Valerie Bertinelli Finds New Man Through Social Media!

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 Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli Finds New Man On Social Media! 

Valerie Bertinelli has found love again with a man she met on social media.  

 Valerie Bertinelli

The former Food Network personality told People in an interview published Monday that she connected with her new boyfriend on Instagram a few years ago. 

“It was strictly platonic but there was something about him that I connected with that felt familiar,” Valerie told the outlet.

 Valerie Bertinelli

The “One Day at a Time” actress shared that the duo had only “recently” moved past the friend zone after they began talking on the phone earlier this year. 

 Valerie Bertinelli

The former host stayed tight-lipped about her new beau’s name, but did reveal that the mystery man is a writer who lives on the east coast.

“I’m in love,” the 63-year-old announced in the mag’s cover story. “It’s a seesaw of emotions because I was adamant I was never falling in love again.”

“I was supposed to die with my six cats and my dog,” she said, adding, “and very happily live the rest of my years alone — I’m good alone.”

 Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie, who went through a contentious divorce from Tom Vitale in 2022, quipped—“My belly is flip-flopping. This was not supposed to happen.”

She explained that it took a long time to heal from her tumultuous divorce and the death of her first husband, Eddie Van Halen, who died of throat cancer in 2020. 

“I got more intentional about my healing,” she shared. “That meant a lot of walks with [my dog] Luna, a lot of therapy sessions, a lot of learning that I deserve to feel good.”

“I found joy first, and then a man entered my life,” Valerie added. 

 Valerie Bertinelli

Last month, the “Indulge” cookbook author revealed that there was a new “special man” in her life.

“I’ve met someone. And I’m incredibly grateful for him,” she told USA Today. “It’s unlike any relationship that I’ve ever experienced with a man.”

Valerie, who has one child, a son, Wolfgang, 33, from her marriage to Van Halen, noted that falling in love was not “on my radar.” 

“This would not have happened three years ago, four years ago, last year — it wouldn’t have. And I feel incredibly lucky to have met him and made a connection with him,” she said.

Valerie was candid about her ongoing divorce in the months following her November 2021 split from Vitale. The pair had been married for ten years. 

Valerie and Vitale finalized their divorce a year later, with the actress paying her ex $2.2 million. She later called the settlement date the “second best day” of her life, despite the costly payout. 

Valerie later alleged that one of her exes was a “narcissist” who called her names like “fat” and “lazy.”


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