‘RHONY’ Alum Carole Radziwill BLASTS Andy Cohen for Calling Her Out!

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Andy Cohen

‘RHONY’ Alum Carole Radziwill BLASTS Andy Cohen for Calling Her Out!

Former Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill didn’t hold back when responding to Bravo executive Andy Cohen’s recent assertions about her.

Leah McSweeney

In a flurry of tweets on Tuesday, Carole pushed back against Andy’s claims that she was the anonymous RHONY figure who criticized him in a recent New York Magazine profile. Her tweets, filled with sarcasm and criticism, offered a glimpse into their complicated relationship.

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“Someone can make a truthful observation & there’s always one short-ish dude waiting to be offended,” Radziwill tweeted sarcastically. She continued to call Cohen “condescending” and “absurd,” demanding an apology for him calling her out.

Carole Radziwill - Real Housewives of New York

Andy’s confidence in identifying Carole as the source of the anonymous criticism was evident during Monday’s episode of “Radio Andy.

He declared, “It’s Carole Radziwill, no question,” expressing surprise at her decision to remain anonymous given her history of publicly criticizing him.

Andy Cohen

As reported, in the New York Magazine article, the unnamed former Bravo star didn’t hold back in her critique of RHONY, lamenting its shift from light-hearted content to more dramatic storylines.

“The show went from silly humor about middle-aged women getting drunk and being delusional about their status and having funny, petty arguments, to Housewives investigating and doing opposition research and making up false storylines and leaking stories on each other.” She stated.

Carole Radziwill

She also took aim at Cohen’s baby shower, describing a particular moment as “cringe-worthy.”

These criticisms, coupled with Andy’s assertion of Carole’s identity as the anonymous source, have brought their strained relationship back into the spotlight.

“I just thought it was such a cringe moment,” the reality star explained. “Because that’s the dynamic. Everyone just dances for Andy Cohen.”

Carole Radziwill - RHONY

Carole has said a lot of unkind things about me that she has tweeted and been quoted about. So, I was like, why are you going off the record here?” Andy said during his show, expressing confusion over Carole’s decision to remain anonymous.

Carole Radziwill - RHONY

The tensions between Carole Radziwill and Andy Cohen first surfaced during the season 10 reunion of RHONY in 2018 when Carole accused Cohen of favoritism in his handling of her feud with fellow cast member Bethenny Frankel.

Radziwill’s departure from the show shortly after marked the end of her tenure as a main cast member, but it didn’t mark the end of her public disagreements with Cohen.

Bethenny Frankel and Carole Radziwill - RHONY

Carole’s tweets on Tuesday served as a public rebuke of Andy’s claims and as a reminder of the unresolved issues between them. Her choice of words, including terms like “condescending” and “absurd,” underscored the depth of her frustration with Cohen’s actions.


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