Lindsay Hubbard Drops Bombshell About Carl Radke’s Drug Use

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Lindsay and Carl

Lindsay Hubbard Drops Bombshell About Carl Radke’s Drug Use

Lindsay Hubbard didn’t hold back at the Summer House season 8 reunion, aiming pointed remarks at her ex-fiancé Carl Radke, with an unseen revelation about his drug use stirring shock among fellow cast members.

Lindsay & Carl

“I have a lot of questions about what is considered sober and what is considered not,” Lindsay, 37, stated during Peacock’s extended and uncensored reunion, streamed on June 14.

“Is weed in the clear of considered sobriety? A week before filming, Carl was on mushrooms at a music festival.”

Lindsay Hubbard

Carl, 39, reacted visibly to the admission, prompting varied reactions from the cast: Gabby Prescod covering her face, West Wilson wide-eyed, Amanda Batula shaking her head, and Ciara Miller looking away.

“We took a small microdose together,” Carl admitted.

Summer House Cast

“We actually looked at each other and said, ‘We’re not doing this again.'”

Acknowledging Carl’s clarification, Lindsay affirmed, “You’re correct,” while emphasizing she doesn’t claim sobriety.

Lindsay Hubbard

Host Andy Cohen probed Lindsay on understanding Carl’s definition of sobriety, prompting Ciara, 28, to question the timing of Lindsay’s concern. (Carl publicly committed to sobriety in 2020, abstaining from alcohol and cocaine.)

“Why are you so fixated on his definition of sobriety?” Amanda, 32, interjected. “Why aren’t you just supportive of the path…”

Carl Radke

Interrupting Amanda, Lindsay asserted she has “always” supported Carl and his sobriety.

“You’re not. You’re so angry that he smokes weed,” Amanda countered. “You told me you don’t like when he does that.”

Carl Radke

Attempting to clarify her feelings, Lindsay explained, “Any alcohol that I drank was always used against me,” citing double standards in scrutiny.

Amanda attributed the scrutiny to Lindsay’s reactions when drinking, which Carl acknowledged as a valid concern.

Amanda Batula

The reunion also delved into the complexities of Lindsay and Carl’s breakup, exploring their differing perspectives on its handling and aftermath.

Confirming their split in August 2023, just months before their scheduled wedding, Carl and Lindsay addressed the fallout publicly during the season 8 finale on May 30.

Lindsay Hubbard

“There’s been quite a few things that since we’ve [broken] up that just aren’t true,” Carl asserted during the reunion. “I’ve struggled with how to navigate some of that.”

In response, Lindsay accused Carl of spreading falsehoods and attempting to vilify her throughout the season.

“I really feel like I made the right decision,” Carl reflected. “I hope that someday maybe she’ll realize that it was the best decision for her too.” 



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