The Dark Family Secrets of ‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Unveiled After Garrison Brown’s Tragic Death

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Kody Brown - Garrison Brown

The Dark Family Secrets of ‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Unveiled After Garrison Brown’s Tragic Death

In the wake of the heartbreaking news of Garrison Brown’s passing, All About The Tea delves into the complex and turbulent family dynamics of the stars of Sister Wives.

Garrison Brown

Family History 

TLC viewers were introduced to the Brown family back in 2010, when Kody, a well-known polygamist, was legally married to Meri Brown, 53, and spiritually married to Janelle and Christine Brown, 51. He later divorced Meri to legally wed his new wife, Robyn.

Gwendlyn Brown

The debut season of the show chronicled Robyn’s assimilation into the expansive family, following 16 years of the other three wives living together and raising their children.

In September 2023, Christine reflected on the fractured familial bonds during an episode, remarking, “There’s so many things that are broken now. We’re just not a family anymore.”

Christine Brown

Robyn brought three children from a previous marriage into the family when she joined, having met Kody at church in 2009. These children include son Dayton, 23, and daughters Aurora, 21, and Breanna, 19, whom Kody has adopted.

Since then, they’ve welcomed two more children together, son Solomon, 12, and daughter Ariella, 8.

The Family Falls Apart 

Christine was the first to depart, announcing her separation from Kody in November 2021, after a 25-year marriage and six children together. Their shared children include daughters Aspyn, 28, Mykelti, 27, Gwendlyn, 22, Ysabel, 20, Truely, 13, and son Paedon, 25.

Christine Brown

A little over a year later, Janelle also made the decision to leave, confirming their separation in December 2022. Alongside Garrison and Gabriel, Kody and Janelle share children Logan, 29, Madison, 27, Hunter, 27, and Savanah, 19.

Shortly after, it was confirmed that Kody’s 32-year marriage with first wife, Meri, had also ended. They share one child, Leon Brown, 28, who prefers they/them pronouns and is estranged from Kody.

Leon Brown

Janelle expressed strong sentiments toward Kody when she made the decision to spend Thanksgiving away from the family due to his quarantine protocols in 2022.

Kody’s Rules Divide The Family 

Kody had implemented stringent rules to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within the family. However, Janelle found herself in a dilemma as she believed their adult sons, Garrison and Gabriel, should be allowed to maintain their social lives.

Kody Brown

In the end, Janelle opted to celebrate the holiday separately from the Browns to be with her sons. Before leaving a family meeting, she didn’t mince her words, telling Kody to ‘f**k off’ after they failed to reach a compromise regarding the guidelines.

Kody Brown

Tensions escalated during a family meeting where Kody addressed the women, expressing his intent to ‘respect’ their decisions while emphasizing the collective responsibility they held to maintain the family’s functionality.

Kody Brown

Acknowledging their autonomy, Kody stated he would refrain from monitoring their actions but urged them to consider the broader implications. He emphasized the need for their children to grasp this perspective to avoid further conflicts.

Robyn Brown

Recalling a conversation with Garrison and Gabriel, who voiced concerns about the family dynamics, Kody underscored the importance of understanding his viewpoint. He urged them to appreciate the larger context he operated within.

Janelle Brown

Concluding his plea, Kody reiterated the significance of respecting his perspective. However, as Janelle began to exit the meeting, she bluntly retorted, ‘You know, f**k off,’ before turning away and leaving the room.

Kody’s Strained Relationship With His Sons 

In 2022, Kody’s relationships with his sons, Garrison and Gabriel, became increasingly strained due to the family patriarch’s stringent COVID-19 regulations.

Gabe Brown

In an episode, Kody confessed to the deteriorating state of his relationship with his sons. “We’re not good. Not talking,” he revealed, acknowledging the severity of the situation. “It’s like one of those relationships where we’ve gotta do a lot of work.”

Kody elaborated on the issue during an interview with host Sukanya Krishnan, explaining that tensions escalated after he issued an ultimatum to Garrison and Gabe regarding their social activities while still residing in his home. “I make rules, you guys abide by them,” he stated. “I understand that these two needed their social lives. I totally get it. But in this case, COVID is different.”

Savanah Brown

Expressing frustration, Kody emphasized the necessity for adaptation in light of the pandemic’s impact. “It’s changed everything for everybody, and they want it all to be the same,” he lamented. “They need to realize that they should go and date that girlfriend, that’s fine, but you need to move out of the house so I can be home.”

Robyn Brown

Reflecting on a moment aired in the recent season, Kody shared an emotional exchange between himself and Gabe, underscoring the challenges within their relationship amidst the evolving circumstances.

In the scene, Kody confronted Gabe, explaining that unless he ceased seeing his girlfriend, Kody wouldn’t be able to visit the house to see his other children with Janelle. This caution stemmed from concerns about potentially spreading COVID-19 among the households he shares with his wives Meri, Christine, and Robyn.

Kody Brown

Speaking to his son, Kody emphasized, “The real issue here is, you had to choose between me coming over or seeing your girlfriend.” Gabe, tearfully questioning the situation, asked, “Why? Why was I made to make that decision?”

Expressing his frustration, Gabe lamented, “My family is so focused on being right that this is ruining my family.”

Reflecting on the episode, Kody recognized that their disregard for his COVID-19 protocols was a significant source of their conflicts. “We need therapy,” he acknowledged. “I need a sit-down with my boys and get something straight. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m so angry about what happened that we’re not communicating. And I think they are too.”

Christine Brown

The tensions over COVID-19 protocols didn’t solely involve Kody and his sons. Both Janelle and Christine strongly opposed Kody’s enforcement of strict guidelines, exacerbating the strain in their relationships.

In a candid moment during a 2023 episode, Kody didn’t mince words when he referred to his estranged children as ‘jerks’ after they made it clear they no longer felt the need for their father’s presence in their lives.

Kody Blames Janelle 

Reflecting on the strained relationship with his sons, Kody expressed a sense of disillusionment, suggesting that he felt Janelle might have played a role in creating a divide between them. Meanwhile, Janelle offered insights into the dynamic, acknowledging that while Kody does maintain some level of connection with Garrison, true reconciliation has yet to occur, as shared during the December 2023 edition of the Sister Wives: Look Back special.

Sister Wives - Kody and Janelle Brown

Tension Between Kody and Janelle

Tensions between Janelle and Kody reached a boiling point in a 2023 episode, culminating in an explosive argument over their plans for Christmas and their deteriorating relationship.

The heated exchange saw accusations of ‘gaslighting’ hurled between the former couple as they clashed over Kody’s estrangement from their sons, Gabriel and Garrison, due to his stringent COVID restrictions.

Janelle Brown

Amidst the argument, Janelle expressed frustration, stating, “You’re always flipping it back on me.” Kody fired back, asserting, “That’s because it belongs on you, Janelle. Because you didn’t support my stand when it came to actually doing the COVID stuff.”

The introduction of strict COVID-19 protocols by the patriarch further exacerbated the family’s already strained dynamics. Janelle found herself torn between her husband’s rules and her sons’ desire to maintain their social lives, disregarding their father’s guidelines.

Kody Brown

In a moment of exasperation, Kody questioned the integrity of their partnership, expressing doubt over whether they had ever truly functioned as a team. He dismissed Janelle’s suggestion that his absence from their children’s lives played a role, labeling it as ‘bulls**t.’

Kody Abandons Polygamy 

Kody made the shift from polygamy to monogamy, choosing to remain with only Robyn, after his three other marriages dissolved.

In December 2023, Kody expressed his disinterest in adding another sister wife to the family following his consecutive splits from wives Meri, Janelle, and Christine within a mere 14 months.

Sister Wives

During a conversation with Robyn, he candidly admitted, “I wouldn’t be interested in welcoming another sister wife into the family. I would have to tell that woman I will never love you as much as I love her – now I know better.”

Janelle also shared insights into Kody’s evolving perspective, revealing, “He’s now talking more and more about, ‘As we move forward into monogamy.’ So, I think that’s where he’s headed.”


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