‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Kyle Accuses Dorit of Fueling Morgan Wade Romance Rumors and Crystal Calls Out Annemarie

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Annamarie Wiley and Crystal Kung Minkoff

‘RHOBH’ RECAP: Kyle Accuses Dorit of Fueling Morgan Wade Romance Rumors and Crystal Calls Out Annemarie

Welcome to the Season 13 reunion of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, part one. Erika Jayne makes her way to Culver Studios by 6:00 am, followed by Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke at about 7:00 am. Garcelle sets a positive tone by burning sage, while Andy Cohen playfully teases Kyle Richards with a joke about Mauricio Umansky showing up.

During a visit to see Dorit Kemsley receiving IV hydration, Erika checks in to gauge Dorit’s nerves. Dorit shares her feelings of hurt and frustration with Kyle for minimizing their friendship during an Amazon Live session. This is underscored by a flashback of Kyle mentioning they only shared one couples trip, a comment that did not sit well with the fashion-forward Dorit.

Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley

Dorit reveals to Erika that she and Kyle haven’t communicated for months, but Kyle broke that silence last night with a text message, which Dorit suspects was an attempt to silence her. Erika takes Dorit’s phone, scrolling through the lengthy message Kyle sent, with producers zooming in for viewers to see. Questioning Erika on how she’d feel if she received such a message, Erika confesses it would make her feel manipulated. Determined, Dorit expresses her refusal to treat Kyle leniently, emphasizing to Erika, “This is the reunion, and fair is fair!” While Erika agrees, she laments the rift between the friends. Together with Annamarie Wiley, they head to the main stage, ready to kick off the reunion.

Dorit Kemsley

Sutton, needing assistance, is supported arm in arm by herself as she navigates her way to the stage where the ladies are gathering. Andy Cohen expresses admiration for the ladies’ fashion choices, noting Dorit’s fashionably late entrance. Garcelle playfully nicknames Dorit “Mother Teresa,” while Andy welcomes her with a cheerful “Hey Hood!” Andy starts his greetings with Sutton, offering compliments on everyone’s attire, and Dorit mentions she plans to communicate in bullet points during the reunion. Erika reflects positively on her challenging year, and Kyle shares a wish to share in Erika’s sense of well-being.

Andy Cohen discusses Erika’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live and her anticipation of Kyle facing tough questions at the reunion. A flashback reveals Erika’s desire for equal treatment among the cast, leading Kyle to acknowledge her hurt feelings while still cherishing Erika’s friendship. Kyle decides not to take Erika’s comments to heart, and Erika reciprocates with a heartfelt “I love you.”

When Andy queries Dorit about her take on Kyle’s remarks about Erika, Dorit shares that Kyle’s comments on Amazon Live were upsetting to her. Kyle defends herself, explaining her comments were a reaction to Dorit’s season-long remarks about her.

Kyle confronts Dorit about questioning her marriage publicly and implying that Morgan Wade took her place on Watch What Happens Live. Kyle challenges Dorit on the frequency of their private lunches, highlighting the infrequency of their meetups despite a seven-year friendship. Dorit brings up the strong friendship between their husbands, PK and Mauricio, which surprises Sutton. Kyle clarifies that her relationship with Dorit doesn’t extend to working out together in the mornings, a point Dorit disputes by noting Kyle never invited her.

Kyle and Dorit debate the nature of their friendship, with Kyle affirming Dorit’s importance to her. Kyle attributes her comment about “exaggeration” to Dorit’s season-long behavior, suggesting such inquiries could complicate Kyle’s media portrayal. A flashback of Kyle with Morgan at Lorene’s memorial event contrasts with Dorit’s insistence that rumors about Morgan were widespread. Kyle offers an apology for any hurt caused, but Dorit accuses Kyle of being punitive and exclusionary.

As the argument escalates, with Erika caught between them, Dorit confronts Kyle about a text she sent the night before, questioning Kyle’s intentions and labeling the message as manipulative. Kyle counters, asserting the message was not intended to manipulate.


Andy acknowledges the deep affection Kyle and Dorit have for each other and expresses his hope for their reconciliation soon. Post-break, the focus shifts to Garcelle, starting with her life with her twins and the tension with Dorit. Following a segment on Garcelle, Andy praises her for recent award nominations and delves into her experiences raising her sons. He touches on the sensitive topic of Jax learning about his father’s infidelity, learning that Garcelle’s ex-husband avoids discussing the matter, leaving Garcelle to shoulder the responsibility of guiding her sons through it.

The conversation then turns to a revealing moment Garcelle had in Vegas, prompting Andy to inquire why Dorit was particularly pained by Garcelle’s comments. Dorit expresses sadness both as a mother and a friend over Garcelle’s feelings, which Garcelle counters by highlighting the pain of witnessing her friends’ laughter over her situation. While Garcelle is ready to move past the incident, Dorit perceives Garcelle as harboring resentment. Garcelle defends her stance, stating that Dorit’s refusal to acknowledge her feelings is part of the issue, a point Dorit disputes. Garcelle implies that truth will eventually surface, with Dorit reiterating her sorrow over Garcelle’s distress.

Andy raises the topic that Garcelle doesn’t consider Dorit racist but questions the “Unconscious Karen,” nickname given to her. Garcelle suggests Dorit might not be fully aware, criticizing the use of “attack” as excessive. Dorit acknowledges her limitations in saying the right things, expressing a wish for Garcelle to assess her based on her character. Dorit assures Garcelle she never meant harm, yet Garcelle counters by comparing her use of “attack,” to describe Dorit’s experience with robbery, arguing it’s incomparable to her own experience.

The discussion deepens when Annamarie Wiley ties Garcelle’s statement about not labeling Black women as angry or aggressive to an incident where Sutton questioned Annamarie’s loudness at an event. A flashback prompts Annamarie to critique Garcelle for not defending her, to which Garcelle retorts that vocal disagreements are common among them. Annamarie insists she was unfairly targeted, feeling supported only by Dorit, and stresses her point, suggesting a lack of solidarity from the others.

Garcelle dismissively laughs and rolls her eyes, responding with a simple “okay,” to the ongoing discussion. Andy attempts to steer the conversation back to Dorit, who expresses frustration over being labeled as “angry” by Garcelle. However, Garcelle stands firm, highlighting how Dorit’s remarks may have skewed others’ perceptions of her before they even met. Dorit defends the use of “attack,” noting its long-standing usage among the group, but Crystal Kung Minkoff interjects to highlight Dorit’s lack of sensitivity to the implications of the word.

Dorit reflects on her insulated perspective, to which Garcelle counters by criticizing Dorit’s insistence on her stance on Instagram. Questioning Dorit’s awareness, Crystal concurs with Garcelle’s assessment. Dorit acknowledges her error but is interrupted by Garcelle, questioning why the post remained online. Crystal brings up a subsequent post by Dorit and PK, which Dorit insists was for clarification. Garcelle expresses disbelief, and Dorit inquires if Garcelle perceived her post as a direct slight, which Garcelle confirms. Andy queries the effectiveness of Dorit’s post, with Garcelle affirming her view that Dorit was indeed reinforcing her original stance, prompting Andy to reflect on the situation with a hint of regret.

Dorit denies living in isolation before addressing the criticisms from Garcelle, who firmly maintains her stance. Andy acknowledges that multiple truths can coexist and emphasizes his approach of being more observant and reserved in such discussions. He then queries the direction for the women moving forward, with Erika suggesting they take a break. Dorit probes Garcelle about her feelings towards her, receiving a lukewarm “Sometimes” and an admission of underlying issues. When asked about the possibility of overcoming their differences to rebuild their friendship, Garcelle expresses uncertainty.

Choosing not to press further, the conversation shifts as Andy introduces a lighter topic, reflecting on the season’s playful moments, highlighted by a montage of their joyous times. Following this, Andy inquires if Garcelle was impressed by the strippers’ physiques, then transitions to Crystal’s earlier remark labeling Dorit as insincere. Dorit seeks clarity from Crystal, who dismisses her comment as humorous. The discussion then moves to Sutton’s prowess in bull riding, with Andy inviting her to respond to Erika’s previous observations.

Sutton offers no defense and humorously concedes that interacting with men is easier than bull riding. When Andy curiously probes about Sutton’s driver, she playfully deflects, prompting Andy to jest about the perks of having a personal driver. The conversation shifts to Kyle, who acknowledges her evolving perspectives, especially regarding relationships. Sutton reassures Kyle of their unwavering support, regardless of her romantic choices. The focus then turns to Annamarie, discussing her experiences and the tension with Crystal. Following a segment dedicated to Annamarie, Andy gauges the group’s reaction to her contentment with being rated an 8 ½.

Annamarie expresses her devotion to her husband and gracefully handles the challenges they face together. She shares the heartbreaking news of her mother’s recent passing, detailing Jane’s medical battle and the discovery of a lung tumor. Annamarie’s emotional recounting highlights the personal trials she’s endured alongside the filming schedule. Andy extends his condolences for her loss and commends Annamarie’s forthrightness, illustrated by a flashback of her candidly addressing concerns about Kyle’s marriage.

Annamarie asserts her ability to handle criticism, attributing her resilience to her athletic background. She shares that she initially thought highly of Crystal off-camera, but noticed a change in her demeanor on-screen. The discussion then turns to a misunderstanding between Crystal and Annamarie, with Crystal clarifying her sister’s profession to counter Annamarie’s use of specific terms, suggesting a misunderstanding of roles.

Annamarie recalls their first meeting, alleging Crystal boasted about her status as a housewife, a claim Crystal disputes. The conversation intensifies as Annamarie insists on being heard, and Crystal accuses her of dishonesty. The situation escalates with Crystal demanding an apology for Annamarie’s insinuations about Sutton, leading to an emotional moment for Annamarie.

Andy seeks the group’s perspective on whom they believe, highlighting Erika’s admission that her knowledge of Annamarie’s profession came from the show, despite Kyle’s confusion over Annamarie’s exact role in the medical field.

Crystal accuses Annamarie of deliberately misleading others about her profession, given the common confusion between the roles of nurses and doctors. Annamarie discusses the nuances and political dynamics within her field, highlighting the disparities in tasks and compensation between nurses and doctors. Crystal urges Annamarie to be honest and not to use her professional background against Sutton. Prompted by Andy, Annamarie reflects on her concerns about Sutton’s medical narrative, acknowledging it seemed peculiar to her, leading to an apology for her behavior throughout the season.

Sutton, visibly affected by Annamarie’s earlier comments, graciously accepts her apology, appreciating the acknowledgment of her feelings. As the group takes a break, Kyle shares an amusing anecdote about Lisa Vanderpump questioning her current involvement with the show, eliciting laughter from the ladies.

The reunion then shifts focus to Crystal, showcasing her journey towards finding her assertiveness within the group. Crystal opens up about her challenges with self-comparison and the perception of diminishing presence among the ladies over the year.

Andy addresses an incident where Crystal called Annamarie a derogatory term during Dorit’s charity event, which Crystal acknowledges was a reaction to Annamarie’s comments about Sutton. Annamarie suggests the discussion was broader than perceived, but Crystal seeks an apology. Annamarie clarifies she doesn’t believe Sutton has an eating disorder, leading Andy to question Crystal about her calling the discussions within the group foolish. Crystal candidly remarks on the nature of their conversations, sparking a heated exchange between her and Annamarie. Annamarie struggles to articulate her thoughts amidst their disagreement, particularly about Crystal’s past issues with Sutton.

Annamarie expresses her desire to distance herself from what she perceives as Crystal’s falsehoods, while Crystal reassures her with a dismissive smile. The conversation takes a humorous turn when Dorit’s assumption about being the only college-educated woman is met with laughter, given Annamarie’s presence. Garcelle points out intelligence isn’t solely based on formal education, leading to a debate sparked by Dorit’s “Child-bride” remark towards Crystal. Crystal corrects Dorit, highlighting the insensitivity of the comment given her cultural background, thereby educating Dorit on the importance of awareness and respect in their interactions.

As Crystal counters Dorit’s remark, Garcelle interjects, highlighting this as a prime example of their ongoing discussions. Dorit dismisses her comment as inconsequential, but Crystal, emphasizing her accomplishments and the age at which she married, disputes the insensitivity of Dorit’s words. Crystal stresses the importance of understanding and respect, while Dorit acknowledges the moment as a learning opportunity. Crystal expresses her enthusiasm for being part of the group as the segment concludes.

The focus then shifts to Kyle, exploring how she’s integrating her new self with longstanding friendships. Andy queries Kyle about her motivations for change and her emotional state post-season. Kyle shares her struggles with depression, avoiding deeper conversation about a recent conflict in Aspen to maintain peace with her sisters. She feels targeted by Dorit and suggests Dorit prioritizes public perception over their friendship, a notion Dorit finds amusing. The episode promises more revelations in Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.


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