‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Rachel Fuda GOES OFF on Teresa Giudice and Jackie Ditches Margaret’s Army!

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Rachel Fuda and Teresa Giudice

‘RHONJ’ RECAP: Rachel Fuda GOES OFF on Teresa Giudice and Jackie Ditches Margaret’s Army!

The June 2 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, kicked off with Dolores Catania, the lone figure untangled from the ongoing discord. Sharing a meal with her children and her ex, Frank Catania, the conversation veers towards Frank’s plans to propose to his girlfriend, Brittany.

Frank Catania

Engaging in a mock proposal with Dolores, the scenario unfolds hilariously, prompting an unwitting audience in the restaurant. Yet, amid the laughter, a curious thought lingers: What’s Brittany’s stance on the women of the show?

Dolores Catania

Over at Margaret Josephs’ humble home, she’s playing nurse to Marge Sr. as she recuperates from surgery on her petite esophagus.

Margaret Josephs

However, tensions arise when Marge expresses disappointment over Jackie Goldschneider’s failure to reach out on the anniversary of her ex-husband’s passing.

Margeret Josephs

Personally, I find this expectation a tad exaggerated and ridiculous. Marge argues that had Jackie been in regular contact, she would have remembered the significant date.

Across town, Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin indulge in rejuvenating facials at Bill’s latest plastic surgery establishment, they seize the moment to reach out to Jackie following her recent spat with Marge at the charity softball game. Jackie, however, opts to steer clear of the drama with Teresa and Jen, though she appreciates their gesture. Jackie’s response is intriguing: She acknowledges the ulterior motives behind Teresa and Jen’s sudden outreach — likely to gather ammunition for their ongoing feud with Marge — yet she still chooses to engage in the conversation.

Jennifer Aydin

Shifting focus to Jen, she and Melissa Gorga embark on a reconciliation lunch, aiming to sweep their issues under the rug. As they dive into their gripes, Melissa revisits the melodrama from last season when Jen spilled the tea to Danielle Cabral about cheating rumors swirling around Melissa. Jen quickly reminds Melissa that her hands aren’t entirely clean either.

Melissa Gorga

Jen explains to Melissa that she initially didn’t intend for the rumor to surface publicly. However, she finds herself in a convoluted web of he-said-she-said scenarios where disclosing to Danielle about Melissa’s prior knowledge necessitated mentioning Luis’ conversation with Joe Gorga. Admittedly, the specifics of this tangled plotline from last year are a bit fuzzy, but what remains crystal clear is Melissa’s strategic maneuvering, which seems to straddle the line between wanting to keep things under wraps and secretly hoping for an on-camera confrontation. 

Jennifer Aydin

Melissa and Jen come to a mutual agreement to turn over a new leaf. Melissa pledges not to rely on Bill as a mediator and vows to nurture her bond with Jen independently. Yet, when recounting their lunch to Marge and Jennifer FesslerMelissa can’t resist shading Jen Aydin, showcasing her talent for mimicry. “I can imitate her obnoxiousness all day long,” quips Melissa, her words hardly echoing a genuine desire to mend fences with Jen Aydin.

At last, the much-anticipated moment arrives as Danielle hosts her Bougie Brunch to mark the debut of Bougie Kidz at New York Fashion Week. Danielle reveals she’s just been informed that she’ll be closing the show. At the brunch, the camera barely acknowledges the new “friends of,” Kayla and Tiffany, as if Bravo forgot to even mic them up. I don’t think they said a single word — must be practicing their mime routines instead of engaging in conversation. Classic non-factors at this gathering.

Rachel Fuda

Danielle doesn’t waste a second diving into the drama, taking Jen Aydin to task over a party blunder, where Danielle’s hairdresser aired her out for using her services for free, then dissing her at her VIP event. Danielle is pissed with the lack of support from her supposed friends. Teresa and Jen Aydin adamantly deny any betrayal of Danielle, but it’s clear she’s already laying the groundwork for her next move in this escalating civil war.

Danielle Cabral

As tensions escalate, Rachel Fuda accuses Teresa of bullying — an accusation that hits home like a well-aimed dart. The room brims with tension as past grievances resurface, culminating in an uncomfortable reckoning.

Teresa Giudice

Jackie strives to mediate the situation, asserting her independence from Margaret’s influence and expressing her intent to befriend whoever she chooses.

Jackie Goldschneider

Melissa subtly reminds Jackie of the wounds inflicted by Teresa in the past. However, Jackie refuses to be swayed, firmly standing her ground and declaring her refusal to partake in Margaret’s war with Teresa.

Melissa Gorga

In a swift exit, Teresa retreats from the confrontation, leaving behind a room simmering with unresolved conflict. Dolores predicts Teresa’s delayed realization, likening it to the processing speed of a Commodore 64. 

Teresa Giudice

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs every Sunday, on Bravo, at 8pm ET. Grab your popcorn, folks, because this is one rollercoaster ride you won’t want to miss.


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