Details Emerge About Denise Richards’ Drug Use and Disturbing Behavior

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Denise Richards

Details Emerge About Denise Richards’ Drug Use and Disturbing Behavior

Denise Richards addressed the strange behavior she exhibited during her return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in a recent appearance on Bethenny Frankel’s “Just B” podcast. 

Denise Richards

The Bravo alum sparked lots of online chatter earlier this month when she appeared under the influence and confused during Kyle Richards’ cannabis dinner. 

Denise also mixed it up with some of her former co-stars, but was unable to effectively articulate her thoughts.  

“I didn’t take anything — I had a drink before I went,” she told Bethenny on Sunday.

“I was nervous seeing the women, that was it,” the former RHOBH star insisted, explaining that she only had “half a drink” at Kyle’s event.

Denise Richards

The actress admitted to taking a dose of “regular cold medicine” ahead of the dinner to treat a cold. She clarified that while she did mix the medicine with alcohol, she did not partake in the cannabis festivities, a decision shared ahead of time with producers. 

“I don’t do weed, I don’t do edibles, I don’t do any of that,” she said. “It doesn’t mix well with my body. I tried weed twice, for the record, and I don’t like it.”

Denise Richards

Denise did wonder if her food may have been accidentally swapped with another attendee who opted in to adding cannabis to their entree.

“I’ve never been like that in my entire life,” she added. “Maybe there was a mixup in the meal or the water.”

Dorit Kemsley

Denise, who admitted that she didn’t remember half the evening, shared — “Progressively during the evening I felt worse and worse.”

“It was bizarre,” she said. “All I know is when I got home, I was like ‘There’s something wrong with me.’”

Denise said that she should have stayed home that night, but noted her concern over how the group would react to a cancellation. The “Wild Things” actress revealed that she had yet to watch the episode because she was afraid of seeing herself say something she now regrets. 

She explained — “I obviously made an ass out of myself, so I was like ‘Why the hell am I going to watch myself like that?’”

Erika Jayne

Denise also explained why she lashed out at Dorit Kemsley for pointing out that she was wearing her jacket upside-down. 

“She does this with everyone — especially me,” Denise asserted. “She’ll be like, ‘Your lipstick doesn’t look right. You need some lip gloss. You got mascara. Your hair is out of place.’ That’s why I was like, ‘Stop. I don’t care … Shut the f—k up’ … Like, do you feel like you need to do that to make yourself feel secure?” 

She continued — “Not once that I’ve seen her has she not said one thing about my appearance. I didn’t give a s—t that my jacket was upside down, I wanted to get the hell out of there.”

Denise Richards

Denise gave a nod to her cryptic squabble with Erika Jayne, during which she accused the RHOBH star of mistreating her in the past. She told the Skinnygirl mogul that while she couldn’t list her grievances, her outburst was  tied to an unresolved conflict.  

“How do you not know you were such an a–hole,” Denise said.

The OnlyFans personality appeared on the show for Seasons 9 and 10. 

Many viewers, who assumed that Denise was inebriated during the dinner, labeled the actress a “hot f**king mess.”


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