DEEP DIVE Into Monica Garcia’s Finsta Account Used to Terrorize Her  ‘RHOSLC’ Costars!

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Monica Garcia

DEEP DIVE Into Monica Garcia’s Finsta Account Used to Terrorize Her  ‘RHOSLC’ Costars!

During Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, rumors emerged that Monica Garcia might be operating a notorious finsta account that targets her co-stars.

This speculation added fuel to her ongoing conflicts on the show. Here’s what is known about the allegations surrounding Monica supposed secret social media handle that’s sparked controversy among RHOSLC fans.

Monica Reveals Her Secret

In a recent episode, Monica hinted to Heather Gay about using a fake account but denied sending messages to herself. This was regarding claims she made about Angie Kastanevas‘ alleged Greek Mafia ties, which she blames Meredith Marks for starting the rumor. Heather, in a confessional, labeled such online trolling by castmates as the “ultimate betrayal.”

Heather Gay

The fan account Queens of Bravo suggested that Monica inadvertently revealed her own secret, a notion she seemed to confirm by sharing it on her Instagram story. Despite her assertions on the show, there were doubts about whether Monica had fabricated the Angie Kastanevas rumors herself.

Connection Between Monica and the Finsta 

Amidst the airing of this episode, Murilo Bueno, a former assistant to Jen Shah, accused Monica on X (formerly known as Twitter) of running the social media account Reality Von (Tea)se. This account, primarily focused on Jen Shah’s court case, stopped posting before Jen’s imprisonment but had been known for sharing exclusive details.

Interestingly, a video leaked by Reality Von (Tea)se featured Jen Shah screaming at a designer who also created Monica’s Season 4 reunion dress, raising questions about a possible connection.

Jen Shah

The Link Between the Finsta and Heather’s Lawsuit

On X, the Reality Von (Tea)se account criticized the current RHOSLC cast and mentioned Monica’s lawsuit against Heather’s BeautyLab for alleged botched injections. The account showed a clear bias towards Monica, leading Reddit users to speculate that the account’s language resembled Monica’s verbiage.

Heather Gay has firmly stated that she will no longer film with Monica Garcia. In a recent interview with Variety at the Women of Reality TV dinner, the 49-year-old reality TV star expressed her resolve not to work with Monica, 40, ever again.

Monica Garcia

This decision by Heather follows a series of legal disputes between the two. Heather and her business, Beauty Lab + Laser, initially sued Monica in August 2023 for an unpaid bill. In response, Monica filed a countersuit the next month, alleging that the services provided were “botched and negligently performed.”

Heather Cuts Ties With Monica

When asked about the possibility of filming again with Monica, who joined the RHOSLC cast in its fourth season, Heather told Variety, “I don’t think I ever will, ever. It’s pretty definitive for myself. I can’t speak for my other cast members but for me, it’s pretty clear.”


Recently, the X account cleared its history, keeping only Monica-supportive content. One of the liked posts labeled Heather’s business as “fraudulent.”

The RHOSLC Season 4 finale teaser hinted at a revelation that deeply affects Heather, possibly related to Monica’s finsta controversy. The finsta account’s existence and its connection to Monica might be revealed in the finale or the upcoming reunion, where Monica is already seen as the main antagonist.

Heather Gay

Despite the Instagram account dating back to 2021, the X account was created after Season 4 filming, aligning more with Heather’s bullying accusations. If Monica is indeed behind these posts, it could reinforce Lisa Barlow’s criticism of her.

Many Fans Suspect Monica 

Fans are divided on whether Monica’s involvement with the finsta, especially if it concerns Jen Shah, is acceptable. Some Reddit users believe it might make her co-stars appear hypocritical for their support of Jen.

Monica Garcia

The finale airing on January 2nd, 2024, might address these allegations, and the reunion could further explore the issue. Monica’s future on the show is uncertain, with her behavior deemed too messy by some and too entertaining by others.

Heather has expressed reluctance to film with Monica, but this may not be feasible. Monica’s actions have already caused tension with the cast. If she is behind the tweets, it could intensify conflicts among the cast members.

Despite the drama, Monica has one potential ally in Mary Cosby, who hopes to return next season in support of Monica.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Tuesdays, at 8pm ET, on Bravo.


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