All About The Tea (AATT) enjoys providing a community where our readers can express themselves, and share ideas with other readers. Generally speaking, posters are free to speak their minds, under our articles.

We do want our community to be a friendly and welcoming place for everyone, but due to issues that accompany growth, we have found it necessary to implement some ground rules.

We’ve hired new community moderators to help ensure that our commonsense guidelines are respected.

While the moderators can’t be everywhere at once, we’ll be working with them, to make the comment sections pleasant places to visit, and chat. Our rules are listed below:

  • No posting of personal info: This category includes, Twitter account names, Facebook account names, and no exchanges of email addresses — there will be no exceptions.
  • No spam: Excessive or repeated self-promotion, paid referral links, or links to other sites or material from other sites, are not allowed.
  • No personal attacks: It’s easy to come across as a jerk on any given thread — take it easy, keep it kind, and you’ll find that everyone’s pretty cool. If you can’t stay cordial, that’s fine — just move on. Please remember, you’re here to snark about celebs, not each other. 
  • Critics: We’re happy to read polite criticism, and welcome feedback. However, baseless accusations of embellishment, bribery, corruption, or allegations that we’re part of the illuminati, ruling from an underground lair, will not be tolerated. This is a privately owned website, not operated by a publicly traded corporation or government entity.
  • Our sources: Have assumptions about who are sources might be? Keep it to yourself — do NOT post them in our comment section.
  • Drama-free zone: Those who come to AATT to create or cheer on drama, will be asked to leave. We have seen it all before — and such motives are transparent. We know who you are —  and such behavior will not be tolerated.

We ask you to treat our comment section like you would a party. Everyone is invited to come, and we want you all to have a great time. But if you throw up on the carpet, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to leave.

If you have an issue with a comment that breaks any of the above rules, *flag* it. If you have an issue flagging alone won’t accomplish, e-mail our moderators here. Please include your Disqus username and all the details in the matter.

All of the rules can be neatly encapsulated within the Golden Rule — simply treat others as you wish to be treated.

People who choose to repeatedly break these rules, will have their comments deleted, and will likely be banned.