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Shots Fired: #ShahsOfSunset Twitter Fight – GG & Reza vs. Mike’s New Wife, Jessica

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If you you’ve been keeping up with the “Shahs of Sunset” intense drama then you’re aware that Golnesa aka GG accused her co-star, Mike Shouhed, of making sexual advances towards her in Turkey. The accusation caused a little brouhaha among the Shahs but Mike and his fiancee, Jessica Parido seemed unbothered and moved on to tie the knot. Expectedly, GG’s wedding invite was revoked but the rest of the cast managed to skate by and attended the wedding. Cast members posted photos of the wedding on social media, everyone was all smiles and happy but the spiritual blessedness did not last for long.

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On Wednesday, something or someone set Reza and GG off and the BFFs fired subliminal shots at Mike’s wife, Jessica and Jessica clapped back.

The first shot was fired by GG when she posted on Instagram the following pic with the caption, “To my baby bear @rezafarahan, I’ve got your back brother! Just don’t show up at my Sunday wedding, eating my food and drinking my alcohol and then talking shit. I don’t care if you wrote me a check for $500… the whole point was to collect checks…duuuhhhh!!! (I love you Reza).

All About The Tea_Reza_GG_Shahsof Sunset

Jessica promptly returned fire with the following shade,

All About The Tea_Reza_GG_Shahsof Sunset

Jessica did not lower her cannon after that shot, she then took aim at Reza’s $500 wedding gift and GG’s alleged financial situation. Ouch!

All About The Tea_Reza_GG_Shahsof Sunset

Never the one to back down from a fight, Reza replied to Jessica’s “I’ll wipe my ass with your $500 wedding gift,” with “How does one wipe their ass and mail back my $500, when you’ve already cashed that check?”

All About The Tea_Reza_GG_Shahsof Sunset

Reza further added he was speechless by Jessica’s potty mouth,

All About The Tea_Reza_GG_Shahsof Sunset

Jessica quickly answered Reza’s “literally speechless” tweet with “speechless thank god! Go to your bffs IG. She took it there not me.”

All About The Tea_Reza_GG_Shahsof Sunset

Reza later deleted some of his Tweets and Instagram postings but everything considered, it was a good day for bloggers!


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