Married To Medicine: Dr. Heavenly Accuses Sweet Tea of a Baby Scam and Claims Dr. Gregory is Cheating with Quad!

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Dr. Heavenly

Married To Medicine: Dr. Heavenly Accuses Sweet Tea of a Baby Scam and Claims Dr. Gregory is Cheating with Quad! 

Married To Medicine stars Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford got into an explosive fight, and it appears that the dentist may have met her match.

Married To Medicine

On Sunday evening, Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford engaged in a heated exchange during Phaedra Parks’ weekly Married To Medicine Instagram Lives, escalating into a shouting match. Moreover, Heavenly intensified the conflict by addressing the newcomer’s fertility issues in a YouTube video, adding more fuel to their ongoing feud.

Phaedra Parks

Heavenly and Lateasha were joined by Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Alicia Egolum. The conversation was progressing smoothly as the ladies watched the new episode together. However, the dynamics  drastically shifted when Heavenly decided to join the Live session.

“Who married to they grandaddy, you got a problem girl,” Heavenly made a reference to Lateasha’s husband, Dr. Gregory, who is 23 years her senior. 

“Girl, please!” replied Lateasha. “You had three kids and act like a little 3-year-old, go back to bed, it’s your nap time.”

Dr. Heavenly

Heavenly shouted, “You can go to hell!” 

“Yo mama there!” Lateasha clapped back.

“My mama is dead!” said Heavenly. “Come on!”

“Don’t play with me,” Lateasha made very clear.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

During the course of their argument, Heavenly made a striking allegation, claiming that Lateasha’s husband behaved inappropriately. She accused him of contacting his ex-wife, Quad Webb.

As previously reported, Quad Webb and Dr. Gregory Lunceford were married in 2012 and divorced in 2019.

Quad could take him tomorrow, let’s not f*** with that!” Heavenly yelled at Lateasha during Phaedra’s IG Live. “Can’t no bitch on the show take my man, you wanna talk about somebody old, you old! You 32 and you look older than all of us, you act older, I can have kids.”

Quad Webb

In response to Heavenly’s comments, Lateasha labeled her as “ignorant.” Despite this, Heavenly reiterated her allegation involving Dr. Gregory.

On Carlos King’s YouTube channel, Heavenly made a damning allegation against Lateasha. The dentist claimed that the Married To Medicine newbie concealed her fertility issues from her husband and deceived Dr. Gregory by promising that she would have his baby.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

On the January 7 episode of Married To Medicine, viewers witnessed an emotional scene featuring Lateasha at a gynecologist’s office. During this visit, she received the news that she had fibroids and possibly endometriosis.

“How the f*ck long did you know you had these problems because it looks like you came to Dr. G with false pretenses,” Heavenly stated.

“I don’t know when it started but it couldn’t have started this year. Come on the show promising a baby, b*** you better have a baby!” She also recalled an instance highlighting the start of Lateasha and Dr. G’s relationship. According to her account, Lateasha initiated their connection by sending Dr. G a baby emoji when she first messaged him in his DMs.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

She continued, “There’s no way you could tell me the walls of my uterus are falling and b***, I didn’t know it. Did she not know last year? Did she not know the year before? So when you gave him the baby emoji because you knew that Dr. G really wanted a baby, and came on the show with that pretense — I got a question with that.”

Furthermore, Dr. Heavenly also reacted to Lateasha’s harsh comment telling her to “go to hell ‘like her mama,'” showing the intensity and personal nature of their dispute.

“All tea and all shade aside, my mama coming out of hell to whoop your a**, because if your mama come to me, my mama coming out of hell,” said Heavenly. “And my sister who I don’t speak to, she’ll whoop your sister a**. What she need to do is leave me alone!”

Dr. Heavenly tweeted, “Nahhh when you say my dead mother is in hell. I pretty much can say what I want to!”

She added, “My mama got a better chance of having a baby than she do in hell,” said Heavenly while alleging that the rest of the ladies were hyping her up to attack her. If you bring my mama up, I think I can talk about your problem having babies.”

Press play below.

Additionally, Heavenly addressed the comment she had previously made about Dr. G allegedly contacting his ex-wife, Quad Webb, behind Lateasha’s back, further elaborating on the accusation she had raised during their argument.

“I shouldn’t have said that because I’m not trying to ruin anybody,” said Dr. Heavenly. “I shouldn’t have said that, Quad didn’t want me to put that out there. If I snap my fingers Quad can have that man back.”

Later, she added, “He can’t be in the same room as Quad and her at the same time.”

Heavenly Kimes

Quad, however, has refuted these claims. She issued a statement to clarify and emphasize that the allegations about her alleged contact with Dr. G behind Lateasha’s back are not true.

“Tea your husband and I have NOT, are NOT, and will NOT engage in any form of contact,” Quad wrote — denying Heavenly’s claims about Dr. G. “I am firm in my stance of not being involved or used as a pawn in anyone else’s dispute as a tactic to win a petty argument.”

Quad Webb

Married To Medicine airs Sunday nights, at 9 pm ET, on Bravo.


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