Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker & Mama Joyce Spill The Tea About Kandi’s Wedding!

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 kandiburruss on Instagram.clipular (1)Kandi and Todd Tucker on set at ‘The View’ 5/19/2014

Mama Joyce and newlyweds Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker #TheTuckers appeared on  “The View” this morning to promote their wedding spinoff, “Kandi’s Wedding” premiering on Bravo, June 1st, 8:00 p.m EST.

Last time the family appeared on “The View” Mama Joyce attacked Todd’s character and labeled him an opportunist. Todd’s response was:

“I think everyone has a breaking point,” he expressed. “The lies, that stuff is really tough. I have a mom and it affects my mother. It affects my daughter. It affects Kandi’s daughter. The other day Kandi’s daughter told Kandi ‘I don’t like that he said he would leave you.'”

This time around thankfully, Mama Joyce was a lot more pleasant. She was all smiles and seems to be accepting Kandi’s and Todd’s union.

Photo by kandiburruss.clipular (2)Mama Joyce on the set of ‘The View’ 5/19/2014

“The View” host, Sherri Shepherd starts off by congratulating the happy couple. Sherri attended the wedding and laments how beautiful the ceremony was. Kandi then opens up about her special day and her mother’s involvement. Kandi states Mama Joyce promised her she would behave and stay out of it (not to object). Sherri then asks Ms. Joyce about trying to call off the wedding and has her feelings changed since then, Mama Joyce say’s “as long as she (Kandi) is happy….I’m a work in progress.”

kandiburruss on Instagram.clipular (2)

Next, they show pictures of the wedding day with Mama Joyce. Todd’s mother, Sharon is smiling and Mama Joyce has a scowl on her face in almost every picture. Kandi express her mother’s attitude put a damper on her mood that day. Understandably!

Kandi Burruss Wedding

Then they talked about Joyce’s toast to the happy couple, “Kandi looks happy and I hope you  can keep her as happy as she looks tonight.”

Sherri spilled the tea that the entire wedding (guest and all) were on pins and needles concerning Joyce’s behavior. That’s a shame that one woman could have that much control over a group of people. Kandi reveals there were crazy fights/moments leading up the big day between Joyce, Todd and Sharon, Todd’s mother. 


Then the topic of the “RHOA” reunion is brought up and Kandi states she thinks Kenya provoked Porsha with her props. She says the props were funny at first but Kenya kept on with the props after she was warned. She never thought they would physically fight.

Kandi’s wedding spinoff will capture Mama Joyce as she rears her ugly head meddling in her daughter’s love life. Get ready for the drama-packed show scheduled to premiere June 1st at 8 p.m. EST. 

Check out a preview of the Kandi’s wedding spinoff below:

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