‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Kyle Richards EXPLODES After Sutton and Dorit Call Out Her Marriage Lies!

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RHOBH Reunion

Kyle Richards EXPLODES After Sutton and Dorit Call Out Her Marriage Lies! 

Part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Season 13, Andy Cohen kicks off by addressing the strained relationship between Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley. Kyle expresses her perception that Dorit had aligned herself with the audience, a sentiment that Dorit finds amusing. Attempting to defend herself, Dorit faces a barrage of questions from Garcelle, who challenges her to apologize without making excuses. Dorit dismisses Garcelle’s inquiries, instructing her to mind her own business before Andy redirects the conversation to Kyle’s recent lifestyle changes.

Dorit Kemsley

Andy probes Dorit about whether Morgan Wade influenced Kyle’s sobriety, but Dorit disagrees. He then solicits opinions from the rest of the women. Garcelle and Erika Jayne express understanding towards Kyle’s lifestyle changes, but Dorit begins to question Kyle’s recent tattoos. Kyle acknowledges her past reckless behavior, but Sutton Stracke interrupts to accuse Kyle of insinuating that she has a drinking problem. A flashback reveals Kyle expressing concerns about Sutton’s eating habits, leading to a heated exchange between the two.

Kyle Richards

Despite Kyle’s denial of accusing Sutton of having a drinking problem, tensions rise as Sutton attempts to explain the impact of Kyle’s comments. Kyle questions Sutton’s motives, prompting Sutton to clarify that she didn’t accuse Kyle of wrongdoing at the weed party.

Kyle is taken aback and tells Sutton, “You act like I did something wrong to you, instead of saying do you need a friend,” before Andy asks Crystal Minkoff her opinion on the matter. Before Crystal answers, Kyle jumps in to say, “When did I say the drinking other than that?” and producers flashback to Kyle, Dorit, and Crystal’s conversation about Sutton. Crystal would’ve said “no,” if this was an isolated incident, but before she could finish, Kyle jumps in again. “And when were the other times?” Kyle asks before clarifying her statement. “What I said was, I didn’t know if she had a few drinks or it was her medicine, but she was off,” while denying she accused Sutton of a drinking problem.

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Kyle tells everyone those words never came out of her mouth, and Sutton says, “And they won’t come out of your mouth because you’re very smart” and insinuates Kyle’s playing a game of chess. Kyle continues, stating that she told the ladies everything during Dorit’s retreat with Eagle woman and a flashback refreshes our memory.

Kyle says, “I’ve told all of you guys” before Dorit fires back with “No, you didn’t.” Kyle’s flabbergasted and responds, “Yes, I did!” and Dorit continues to poke holes in Kyle’s story until Crystal and Garcelle stick up for Kyle. “Yes she did, she said she’s had the hardest year in her marriage,” Crystal says and finishes with “And I was surprised to hear that” afterward.

Kyle Richards

Dorit scrambles and tells everyone that Kyle said “We’ve had a hard year but didn’t indicate you and Mo were struggling” as Kyle’s mouth falls open before apologizing to Dorit for not giving enough information. Kyle lets everyone know her issues had just started with Mauricio Umansky and that she was trying to figure it out. Kyle asks what entitles the ladies to know her private marital details and Sutton responds it’s because they’re supposed to share their real lives. Kyle disagrees as Dorit and Erika ask Kyle to elaborate. Kyle mentions being on Housewives for thirteen years, watching her kids grow up and become adults. Kyle brings up her issues with her sisters to prove that she’s shared every part of herself with the world.

Garcelle Beaauvais and Sutton Strake

Kyle subtly criticizes Sutton by remarking that all Sutton has done throughout the season is buy a horse and visit a dating coach. Kyle advises Sutton to cut her some slack and accuses her of not discussing anything substantial. Sutton disagrees, and soon the two engage in a back-and-forth exchange as the other ladies observe. Sutton expresses her desire for Kyle to refrain from revealing everything but to be sincere with their friends. However, Kyle interprets the situation differently and accuses Sutton of targeting her throughout the season. Sutton appears visibly surprised, and Kyle mocks her reaction before continuing. Sutton brings up Kyle’s tattoos, lifestyle change, and the ladies’ curiosity as the discussion persists.

Kyle Richards

Sutton asks Kyle if she’s lost her mind, to which Kyle responds, “Well, I’m sorry. Maybe just buying a horse and your cashmere line and, you know isn’t enough.” Sutton warns Kyle against discussing Santos before Andy intervenes to ask the other ladies for their opinions. Crystal attributes blame to Dorit for accusing Sutton of having a drinking problem, prompting Andy to request clarification from Dorit. Dorit denies insinuating anything negative about Sutton, and Garcelle notices Dorit’s stalling technique from the other couch. Sutton decides to cease defending herself and maintains that she does not believe she has a drinking problem.

Kyle Richards

Dorit quietly agrees with Sutton, but Sutton urges Dorit to speak up and express her agreement loudly. Sutton insists that Dorit repeat herself, but Dorit becomes tongue-tied before stating that she has no evidence to suggest Sutton has a drinking problem. Sutton responds by saying she doesn’t know if Dorit has a drinking problem either, “carcass out,” as Dorit rolls her eyes, and Andy changes the topic. Andy shifts the conversation to Kyle’s weed party and the drama between Denise Richards and Erika. Andy asks about Denise’s thoughts that night, and Garcelle tried to warn her friend by telling Denise, “You can’t say that.”

Sutton Strake

The ladies share a laugh as Andy shifts the discussion to a few fan questions. One fan speculated that Denise was directing her anger towards Erika due to the whole Brandi Glanville situation, and the ladies concurred. Andy wonders why Denise didn’t communicate her issue with Erika, and Kyle suggests that Denise didn’t want to reopen old wounds. Erika admits she didn’t support Denise after she singled out Erika at a barbecue a few years ago. Andy then moves on to Dorit and her unsuccessful attempt to adjust Denise’s coat, with Dorit still puzzled about the issue. Kyle believes Denise perceived Dorit’s actions as “mean-girl” behavior, and Garcelle adds her thoughts.

Andy reminisces about Erika’s comment at Bravo Con 2022, questioning if Erika was merely putting on a show or genuinely onto something. After a flashback, Andy points out Dorit’s dark wardrobe and reads a fan’s comment suggesting PK put Dorit on a budget. Dorit denies it and, as she explains, Andy stifles a yawn. Dorit jokingly warns Andy, prompting him to straighten up to allow Dorit to continue. Dorit confirms she’s not on a budget, and Andy shifts the focus to Dorit’s second robbery incident around Christmas. A fan raises questions about Dorit’s behavior, and Dorit tries to clarify but leaves everyone with more questions than answers.

Dorit Kemsley

Andy highlights Garcelle’s question about Dorit’s jewelry, prompting a fan to label Garcelle as “nasty” for her comment. Dorit shares her ordeal, describing it as her worst nightmare, and expresses hurt over Garcelle insinuating that the robbery was fake. Garcelle clarifies that she believes Dorit was indeed robbed but points out a few inconsistencies she noticed. Dorit asks for specifics, and Garcelle mentions the ring, prompting Dorit to explain changes in her packing routine after a trip to London. Dorit questions Garcelle for further evidence, and Garcelle finds it odd that the robber placed Dorit’s phone by the front gate, suggesting they listened to her.

A flashback to 2021 shows Dorit explaining her perspective, but Garcelle attempts to interject. Dorit asks Garcelle to let her finish and explains her situation, including her inability to contact PK and her request to the robber. Dorit doesn’t understand Garcelle’s skepticism, prompting Garcelle to question the likelihood of the scenario. Erika suggests it’s not impossible, while Dorit agrees it’s not that far-fetched. Garcelle leaves it at “Okay,” indicating she’s willing to move on from the topic.

Garcelle Beaauvais

Dorit isn’t finished and asserts, “But what is crazy is to actually go on national television to peddle a false narrative.” Garcelle asks, “What do you mean?” as Dorit shifts the focus to Garcelle’s confessionals. Garcelle stands by her opinions, stating that her perspective doesn’t change Dorit’s reality. Dorit disagrees, suggesting that Garcelle’s statement was bold, and interprets Garcelle looking away as a lack of concern. Garcelle apologizes for causing Dorit distress, and Dorit accepts the apology as Andy shifts the discussion to Sutton’s comment about PK.

Dorit and Andy inquire about where Sutton heard the rumor that PK was pulled over with another woman allegedly. Sutton responds, “The streets told me,” as the other ladies deny hearing the same, while Erika makes a joke about relying on street gossip. Sutton apologizes for spreading the rumor as producers show PK’s response on Instagram. Sutton feels that Dorit’s remarks about her drinking were mean-spirited, and Dorit attempts to revisit the topic. Sutton jests about the streets informing Dorit about her alleged drinking problem before Andy reads a fan’s disappointment at PK’s response to Sutton. The fan implies Dorit’s inability to gain anything from a potential divorce and then asks if Dorit has signed a prenup.

Sutton Strake

Dorit asserts that she met PK when he was bankrupt, and Andy responds with a firm “No,” before shifting the discussion to Kyle’s tendency to sign whatever Mauricio puts in front of her. Andy brings up Teresa Giudice, and Kyle jokes about the necessity of letting a lawyer review documents. Erika cautiously suggests it’s acceptable to trust one’s partner, but Andy promptly dismisses Erika’s attempt to advocate for trust.

Andy then transitions to discussing Dorit and PK’s awkward date, mentioning Julia Roberts’ comments from Watch What Happens Live. Julia believed PK should have given Dorit the gift, but Dorit gives PK grace for emulating the movie.

Andy revisits the rumors circulating in blogs and on the streets suggesting that Dorit and PK are living separately. Dorit tries to talk over Andy before he asks about their current status. Dorit admits that their marriage worsened after filming, explaining that Boy George visited and spent time with her in their hotel. Andy reiterates that PK and Dorit are indeed living apart, but Dorit remains in denial. Dorit emphasizes to Andy that “words have weight,” while Garcelle and Crystal notice the hypocrisy.

Dorit Kemsley

Dorit asserts that she and PK are better than ever, but the expressions on Garcelle and Crystal’s faces betray skepticism. Kyle grimaces as Dorit explains that PK has been drinking, making clear conversations difficult. Dorit reveals that PK has been sober for a few weeks before Andy asks Dorit how it felt to discover Kyle wasn’t sharing her truth. Dorit expresses hurt over Kyle’s secrecy, admitting they didn’t speak after last year’s reunion. She realized something was amiss when Kyle didn’t post about Mauricio on Instagram. Dorit finds it strange to be Kyle’s friend yet not know about her struggles. Kyle challenges Dorit, asking why she didn’t reach out as a friend instead of waiting for the cameras.

Dorit justifies her actions, suggesting that Kyle was avoiding her, but Kyle disagrees. Dorit mentions attempting to call Kyle, and Kyle admits to withdrawing during her dark times. Dorit counters that Kyle wasn’t alone, and Kyle defends herself, stating that Dorit should have known something was amiss. Kyle asks, “Are you saying I wasn’t struggling?” and Dorit responds, “No, I’m saying you weren’t alone,” as the other ladies listen in. Kyle clarifies that she wanted to reflect before sharing her struggles, but Dorit insists on confronting her friend.

Kyle explains that she has been married throughout her entire adult life and wasn’t prepared to be honest about her struggles. She doesn’t want to feel reprimanded for her decisions. Andy asks the pair if they feel better following their conversation, and they express hopes of moving forward in the future. After the break, Andy shifts focus to Erika’s package and congratulates her on her Las Vegas residency before delving into her legal issues. Andy brings up Sutton’s comment in the blogs, and Sutton attempts to clarify by stating she was defending Erika. However, the ladies are skeptical, and Sutton asks if they have a sense of humor.

Sutton claims she was merely being a showman before Andy moves on to Erika’s Lent journey. Erika asserts that Denise was seeking drama and doesn’t regret giving her what she wanted. Andy mentions Erika being seen with Tom Girardi’s friend and how during her divorce, he sent her over $700,000. Erika clarifies that he is her personal lawyer as Garcelle smirks. Andy asks, “By the way, have you held onto any friends that you had when you were Mrs. Tom Girardi?” and Erika responds, “Him.”


Andy mentions the fan’s theories about Erika’s lack of empathy towards Tom’s victims, and Erika claims she listened to her legal representation. Andy tells the group that Erika met with the victims and wants Erika to share her experience. Erika attributes her actions to her lawyer’s advice and explains she wanted the victims to see her as a human rather than a TV character. Andy asks Erika to elaborate, but she admits she can’t due to legal constraints. She acknowledges learning from the victims, including discovering one of her checks in a client’s trust fund. Erika anticipates more revelations during court proceedings.

Andy brings up Tom being deemed competent to stand trial, which puzzles the ladies. Erika attempts to explain the legal concept of competency under the law but admits uncertainty. Crystal shares insights from her experience with her father’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, suggesting that Tom’s condition should have progressed, making his competency questionable. Erika doesn’t grasp Crystal’s point and challenges her to be direct if she thinks Tom is faking. Crystal maintains her stance, implying that if someone is lying, it would be Erika. Andy speculates about Kathy Hilton’s appearance, surprising Garcelle. Kathy enters the studio, sharing her views on Kyle and Mauricio’s relationship and offering insights into Kyle’s contemplation of separation for several years.

After the break, Andy discusses Sutton’s Vegas meltdown and her reaction to Magic Mike. Sutton admits to overreacting, particularly to certain aspects of the show. She also addresses her belief that Erika orchestrated the elevator incident to embarrass her. Erika denies involvement, prompting Andy to question if Sutton could have avoided drama through better communication. Sutton reveals personal struggles with her ex-husband moving to London and acknowledges her growth in standing up for herself. She reflects on Kyle’s dismissive comment about her lifestyle and emphasizes her entrepreneurial endeavors, despite Kyle’s sarcastic remarks. Andy turns to Sutton’s alimony settlement, seeking Annamarie Wiley’s perspective. Annamarie criticizes discussing financial matters, leading to exchanged looks between Garcelle and Crystal.

Andy mentions Kyle’s Amazon Live and her decision to distance herself from Sutton. Kyle expresses concerns about Sutton’s interviews and questions the authenticity of their friendship. Sutton defends their private conversation at the weed dinner but accuses Kyle of being a different person on camera. Dorit interjects, revealing Sutton and Garcelle’s private discussion about Kyle. Sutton denies bringing up Kyle’s marital issues but accuses Kyle of wanting Garcelle to do her dirty work. Andy revisits Kyle and Sutton’s tense meeting, where Kyle felt Sutton was confrontational. The mention of Teddi Mellencamp and a fan’s belief that Teddi is doing Kyle’s bidding sparks disagreement. Sutton challenges Kyle to take responsibility for her insinuations, prompting Kyle to apologize. However, Sutton insists Kyle has been consistently unkind throughout the season, advising her to watch the show for evidence.

The conclusion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airs next week!


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