‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Scandalous Moments From Season 4 Reunion Part One!

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'RHOSLC' Recap- Season 4 Reunion

‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Scandalous Moments From Season 4 Reunion Part One!

The much-anticipated first part of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season four’s three-part reunion has finally arrived, and the ladies confront the drama and rumors following the explosive season finale.

Meredith Marks

The reunion, set against a Bermuda-inspired backdrop, features this season’s housewives – Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Angie Katsanevas, Whitney Rose, and in the hot seats next to host, Andy Cohen, are Heather Gay and newcomer, Monica Garcia.

The reunion’s initial segment revisits Monica’s early interactions with Jen Shah, delves into Lisa’s pricey missing $60K ring, and explores rumors about Angie’s husband. Despite the tension from the finale’s revelation of Monica’s involvement with the Reality Von(Tease) Instagram account, this topic wasn’t directly tackled in the first hour.

1. Heather Thought the Show Could Not Survive Without Jen Shah

This season was notably absent of longtime cast member Jen Shah, who is serving a prison sentence for wire fraud. While most cast members felt confident about filming without Jen, Heather expressed concerns over the potential loss of Jen’s dramatic presence in the show.

“I was worried that, the effect that Jen had, that people would want that type of level of, like, drama and toxicity and just craziness and that they might tune out if they didn’t see it,” Heather states. “But, we’re excited to get free of all of that. We’re excited for a chance to prove ourselves. And show our friendships without that in the mix.”

Despite these concerns, the ladies were eager to demonstrate their dynamics without Jen’s influence.

Heather Gay

2. Did Monica Steal Lisa’s $60,000 Ring?

A key point of discussion was Lisa’s lost ring which disappeared during a trip to the airport in Palm Springs. Monica was accused of stealing the ring, a claim she denied. Monica took issue with Lisa’s focus on the ring’s price, while Lisa explained its sentimental value related to her son’s health crisis and uncertainty about having more children. 

“Lisa had every right to be upset about losing her ring. What I didn’t like was that it was, ‘$60,000, $60,000, $60,000, $60,000, $60,000.” Monica commented, referring to the number of times she thought Lisa mentioned the cost of the jewelry.

Lisa Barlow

Lisa corrects Monica by stating she only mentioned the ring’s price “three times,” and proceeded to share the backstory behind the ring.

“Henry [my son] almost died after I had him, and [my husband] John gave me that ring because I didn’t know if we were going to be able to have more kids. I don’t know if we’re going to have another kid,” Lisa explained. “That meant more than just what I wear on my finger.”

Monica Garcia

Ultimately, Lisa reveals that the “ring is gone,” and remains unfound. Following Angie joining the discussion, Monica labels the Greek businesswoman as a “bench-warming b*tch,” for not having a significant storyline throughout the season.

3. From Jen Shah’s Assistant to FBI Informant

Monica’s past as Jen’s assistant during the show’s first season came under scrutiny. Monica maintains she was unaware of Jen’s involvement in the show, claiming to have assisted Jen as a friend. However, Heather presents evidence suggesting Monica’s opportunistic intentions. “Kim Kardashian was a f—g assistant and look at that b—ch now,” Monica was heard saying in a recording. Monica admits she viewed the assistant role as a stepping stone and criticized the show in an email to the production team, claiming it would fail due to a lackluster cast.

Monica Garcia

The Bravo producers then displayed the exact wording from Monica’s email, which completely contradicts her claims of criticizing the show. Her email actually states:

“Reaching out in regards to your casting call! Would love more information on what needs to be done or how to move forward. You guys need a feisty excommunicated Latina on the show immediately!! I’m your girl!”

Monica, who initially served as Jen’s assistant, eventually cooperated with the FBI in their investigation against Jen Shah.

Jen Shah

Monica reveals her decision to approach the FBI with information about Jen’s wire fraud scheme, “I said, ‘I have information about your case,” she told Andy Cohen.

Monica expresses that she believed cooperating with the FBI was the “right,” action to take and felt that the other ladies should have also reported Jen.

4. Monica’s Messy Affair 

At the start of the season, Monica candidly discussed her past sexual relationships, including the affair with her brother-in-law that led to her divorce. She labels the entire experience as “painful,” and disclosed that she underwent a second Baptism in the Mormon church to atone for her actions. Emotionally, Monica recounts the extensive process required for the Baptism, which necessitates approval from church leaders, and mentions how she has faced online bullying due to her controversial past. 

Monica Garcia

Offering a measure of comfort, Whitney Rose empathizes with Monica, sharing her personal experience of having an affair.

5. Is Angie Katsanevas’ Husband Gay?

In an earlier episode this season, during Lisa’s “No Ski” party, Meredith hinted at rumors concerning Angie’s husband, Shawn Trujillo. The tension between Meredith and Angie escalated when Angie didn’t leave a group vacation, despite not being invited, which led to Meredith confronting Angie in a discussion with Lisa.

Heather Gay

Off-camera, Meredith shared with Monica, Lisa, and Whitney about alleged rumors of Angie’s husband having affairs with random men around Salt Lake City.

Meredith Marks

However, Angie places most of the blame on Monica for spreading the scandalous gossip about her husband. Meredith admits that she had spread these rumors as a form of retaliation against Angie

6. Angie Accuses Monica of Using Child Support for Luxury Items

The episode concludes with a heated argument between Angie and Monica. Angie accuses Monica of misusing her children’s child support money to buy a luxury purses.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion Part 2 airs on January 16, at 8 p.m. EST, on Bravo. 


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