‘RHOP’ RECAP: Wendy’s Friend Starts A Fight, Gordan Accuses Mia of Cheating as Their Marriage Implodes!

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Mia Thornton

‘RHOP’ RECAP: Wendy’s Friend Starts A Fight, Gordan Accuses Mia of Cheating as Their Marriage Implodes!

Welcome to the climactic conclusion of The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8! The fashion show orchestrated by Ashely Darby and Gizelle Bryant, to launch their GnA athletic wear brand, has just concluded. However, this marks the beginning of unprecedented drama.

RHOP Recap

Deborah Williams, Ashley Darby’s friend confronts Candiace Dillard after being disregarded by Candiace. Deborah hurls a drink at Candiace, sparking utter chaos. 

RHOP Recap

Keiarna Stewart inserts herself in the argument, which had nothing to do with her by punching Deborah, leading to an all-out melee! Amidst a flurry of flying drinks and tumbling figures, the production team scrambles to restore order, while the cast watches in sheer astonishment. Candiace picks up a large champagne bottle but does nothing to help Keiarna, who was hit in the head by a glass.

RHOP Recap

After production resumed, the scene reopens with Wendy Osefo vehemently declaring, “That’s nonsense!” Meanwhile, Candiace is screaming, “Get her out of here,” as Charrisse Jackson-Jordan restrains her. Wendy makes her way to check on Keiarna in the ladies’ restroom amid shouts for an ambulance, while Ashley inquires, “What happened?” Inside the bathroom,

Keiarna Stewart

Wendy and Keiarna exchange words, and outside, Ashley seeks clarity on how the situation deteriorated so rapidly. Ashley’s hairstylist fills her in, just as Karen Huger arrives to join Wendy and Keiarna in the bathroom. Amid Wendy’s unnecessary yelling, Karen advises focusing on Keiarna, even as Candiace continues her tirade.

RHOP Recap

As Deborah is led away, Candiace shouts, “And stay out,” with Mia Thornton and others holding her back. Candiace insults Deborah, leading to an attempt to silence her. The women gather around Candiace to support her, while Deborah tells Ashley explains that she threw her drink on Candiace, not the glass. Ashley extends an apology to an emotional Deborah.

RHOP Recap

Keiarna, urging for peace, announces her need to head to the hospital, and the women give her space. Wendy recounts hearing Deborah’s conversation with Ashley prior to the incident, hindered by the loud music. Mia recalls attempting to soothe Deborah, and Karen speculates on the premeditated nature of the debacle.

RHOP Recap

As Keiarna shares her perspective while being loaded into an ambulance, Karen accompanies her, reflecting on the incompatibility of the group and pondering over Ashley’s misinterpretation of events. Ashley acknowledges the growing tension between Candiace and Deborah, yet a mutual acquaintance places the blame on Keiarna for sticking her nose where it did not belong.

In a reflective moment, Ashley considers the significant support Deborah has provided over the years, underscored by a flashback of their shared moments of parenting camaraderie. Despite Ashley’s initial optimism that all parties could maintain civility, the unfolding reality suggests she may be overlooking deeper issues. The narrative progresses as Karen, flanked by security, makes her way into a venue to witness the final touches being put on a photo shoot. The entrance of Charrisse, navigating the space with a boot due to an injury, creates an awkward tension, especially with Karen, who tactfully maintains distance.

RHOP Recap

Charrisse, eager to engage, attempts to decipher the thematic inspirations of the ladies, just as Ashley arrives, warmly embracing Crystal, Candiace’s sister, and then Karen. The aftermath of the event and its ripple effect across social media lead Ashley to reconsider her relationship with Deborah, marking a significant pause in their friendship.

The dialogue shifts to a lighter note with Karen playfully questioning Ashley’s approval of the photos, specifically criticizing Mia’s selection, which Karen humorously claims made Robyn Dixon appear less than flattering. The arrival of Gizelle and her stylist, Kal, shifts the focus. Gizelle reveals that Ashley had briefed her on the recent drama, emphasizing Gizelle’s desire to distance the GnA brand from the altercation. Despite the chaos, Gizelle shares a personal note about her father’s successful surgery and her impending travel plans, with Karen offering her support.

Karen Huger

Gizelle’s acknowledgment of the group’s support contrasts with Charrisse’s recount of her re-injured foot, setting a backdrop of personal challenges and solidarity. Gizelle expresses her dissatisfaction with the unfortunate events, aligning with Ashley, who, despite the turmoil, finds solace in the fashion show’s success. Ashley reveals that Deborah’s aggressive approach towards Candiace was spurred by a belief that she was the subject of their conversation, a misunderstanding that ignited the conflict.

Gizelle Bryant

Kal’s inquiry about Keiarna’s protection and the critical view of Candiace’s reaction add layers to the complex dynamics at play, painting a vivid picture of the tensions and alliances that define the relationships among the women.

Gizelle Bryant's stylist, Kal

Ashley takes a moment to unwind with a drink as Mia, along with her family, makes a heartwarming entrance. After taking some time to recover, Mia expresses her joy at bringing the ladies together for a cause close to her heart. She cherishes the opportunity to introduce her children to unique experiences and is grateful for her mother’s presence. The children’s interaction with the ladies adds a familial warmth to the event, and Mia ensures Gordon Thornton, her partner, has a drink in hand, emphasizing the supportive dynamic among them.

Robyn’s arrival shifts the focus as she shares her whereabouts during the recent tumult, sparking curiosity and concern. Karen, always keen on appearances, initially compliments Robyn’s outfit, only to candidly admit her dislike for Robyn’s photo, a moment that underscores the blend of friendship and frankness that characterizes their interactions.

Meanwhile, Crystal engages Ashley in a serious conversation, voicing her concerns about Deborah’s aggressive behavior towards Candiace. She probes Ashley’s stance on the matter, seeking clarity on where Ashley’s loyalties lie and questioning the authenticity of her friendships. Ashley’s defense, suggesting she had never witnessed such behavior from Deborah before.

Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby

Candiace’s entrance, accompanied by Mama Dorothy, adds depth to the unfolding narrative as she shares her perspective, captured during the heated moments on their microphones. Her labeling of Deborah as “it” and her resigned expectation of being blamed add layers to the complex dynamics at play. Amid these personal disclosures, Mia seamlessly mingles with her guests, fostering a spirit of unity despite the undercurrents of tension. Gizelle’s observation about the absence of Pam Geir in Mia’s photos sparks a minor note of disappointment, yet Mia’s focus remains on celebrating the collective strength and achievements of the women gathered.

The atmosphere intensifies as Eddie and Wendy make their entrance. Wendy’s interaction with Ashley, marked by a perfunctory hug, sets the tone for her unresolved feelings regarding the recent altercation. Her immediate gravitation towards Mama Dorothy, Candiace, and Karen underscores her search for solidarity and understanding. Wendy’s distress over the incident is palpable, highlighting her struggle to move beyond the chaos. Karen’s perspective on Deborah’s misplaced anger, suggesting self-reflection is needed, aligns with Candiace’s view that Deborah attempted to capitalize on the situation to her advantage.

Karen Huger

The arrival of Nneka and Iyke Ihim adds new voices to the ongoing discourse surrounding the brawl. Kal’s critique of Ashley for the disarray at the event contrasts with the concern for Keiarna’s wellbeing, which Robyn updates on, sharing news of Keiarna’s injuries but reassuring stability. The consensus on the night’s chaos provides a backdrop for Charrisse’s advice to Candiace on rising above provocation, cautioning against retaliatory actions. Ashley’s confessional jabs at Candiace hint at underlying tensions, despite her public claims of concern and attempts at peacemaking.

Wendy Osefo

Ashley’s statement of care towards Candiace and her efforts to mediate the situation is met with gratitude from Charrisse and acknowledgment from Nneka, though the sincerity of these efforts is questioned. The lack of direct responsibility from Ashley for the events that transpired, alongside her distress over Keiarna’s injuries, reflects a complex web of relationships and perspectives. Her explanation of Deborah’s misunderstanding regarding Candiace, met with skepticism, illustrates the multifaceted nature of the conflict and the challenges in navigating friendships and alliances within this tightly knit community.

Ashley Darby

The season unfolds with Wendy voicing Candiace’s plea for Deborah to maintain distance, acknowledging the efforts of others to deescalate the situation. Ashley’s hindsight regret over inviting Deborah clashes with her continued blame towards Candiace, suggesting a deep-seated belief in Candiace’s provocative argumentation. Nneka offers a differing perspective, absolving Ashley of blame and attributing the confrontation to Deborah’s unwarranted approach towards Candiace. Karen emphasizes the importance of trust and cautions that such incidents could embolden others to target the group, setting a firm stance on expected conduct moving forward.

Nneka Ihim

The discussion broadens as Mia brings to light Deborah’s unwavering stance on social media, prompting Ashley to extend an apology to the group, committing to a more thoughtful approach in the future. Despite Wendy’s optimistic outlook for group dynamics, Gizelle’s acknowledgment of the group’s support, juxtaposed against Candiace and Wendy’s skeptical reactions, highlights ongoing rifts. Yet, Gizelle’s gratitude towards Karen showcases moments of genuine connection amidst the turmoil.

RHOP Recap - Ashley Darby

As the women pivot to personal achievements and aspirations — ranging from Candiace’s focus on her music career, Wendy’s aspirations for her talk show, Robyn’s business ventures, Karen’s renovations, to Gizelle’s business collaboration with Ashley — the narrative weaves a tapestry of resilience and ambition. However, the spotlight on Mia’s marital discord with Gordon reveals a complex web of personal challenges, accusations of infidelity, and the impact of such tensions on their family dynamic.

Mia Thornton

The season crescendos to a candid portrayal of Mia and Gordon’s separation, underscored by revelations of past indiscretions, the strain of Gordon’s health issues, and the consequent familial upheaval. Their heated exchanges, marked by accusations and revelations, underscore the profound personal toll underlying their public personas. As Gordon’s plea for normalcy clashes with Mia’s quest for authenticity and self-fulfillment, their narrative encapsulates the intricate balance between personal desires and familial obligations.

Gordan Thornton

The season concludes with an anticipatory glimpse into the reunion, promising to delve deeper into the unresolved tensions and personal stories that have captivated viewers, setting the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable gathering of The Real Housewives of Potomac.


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