‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Recap: Wendy Osefo’s Mother Confirms Nneka Was NOT Lying!

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Wendy Osefo

‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Recap: Wendy’s Mother Confirms Nneka Was NOT Lying!

Welcome to a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. After a questionable trip to Austin, the ladies are back in Potomac as we see Wendy Osefo and Eddie Osefo out to dinner; as Gizelle Bryant and Ashley Darby are giving Charisse Jackson-Jordan the play by play on the drama in Austin. Ashley demonstrates Robyn Dixon’s proclaim of Juan Dixon’s innocents as Karen and Ray Huger sit outsit for a chat.

Real Housewives of Potomac recap

Karen tells Ray she knows he’s busy but recently he dropped the ball after her cardiologist results. Karen didn’t appreciate Ray’s demeanor when she called and although Ray says, “timing is everything,” Karen wants to be Ray’s priority. Ray says he was running late as Karen lets Ray know his tone was insensitive. 

Ray Huger

Ray apologizes and kisses Karen as she brings up the five percent build up in her heart. Thank God Karen’s diagnosis isn’t serious, and she knows a balanced diet and exercise regimen to keep her healthy. Karen discusses working with PAVE and how excited she is to bring the girls in on this venture. A flashback shows Karen inviting the ladies to a PAVE dinner, to donate gently used business attire and they all gladly accept. Ray gives Karen his encouragement as he jokes about Karen using her magic wand to make the girls behavior. Later, Mia and Gordon Thornton are having a double date with Robyn and Juan.

Karen Huger

After greeting the hostess, Gordon asks a few questions as Mia tells the chef she’s excited to try something new before questioning whether Robyn cooks. Before walking in, Juan takes a business call as Robyn waits impatiently. Juan’s trying to secure new employment and promises to call the coach back in an hour after the date. Robyn admits Juan’s job search has them a little stuck but continues having faith everything will be okay. After hugging Mia and Gordon, the four of them get instructions from Chef Frankie. Juan asks whose idea this date was as the men put on their hats; and Mia admits it’s Gordon’s idea since they no longer have help from a nanny. 

Mia Thornton

Chef Frankie lets the couples know what’s on the menu as everyone begins showcasing their cooking skills. Robyn’s making a mess as Mia laughs from the side and reflects on how therapeutic cooking can be. In Mia’s confessional, she admits wanting to introduce cooking to the Dixon’s in hopes of repairing their relationship. Robyn tells Mia about a new franchise she’s beginning, and Mia lets Robyn know she and Gordon already browsed the website. Robyn’s opening a membership based facial studio, called Glo 30. Robyn’s been a client for ten years and when she heard their expanding, she jumped on the opportunity to make more money. 

Robyn wants to diversify their portfolio and believes opening Glo 30 is a smart thing to do. Mia understands Robyn’s number on the business and encourages Robyn to move forward as Robyn admits to being scared. Chef Frankie continues with her instructions as Mia asks Robyn how she liked the food in Austin. Robyn thought the food was fine, so Gordon asks how the trip was overall. Mia admits she hasn’t told Gordon everything as Robyn admits Juan doesn’t understand female drama. Continuing on, Mia admits Juan’s excuse sounds crazy and boldly suggest Juan tell her what really happened. 

Robyn Dixon

“What is it to tell?” Juan says as Mia says she heard his story from everyone else, but she wants to hear it from him. “Did you really put your credit card down?” Mia asks as Robyn looks scared before Mia ends her statement with “Cause you can do that over the phone?.” Juan replies “No, I paid for the room. My credit card was down. She got me.” Juan says before stuttering before explaining the lady’s supposedly gotten her purse stolen and couldn’t afford her hotel room. Mia questions if Juan used his credit card over the phone and Juan admits he physically went to the hotel to pay the bill. Mia sighs before Juan admits he made a mistake and their wont be a next time. Juan rolls his dough a little too hard as Robyn seems to shrink in her silence. 

The four continue cooking as the pair focus on their own meals. Mia admits to Gordon that she told Robyn about their attorney issues and Robyn confirms while discussing how much she and Mia have in common. Gordon heard a little about Robyn’s situation and Mia admits she’s sad about the wife and kids the attorney left behind. Juan apologizes for their situation as Mia expresses her regret in her confessional. Mia believes if there were a different approach, maybe the situation would’ve ended differently. This is causing tension in the Gordon’s marriage but Mia’s confident they’ll figure it out. The pair cheers to their finished pasta and everyone’s happy with the finished product. 

Robyn Dixon

Later, Wendy’s in the kitchen with her kids as her Mama Susan takes a seat in the living room. Wendy joins her mother to check in and Mama Susan ensures Wendy she’s feeling much better. Mama Susan explained she’s feeling better although she had some complications during her elective surgery. Once Wendy’s mind is put at ease, she admits to Mama Susan the drama that’s been occurring between herself and Nneka Ihim. Wendy explains what Nneka thinks as Mama Susan rolls her eyes on the couch. Once Wendy mentioned the shrine, Mama Susan takes a sip and confirms she knows about Lebe and Ivy’s falling out. 

Mama Susan tells Wendy she looked as Lebe as a “daughter,” due to Lebe’s ability to latch onto their family. Mama Susan admits to calling Lebe to issue a threat, “It’s hard to find a friend, very easy to make an enemy.” How can the family claim Lebe as a daughter and Wendy claim not to know her? This contradicts Wendy’s previous claim of not really knowing Lebe and downplaying Lebe’s connection to her family. 

Wendy Osefo's mother

Wendy sits quietly as her mother rambles on about not knowing Nneka and the only shrine she knows of is Saint Jude’s shrine in downtown Baltimore. Mama Susan feels sorry for Nneka as says she’ll pray for her if she ever sees her in person. Wendy warns against praying for Nneka just in case it leads to more conflict and the two wrap up their conversation. 

Later, Gizelle and Grace Bryant are driving as Gizelle asks how Grace feels now that she’s leaving. Grace is ready to pack her bags and Gizelle’s not happy about Grace’s enthusiasm for leaving the home. Gizelle knows it’s time for her baby girls to spread her wings but in the meantime wants Grace to take a self-defense class to learn to protect herself. Grace feels confident she could handle herself if someone rolled up on her and Gizelle gives Grace her blessing to kick an assailant in the balls. Once at the defense studio, Gizelle and Bryant join the class with Coach Mark as he explains the techniques they’ll learn. 

Gizelle Bryant

Grace is shocked by the aggression but continues on as Gizelle and Grace show off their skills. Grace does the technique flawlessly as Gizelle ends up breaking her bracelet. Luckily, the participants helped collect Gizelle’s jewels as Grace gets back to practice. Grace practices throwing Coach Mike over her shoulder and gets a round of applause as Gizelle goes next. Gizelle’s barley able to get Coach Mike over as the class conclude as Gizelle and Grace take a seat on the mat. Gizelle admits Grace is ready to leave but it’s hard letting her go. Gizelle doesn’t want Grace to get confused if she sees Gizelle cry and brings up the dating scene. Grace doesn’t want to date and Gizelle agrees while encouraging Grace to get friends and chill out. 

Gizelle brings ups Jason and FaceTime’s him in the middle of their talk. Gizelle tells Jason about Grace’s defense skills as she pressures Jason to make plans to see her soon. Jason lives in New York and Gizelle’s starting to miss her man. Gizelle hangs up as Grace tells Gizelle her feet stink before Grace accidentally kicks Gizelle in the vagina. Meanwhile, Candiace Dillard-Basset’s talking with Mama Dorothy on the phone as she heads to meet up with Nneka. Candiace sees Nneka as a friend and tells Mama Dorothy she believes Nneka got baptized in Austin before explaining a recent doctor’s visit. 

Candiace tells Mama Dorothy after her first mammogram, the doctor found two lumps which they believe to be lymph nodes. The doctors claim all should be fine, but the news of a potential issue is freaking Candiace out. “It rocked me” Candiace says as she confirms the doctors suspicions but admits she doesn’t feel good about it. Mama Dorothy tells Candiace to stop overthinking things and to do further testing. Candiace’s doctor wants to keep monitoring it, but Candiace doesn’t want to monitor something that could be cancerous down the line. Candiace believes something can be done now and explains in her confessional that she has breast cancer that runs in her family.

Candiace is terrified and doesn’t feel comfortable leaving it alone. Mama Dorothy tells Candiace to get further testing and puts the conversation on ice as Candiace enters Miss Toya’s Creole House. Candiace and Nneka hug as Candiace compliments Nneka on her bundles. After ordering, Nneka raves about the food as Candiace admits she’ll never miss an opportunity to eat good before delving into the Austin of it all. Candiace still hasn’t recovered and tells Nneka she’s tired. Nneka wants Candiace and Robyn to work things out as Candiace admits things can get fiery, which Nneka can relate to. 

Nneka Ihim

Nneka replies that she’s had some “truth” moments and that it was never her intention to address Wendy in a group setting. Candiace brings up Nneka calling Wendy a b**** and Nneka responds with “So do you think me calling her a b**** justifies her saying/ alleging I’m a crackhead?.” Candiace responds, “A lot of things were said before the crackhead comment” and says calling someone a b**** is wrong. However, producers run the clips of Candiace over the years calling a few of her friends b****es. Candiace tells Nneka she doesn’t see them moving forward as friends if Nneka and Wendy don’t have a conversation. 

Nneka doesn’t know how there can be a resolution but says she wants to get to know Candiace outside of Wendy. Nneka doesn’t want to put Candiace in an uncomfortable position but believes Wendy’s in the way of them building a friendship. Nneka asks Candiace about her upcoming show and how touring will work with her embryos. Candiace jokes that she thought she was pregnant the other day as Nneka confides in Candiace about her IVF journey. After seven months, Nneka admits it’s been tough as Candiace encourages Nneka to relax. Nneka reveals she’s stressed, and Candiace begins to see how parallel her and Nneka’s lives are. 

However, Candiace feels she has to walk on eggshells with her friendship with Nneka, because she doesn’t want to offend Wendy. Nneka brings up Karen’s event tomorrow as the two laugh and hope for the best. The next day Mia’s getting glammed for the day as Gordon fixes her a cup of coffee, as Mia explains Karen’s upcoming PAVE event. Mia doesn’t know what she wants to wear and admits to experiencing anxiety due to her own unresolved trauma. Rape is a sensitive topic for Mia and she’s considering sitting this one out. Mia isn’t ready to be vocal about her experiences yet and tells Gordon she’s not ready to dig deep yet. 

Karen’s at the venue meeting with Angela the founder in order to check out the space. Gizelle arrives first and compliments the place as Karen takes Gizelle’s donations while thanking her for the support. Karen takes a moment to pray to God that the ladies be on their best behavior as Gizelle reminisce on how serious Karen takes her PAVE events. A flashback shows Robyn and Gizelle attempting to confront Karen at a past PAVE event, but Karen called security on them. Guest continue arriving as Karen greets Matt (her former assistant) and Keiarna (Wendy’s friend). Mia arrives and Gizelle asks how she’s doing as Ashley shows up shortly after. 

Karen Huger

Robyn strolls in next and hands over her donations to Karen as Nneka walks in behind her. Wendy arrives and Nneka screws up her face as Candiace walks in with a beautiful yellow suite. Karen appreciates the ladies putting their issues aside to support her and thanks the ladies for coming as food is served. Karen makes a speech as she reflects on the legacy she’s leaving in her confessional. Karen introduces Angela who makes a brief speech before introducing Ella Wild to the stage. As a survivor, Ella found music to be the best way to process her trauma and begins playing an emotional song for the crowd. The song’s beautiful and brings a few of the ladies to tears. 

Karen Huger

Robyn reflects on her trauma as a teenager and reveals she wasn’t able to consent but realized years later what occurred. Candiace shares an experience similar to Robyn, as Wendy shares she has friends who’ve experienced sexual assault. Gizelle wants to give her kids the tools to protect themselves as Ashley reflects on her trauma at the hands of a family member. Karen mentions how much the ladies have in common and thanks God they’re able to share their truth. Elle continues singing as Mia consoles Karen and walks away before breaking down and going to the bathroom. 

Mia talks to herself in the bathroom as Ashley checks in on her. Ashley apologizes to Mia as the two share a hug before Ashley asks what happened to Mia. Mia explains the event is triggering and her coping mechanism is to “get the f*** out when things get uncomfortable.” Mia begins crying as she reflects on taking her anger out on Jacqueline because Jacqueline left Mia when it happened. Mia knows she’s a messed up friend because of it but knows it’s not fair. Mia explains Jacqueline didn’t know her boyfriend would do that to her but explains it’s been difficult to forgive Mia.

Mia Thornton

 A flashback shows the issues between Jacqueline and Mia, as Mia tells Ashley everything will be okay before they hug it out and head back to the table. The ladies applaud Elle’s beautiful song as Karen and Angela encourage the women to continue the work while wrapping up the event by taking a group picture. Wendy and Candiace check in on Mia as Gizelle talks to Angela about things Grace should look out for. Angela doesn’t want people to live in fear and tells Gizelle to encourage Grace to follow her instincts. Gizelle hugs Angela as she gives kudos to The Grand Dame as the ladies take a group picture.

Gizelle Bryant

Karen believes the event was a success due to providing a safe space for her friends and looks forward to doing it again. What an show! Be sure to come back next week for a new episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac.


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