Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan Criticize Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor for “Lying” On Watch What Happens Live!

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Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney Criticizes Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor for “Lying” On Watch What Happens Live!

Katie Maloney threw shade at Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor following their appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” accusing them of “lying.”

During the show, Tom discussed the fallout from his split with Ariana MadixKatie’s close friend, and more. Jax, who has also clashed with Katie after she accused him on Vanderpump Rules of cheating on his wife Brittany Cartwright, was on the defensive. In response, Katie took to her Instagram Stories, where she and podcast host Dayna Kathan watched the interview.

Katie Maloney

“Liar!” Dayna exclaimed into the camera, followed by, “Liars!”

“These men just be lying,” Katie concurred. “We’re watching ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ in case you’re wondering.”

“Does anyone else have the cringe?” Dayna asked. “I have the cringe!”

Katie Maloney

On the same episode of Watch What Happens Live, a viewer asked Jax about his current relationship with Lala Kent’s ex, Randall Emmett. “When was the last time you spoke with Lala’s ex Randall? Since the two of you used to be as thick as thieves,” the caller inquired. Jax replied with visible frustration, “That guy. I can’t think of a bigger scumbag in the world than that guy. The stuff he has done to Lala…the stuff he put her through. The stuff he’s put me through.”

Jax continued, explaining the current status of their relationship, “I haven’t spoken to him. He won’t return my calls. He [still] owes me money.”

Jax Taylor

During his appearance, Jax discussed his separation from Brittany, citing “communication” as a major issue. “Until I can fix myself or get to where I want to be, I can’t be good for her,” he expressed. Despite their separation, they continue to co-parent their son, coordinating play dates, swim lessons, and soccer games, but “We’re just not sleeping in the same bed,” Jax disclosed.

“There’s a long list of things [wrong with me] that I’m currently trying to get some help [with],” he added. “I really, really need a lot of help. I do.” Jax revealed the challenges he’s facing, including mental health struggles and the pressures of Covid, losing a job (Vanderpump Rules), and new parenthood, all of which have compounded his stress.

Jax Taylor

Meanwhile, Tom Sandoval discussed his new relationship during the show. When asked by Andy Cohen whether his past year affected her decision to date him, Victoria, Sandoval’s new girlfriend, responded, “Well, I’ve never watched the show. I choose to keep it that way.”

Andy probed further about their relationship timeline, to which Sandoval estimated, “I don’t know, probably like 3, 4 months roughly,” while Victoria seemed uncertain.

Tom Sandoval

Andy hinted at more details to come, telling Sandoval, “I do kind of grill you at the reunion about your relationship with Victoria.”

Victoria has unfollowed Sandoval since him being on Watch What Happens Live and went on private when the dating rumors first broke out.

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