. Parks being involved in any kind of criminal dealings?

A. Other than that, no. I mean, I couldn’t say because I am not trying to tell on Ms. Parks. I personally don’t have a problem with Ms. Parks. But I was made aware, I think, when Angie came home from prison the lady pretty much alienated her, acted like she was just too good to offend her. Whenever you are in a position when you need help, you call on your friends. But I understand Ms. Parks’ position. I  mean, I understand. I am not angry with her for that. But, I mean, what happened is what happened. So…

Q. Okay. I think that’s about all the questions I had. Anything else that you can — that stands out in your mind when you think of Ms. Parks  and Ms. Stanton’s relationship with her?

A. Yeah, well, like I said, I don’t — I am not trying to just throw dirt on Phaedra; but, I mean, I know that there were computers. There were different office products and things that sometimes  Angie would go out and they had a little check thing  going on, fraudulent checks and whatnot, that she would buy things from her. As a matter of fact, one thing I remember delivering a computer to her office, a desktop computer. So she definitely knew what was going on. I wasn’t mad about it, but she definitely knew it was going on.  I was there. I actually witnessed paperwork from her given to Angie. And I looked at it. I saw it. I personally walked the computer in a box and dropped it off on her desk, laptop, stuff like  that, so…

Q. And those were items that you had known had been bought through a false check?

A. Oh, yeah, definitely. That was the scheme. That was the money-maker back then, the  checks, the false paperwork. Like I said, even with the car thing, it was just take — you know, take that information, those titles back to the dealership and the dealership with the ID would give you the actual car — I mean give you the key to that car. And then that key will go back to the dealerships and take the cars off the lot.

Q. Got you. All right. Well, I really do appreciate you taking some time to talk to me. If you  think of anything else, you know my address and everything. So feel free to get in touch. And, again, I really do appreciate your time.

A. Okay. Not a problem. You have a good day, sir.

Q. All right. Thank you. You, too.

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  • WestCoastFeed

    Thanks, Doc. for posting this. And congratulations to Tamara Tattles for breaking this wide open. I was really dubious about Angela when I saw that Phaedra’s mother was also suing her for defamation over that book. Now, I am coming around. So, did Phaedra marry Apollo primarily to protect herself?

    • Happywife

      Why did Phaedra’s mother sue Angela?

      • WestCoastFeed

        If I remember correctly the suit says that Angela claimed Phaedra’s mother practiced some kind of sorcery and also provided girls with abortifacients.

        • Dr Seuss

          LMFAOOO!!! Is it bad I find those allegations hilarious?

  • RonnieIsBack

    Wowzer!!!!!! This guy has nothing to lose so I doubt if he is lying….

    • Happywife

      This case is getting juicer by the minute. Phaedra looks guilty to me but I’m a believer of “innocent before guilty.” I’m curious to see how this all plays out.

  • SAMRA1116

    Say from day one Fhedra is. Fake n sickening. All pretending to be something, she not. Now I see how they can afford all those expensive parties. Hey Dr S good story.

  • Chloe

    Here’s my two cents on this ordeal…Phaedra is a criminal lawyer she also claims entertainment (not corporate, corporate is where the big $$ is), she comes from Athens (a family background of no significant wealth), yes she obviously did attend law school, which means she would’ve had massive school loans. Aside from Bobby Brown (so long ago), she has had no high profile clients that the public is aware of, and if she did, trust me given all these gossip sites the public would know. She has her own practice which means there is a ton of overhead to be paid out as well as insurances (if she worked for a firm this would be an expense they’d pay business owners have more responsibility). Given she has been on the show for 3 or 4 seasons, the amount of money by her and Apollo’s own admission seems unlikely that they would have that much net income. The first season they pretty much pay you nothing in reality t.v. Neither of them has ever clearly stated what Apollo’s “job” is, as smart and educated as she is, I highly doubt that she was unaware of Apollo’s actions, especially seeing as to how he’s been convicted prior of the same scheme. On the last show that aired they both admitted Apollo frequents strip clubs and spends 5k-8k in a night several times in a month. If he just went once a month spending $8,000 that is $96,000 a year….My belief is simple “scratch a lie, find a thief” I sincerely believe she was involved if not both definitely the first time around. Given the current season she and Apollo have been at odds, I believe he may have made some sloppy moves in regards to the activity and she was not happy about it, when the feds are on you, you’re not the last to know. He became arrogant and therefore sloppy in his activity. As a lawyer I just believe she’s better at covering her involvement, most lawyers know more about the law than federal agents and cops. Had Angela Stanton consulted a lawyer before trying to have her book published she would’ve learned things to get around the lawsuit. If people sincerely believe she was not involved I would say they are naive.

    • Dr Seuss

      Well said. I agree with all of this.

    • WinterBlues14


  • Happywife

    I don’t know what’s going on nor who to believe. Angela did go into detail about the alleged scheme they supposedly concocted. I don’t know anything about criminal charges or things criminals do, but could she make this stuff up? I mean anything is possible and we don’t really know what Phaedra was into before her housewife days.

    • WestCoastFeed

      Somehow I don’t think she was spending all her time with the Junior League.

      • Dr Seuss

        LMAO!!! Exactly.

      • Happywife


    • Dr Seuss

      You think Phaedra might be innocent? Just curious.

      • Happywife

        There is a possibility. I’m from the belief “innocent before guilty” although it’s not looking too good for her.

    • Kat

      She could have easily done the crime so she would know all about it-but that doesn’t mean that Phae was a part of it. I find it odd that they were friends for many years but yet there are no pictures of them that has surfaced in all this time. Seems like they weren’t actually that great of friends.

  • Dr Seuss

    God don’t like ugly and Mrs Phaedra deserve what’s coming to her! I believe every word Angela says. Look at that video, she’s not lying.

    • WinterBlues14

      Me too! It’s funny how people didn’t really start taking Angela’s book serious until Phaedra’s fallout with Kenya and Nene reading her for filth at that reunion! I ALWAYS believed Angela!

      • Dr Seuss

        Girl yes! Angela’s story never changes. And anyone who watched that video can see she’s not lying.

        • WinterBlues14

          Right! That’s the key her story NEVER changed. Phaedra is going down!

  • WestCoastFeed

    I hope the executives at Bravo are paying attention to this. And I hope that they are really regretting what they have created and that they are not salivating with glee.

  • Bernice

    As much as it saddens me I find it hard to believe that this woman and her attorneys would publicly come after Phaedra so hard without additional proof much of which I’m sure has not been released to the public. As far his this person’s depo it sounds a bit shady in spots, but that’s not a major factor in the case, just there to give additional credence to the case.
    I really hate this for Phaedra and her family!

    Not speaking of Phaedra, but too often lawyers are behind the scenes of many criminal deeds, but seldom are they exposed because they know to cover tracks and lay low.

    Apollo is a haphazard to Phaedra and Phaedra own need to be grander than her means justify are her down fall.

    • Dr Seuss

      Good points Bernice. I feel the same way. Why would this woman risk so much on a lie. After watching the videos, I am convinced more than ever she’s telling the truth. I know many dubious attorneys that lie for sport. Phaedra (imo) is no different.

  • MorningYawn

    I can’t believe no one has commented on phadrea as the “head doctor.” That is absolutely hysterical!!! She’s got skillz!

    • Dr Seuss

      LOL!! Poor Phaedra. How embarrassing for a “power attorney” and southern belle to hold the title of head doctor. And for it to be brought up in the deposition makes it even more hilarious. Go Phaedra!

      • MorningYawn

        Southern belle indeed! She lied about her due date (that was my last season watching ATL) to protect her mom from knowing she got knocked up before marriage, but now the whole world knows she’s a head dr! Cracks me up!

        • Dr Seuss

          Mother’s always knew the true nature of their child…BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!

      • WinterBlues14

        This just validates Chuck’s story! Phaedra and Nene stay losing this season!

        • Dr Seuss

          Yup!! The southern belle is being exposed big time!

          • WinterBlues14

            I’m loving it too, LOL!

  • WinterBlues14

    I am so loving this!!! I read Angela’s book for the first time last Spring and boy was I glued to the details and all the tea! Get this, Angela also said Phaedra told her Apollo had one testicle from a motor cycle accident! Even though Angela did wrong, at least she is trying to move on with her life and I’m glad that the tide is turning on Phaedra, especially since EVERYONE has said she was the mastermind behind all these illegal scams. I bet she taught Apollo everything he needed to know and I don’t believe Phaedra knew NOTHING about Apollo’s recent scams!

    Now I know Lipstick Alley is a mess, but a font over there dropped some tea today that supposedly Kenya and Apollo are messing around and Apollo supposedly got Kenya that Bentley! I mean the preview for next week looks juicy as heck! I guess all the tea will come out by the reunion but I still think Bravo should bring Angela Stanton or Jessica Voker on as supporting cast members to dig up Phaedra’s dirt. Phaedra’s fans are crazy. They think she is a saint that can do no wrong and everybody is jealous of her all because she has a law degree. It amazes me how naive people are these days.

  • WinterBlues14

    I love how this blog is exciting but at the same time peaceful and people can state their opinions without getting attacked. Good job! LOL!

  • Tre’s Twits aren’t Angelic

    That’s one of the things I really adore you for DocTah! You come in with the facts!
    EGGsaLENT !

  • Great BLOG!!

    i am confused he met phe 3 times but then goes into several in persons meeting phe…. paperwork, computer, meeting in person after arrest…..paying phae, personal meeting, etc…

  • Fantastic blog!! wow wonder if blow jobs r in pha new etiquette book?
    Secrets of the Southern Belle: How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun, and Never Have an Off Moment

  • WestCoastFeed

    Angela’s attorney has filed a ,motion for summary judgment. Phaedra has refused to be deposed on this case and has not presented any evidence to support her lawsuit.

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  • Kat

    I know this is a year old but come on. This street guy is talking like “imparting knowledge” and other such phrases and in the next breath saying he don’t “wanna throw dirt” on someon? Pul-leaze. He was obviously coached.