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‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown Plots To Erase Her Kids’ Biological Past Through Creepy Family Portrait

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Sister Wives_Robyn-Brown-Baby-Gender-Announcement

The most recent episode of Sister Wives focused on an orchestrated Brown celebration, honoring the successful adoption of Robyn’s three children, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. One particularly unsettling gesture stood out, in the flurry of festivities. Robyn, heartbroken over the fact that three of her kids were conceived by another, manipulated some photos, and had an unnerving sketch made, with a supposed goal of “creating a moment.” Time is rewound, Kody is young, her kids are babies, and the four are a family unit, at least in some sort of past fantasy, dream come true. The other wives all gasped in agreement, proclaiming the creative masterpiece as breathtakingly wonderful. 

Don’t you just love Dayton giving us the thumbs up?  I thought that added a snazzy, and affirming touch.  Not only were the adults breathless with delight over this truly creepy gift, but every Brown the TLC camera rested on, looked amazed and impressed. Viewers took to social media, buzzing about the disturbing visual, as well as the Browns appearing strangely robotic in their delighted enthusiasm. Is the Brown cult-de-sac becoming a place where adults rewrite realities, and TLC strangely films maneuvers that look like mind games, at least to the typical outsider?

In the early episodes of the season, Robyn complained that her ex was neglectful, and uninvolved in their children’s lives.  However, the minute the adoption went through, a visit to their father was arranged.  The kids appeared relieved and excited about the reunion, and Christine dubbed Jessop’s family as “good people.”  Robyn countered with dramatic concern, implying that the pathetic state of the kids’ daddy relationships, might make the trip a bummer. Kody expressed concern that the kids may return back to the fold  “different,” and the whole family jokingly admitted to feeling “territorial” about the new additions leaving to visit their FATHER. Aurora later described the trip as “amazing,” but Kody snidely commented that it was nice that the kids’ weren’t exhibiting those “thousand yard stares that they usually do.”   

Sister Wives

There have been other odd nuggets sprinkled throughout the season, indicating that a cryptic freeze-out might be underway. Teen birth certificates were altered, Dayton’s declared adoption confusion was ignored, and the only male was nudged to dump not only ‘Jessop,’ but also ‘Preston,’ from his legal moniker. Robyn snipped out a subject from the photo she used in the creation of the eerie portrait….was that their birth father also?  Out with the old, in with the new!

Sister Wives

Kody and Robyn Brown appear slyly focused on erasing any semblance of David Preston Jessop out of their plural picture, and more disturbingly, out of his own children’s paternal thoughts.   Are Robyn and Kody working to systematically and psychologically disconnect Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna from their biological father?  What do you think?       


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