‘The Valley’ Star Michelle Lally Starts New Relationship Amid DENYING Cheating Rumors

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Michelle Lally

‘The Valley’ Star Michelle Lally Starts New Relationship Amid DENYING Cheating Rumors!

 The Valley  star Michelle Lally has officially moved on from her marriage to Jesse Lally.

According to Dailymail.comMichelle is now dating Aaron Nosler, a financial advisor and entrepreneur.

Although Michelle, 36, has opted to keep her new relationship off social media — Aaron has been more forthcoming. He has not hesitated to publicly share their time together, embracing their relationship openly on his social media.

Michelle Lally

Recent episodes of The Valley have sparked controversy over Michelle Lally’s interactions with a well-known Hollywood director at the Chateau Marmont — leading to speculation among cast members about her faithfulness. Co-star Jax Taylor, who used to be on Vanderpump Rules, expressed his suspicions to Jesse — noting Michelle’s repeated visits with the director.

Michelle always claims she doesn’t know who famous people are. But she was going out with that director, she was going out with him for a couple days straight,” Taylor said. He elaborated on the frequency of their meetings, “She goes to the Château [Marmont] every day from her house and she happened to meet him at the pool and they get along. It turned out to be another day. And then another day. Like, you don’t think this is peculiar?”

Jax Taylor

Despite the stir, Michelle’s ex-husband, Jesse, seems unperturbed by the situation, with Taylor adding:

“I know she’s a real estate agent so this is a potential customer. Jesse doesn’t seem too bothered by it. I don’t know whether I believe it or not.”

While the identity of the director was withheld by Bravo to protect his privacy, it was hinted that he is a significant figure in the entertainment industry.

In response to the growing rumors, Michelle took to social media to vehemently deny any romantic involvement. “Part of my job as a real estate agent is to network and build relationships. It had absolutely nothing to do with dating anyone,” she stated firmly after the episode aired. 

Michelle Lally

Michelle and Jesse Lally recently announced their separation to Us Weekly, just before the premiere of The Valley on Bravo. The announcement came amidst revelations on the show about the couple’s ongoing struggles since the birth of their daughter, Isabella Bunny, now three years old.

In a recent episode, Michelle shared with viewers her discontent within the marriage since her daughter, Isabella, was born. The Valley, a spin-off of the popular Vanderpump Rules, has been tracking the couple’s journey through therapy in an effort to mend their relationship.

Michelle Lally

The emotional toll of their marital issues was visible when Jesse broke down during a recent episode. Amid tears, he expressed his deep desire to salvage their bond, telling Michelle, “I wanted our relationship to work.”

Michelle Lally

The show features several notable personalities from Vanderpump Rules, including Kristen Doute, adding a familiar dynamic to the new series. As the Lallys navigate their personal challenges, viewers are given an intimate look at the complexities of managing family and fame.


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