Marcellus Wiley BLASTS Crystal for N-Word Use and Claims Garcelle’s NOT ‘Pro-Black’

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Marcellus Wiley

Marcellus Wiley BLASTS Crystal for N-Word Use and Claims Garcelle’s NOT ‘Pro-Black’ 

In a recent outburst on X, Marcellus Wiley, husband to Annemarie Wiley, directed his frustration towards Crystal Kung-Minkoff and Garcelle Beauvais following his wife’s abrupt departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Marcellus Wiley

Marcellus Wiley’s reaction came after allegations surfaced that Annemarie, 41, was removed from the Bravo reality show due to her political leanings, specifically her supposed support for President Donald Trump, and her views concerning transgender athletes. In his tirade, Marcellus accused Crystal of inappropriately using the N-word and criticized Garcelle, the show’s inaugural Black cast member, for not being as supportive of Black causes, as she claims.

Marcellus Wiley

Marcellus’ post on X on March 26 was pointed and direct. He wrote,

“Look at these bullshtters opening up [Pandora’s] Box! Crystal knows damn well my wife is not a Trump supporter. But, even if she was, who the hell are YOU to politically police her? Crystal also knows her virtue signaling a** shouldn’t be saying the word “Ngg@“ in videos (a word I don’t know even use), but she has! Worse, she doubles down on dumb by implying to my wife who she has to vote for since she’s black!” Marcellus further criticized Crystal by adding a hashtag for “Crystal Biden.”

Crystal Kung-Minkoff

Marcellus didn’t spare Garcelle either, stating:

“And [Garcelle] puts the CON in confused. Acts pro-black, but stays hating on black women in a desperate attempt to stay ‘Fancy’ on a show with No Blacks!”

Garcelle Beaauvais

Additionally, Marcellus shared his views on his wife’s participation in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — remarking that it was not a good match.

“Let’s be real…my wife wasn’t good on Housewives. Personally, I’m glad she’s off the show, she was a horrible fit. We all saw it, and it was obvious why. It’s impossible to truly know how FAKE you have to be to actually be a REAL Housewife,” he concluded.

Marcellus Wiley

Marcellus’ vocal reaction on X was sparked by allegations reported by the Daily Mail on March 26, claiming that Annemarie Wiley faced conflicts with her fellow cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to her political views. According to a source cited by the publication, while disagreements over polarizing opinions could have added drama to the show’s narrative, the producers opted to remove such content. This editorial decision followed the controversy that overshadowed season 13 [RHONYC] due to political disagreements.

Annemarie Wiley

The source explained, “A cast member having polarizing views and the ladies taking her to task would have been part of a juicy storyline on any Real Housewives franchise, but after politics railroaded season 13 of the [Real Housewives of New York City] cast, producers just edited all of those segments out of the Beverly Hills season.”

The tension between Annemarie and Garcelle Beauvais reached a peak at the Season 13 reunion over their differing political views. The Daily Mail reported that Garcelle expressed her disapproval of Annemarie’s admiration for political conspiracy theorist Candace Owens, stating it revealed all she needed to know about her. However, this heated exchange was edited out of the final cut aired to viewers, as per an insider’s claims.

Marcellus Wiley

The focus on Annemarie’s storyline shifted away from political discord to her conflicts with Crystal Kung-Minkoff and Sutton Stracke, encompassing debates over Annemarie’s lies about her profession and Crystal’s remarks on her career, alongside disputes regarding Sutton’s health condition.

Sutton Strake

A source detailed the friction between Annemarie and Crystal, highlighting the latter’s inability to reconcile Annemarie’s political stance, especially her support for Donald Trump, given his history of racially insensitive remarks. Furthermore, Annemarie’s defensive reaction to comments made by Marcellus concerning transgender athletes was notably off-putting to the cast members.

Annamarie Wiley and Crystal Kung Minkoff

Marcellus‘ statement on X last year, criticizing the participation of transgender women in women’s sports competitions, sparked additional controversy.

Crystal Kung Minkoff

The report suggests Annemarie did not shy away from expressing her political affiliations during the filming, openly supporting Donald Trump and aligning with MAGA ideologies, which, according to the insider, alienated her from the rest of the cast. The sentiment among the cast was clear — if Annemarie’s true perspectives were not going to be broadcasted, her presence on the show was questioned, reflecting a desire to not associate with someone whose personal and political beliefs were deemed distasteful if those views were not to be made public.


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