‘The View’ Panelists Get into Fight Over Simone Biles’ Husband

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The View - Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farrah Griffin

‘The View’ Panelists Get into Fight Over Simone Biles’ Husband

Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farrah Griffin clashed over controversy swirling around Simone Biles’ husband, during Tuesday’s episode of The View.

The co-hosts discussed Jonathan Owens calling himself more of “a catch” than the Olympic gymnast, during the show’s “Hot Topics” segment. 

The View

Hostin kicked off the discussion by declaring that she found it unbelievable that Owens had not heard of Biles when they met for the first time in 2020. 

“She was on a Wheaties box. … Everybody knows who Simone Biles is,” the 55-year-old added. “I don’t know who he is.”

Jonathan Owens

Co-host Sara Haines chimed in to add that she was annoyed that the 28-year-old NFL player said that he usually considers the man in any relationship to be the “catch.”

“Have you met other men?” she asked, prompting laughter from the panel and the audience. “Are you listening to yourself right now?”

Hostin interjected — “I want more for her. I hope she’s happy. No one ever knows what’s going on in relationships, but she is the catch.”

Sunny Hostin

Farrah Griffin jumped in to defend Owens, calling the athletic couple “adorable” and “beautiful.” She added that the two “seem very happy.”

Farrah Griffin, 34, pointed out that Owens claimed that he “didn’t have NBC” as Biles grabbed headlines during the 2016 Olympics. The Green Bay Packers safety asserted that he was in college at the time and “may have not seen [her].”

“I get she is the greatest of all time, so he should have known, but I give him some grace,” Farah Griffin added.

Simone Biles

Hostin was quick to point out — “He saw that Wheaties box.”

Haines, 46, added that Biles’ superstar persona “transcends” the Olympics.

The View panelists also spoke about the duo’s past debate over which sport is tougher, gymnastics or football. 

“We’ve tried to pin each other against on like, difficulty, ability and all that stuff,” Biles revealed in December’s “2023 Back That Year Up” special on Peacock.

She quipped — “So, at the end of the day, gymnastics is harder — if he agrees or not.”

Simone Biles

Haines weighed in on the subject, commenting — “No shade to football players because here it comes, but, like, football players run into each other, like, you bang into each other, you throw a ball.”

She added — “Gymnasts do things with their body — that is muscles from their fingertips all the way down to their toes. … I’d like to see that man try.”

The seven-time Olympic medalist has not let the public backlash over Owens’ statements sway her support of her husband. 

Sara Haines

Owens recently posted a couple pic captioned — “Just know we locked in over here 🤞🏽.” Biles agreed in the comment section, writing — “🤞🏾💋 for life.”

Biles later asked on X, “are y’all done yet?” amid the flood of fan criticism. 

Biles and Owens went public with their relationship in August 2020. They tied the knot in a Houston courtroom in April 2023 and a second time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a few weeks later. 


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