‘The Valley’ Secures Season 2 Renewal from Bravo!

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The Valley cast

‘The Valley’ Secures Season 2 Renewal from Bravo!

Bravo has confirmed the renewal of The Valley for a second season, despite recent splits among two of its four main couples. This announcement, part of a broader renewal strategy by NBCUniversal, highlights the show as “its most-watched freshman series in nearly a decade.” The cast, including members embroiled in divorce proceedings, is expected to return in full.

Originating from Vanderpump Rules, The Valley features ex-stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, along with Kristen Doute, all of whom faced backlash for past controversies but regained prominence following their commentary on the Scandoval in “Vanderpump Rules” Season 10. Their renewed visibility led to their participation in a Peacock commentary show and frequent appearances on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live.

Jax, Kristen, and Britany

The Valley, conceived by executive producer Alex Baskin, quickly came to fruition last summer. Joining Doute, Taylor, and Cartwright are couples Danny and Nia Booko, Jason and Janet Caperna, and Jesse and Michelle Lally, with Jasmine Goode and Zack Wickham supporting. The show has been a dramatic success, showcasing marital breakdowns to drama within group with both Taylor and Cartwright and the Lallys facing significant relationship turmoil.

Despite the personal upheavals, the show’s intrigue and drama have drawn viewers back, even those who had previously distanced themselves from the cast’s antics. The Valley will cap its first season with a supersized finale on June 4, and filming for the second season is slated to begin this summer. This comes as Vanderpump Rules, faces a pause after a challenging 11th season.

The Valley Cast

Throughout its debut season, The Valley also featured appearances by several Vanderpump Rules stars, including Lala Kent, Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay, and Scheana’s husband, Brock Davies, potentially stirring envy as The Valley prepares for its next cycle of filming. Notably, there will be no reunion for the show’s first season, a decision that has sparked significant discussion on social media. Fans are upset by this because so much drama has happened that a reunion would be perfect.

Amid speculation about Lala Kent joining The Valley, cast member Nia Sanchez expressed her enthusiasm to ET. “I would love that. No complaint there for me,” Sanchez said. She highlighted her long-standing friendship with both Scheana and Lala, dating back well before the show’s inception. Praising them as “incredible women” and mothers, Sanchez added, “I love them as mothers and friends, so no complaints on my end.”


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