RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Phaedra and Heavenly EXPOSE Quad is a User and Liar!

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RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Phaedra and Heavenly EXPOSE Quad is a User and Liar!

Welcome back for a new episode of Married to MedicineDr. Heavenly Kimes is at the office getting ready for clients as Jackie Walters goes over a client’s low sperm count. Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Lateasha Lunceford are chatting at home as Simone Whitmore, Toya Bush-Harris, Heavenly, and Jackie meet for lunch. Toya wants to take the ladies to Napa Valley for work but wants to discuss some things before sending invitations out. Getting straight to it, Toya tells the ladies it doesn’t make sense for Quad Webb to be included on the trip. Since Toya’s meeting with executives and wants to make a good impression, she wonders if Quad would fit in and behave herself. Toya mentions that Quad had no accountability at the funeral home and Simone admits Quad’s actions left a bad taste in her mouth. 

Simone felt that Quad wiped the slate clean with them but didn’t take any real responsibility for her part. Simone tells Toya that she and Quad had decent moments in the past and don’t understand how the two keep falling out. Toya self-reflected and tells the ladies that every time she “ki ki-ed” with Quad was at the expense of her. In Toya’s confessional, she admits Quad did some things to her that’s hard to forget as we get a flashback of their arguments in the past. Toya has tried with Quad for ten years and doesn’t know what to do next. Toya asks, “Where do we stand with Quad?” and Heavenly responds that she’s been a sister to Quad. However, Heavenly questions her closeness with Quad because every time Quad has something going on in her life, she abandons the friendship. 

Heavenly still loves Quad but tells producers that after Phaedra Parks came in the picture, Quad cut things off with her. Toya admits her conversations with Quad don’t go well and asks Jackie, Simone, and Heavenly to talk to Quad instead. They agree as Toya wants Quad to be held accountable unless this will be her last trip. Jackie’s excited Toya is allowing Quad to tag along with the hopes that things can be resolved. Toya thinks good friends should try to keep everyone together and Heavenly will call Phaedra to bring Quad and Toya wants to give Quad a chance to be a sister, but Quad has to be genuine as the core four set the tone moving forward. 

Later, at Heavenly’s house, she’s chatting with Alaura. Heavenly wants to set up a college visit for Alaura in state, but it seems like Alaura’s trying to leave the nest. However, Alaura takes off her blanket to show Heavenly a FAMU sweatshirt and to tell her mama she’s been admitted to FAMU! Heavenly’s not happy but Alaura ensures her that FAMU is the best choice for her and asks Heavenly to stand by her. Heavenly respects Alaura’s choice and is happy for her decision as the two hug it out. Later, Simone and Cecil Whitmore meet up with their sons Micheal and Miles to discuss their new living arrangements. 

They meet up with Jessica the realtor to show the family around and it looks like Miles and Michael are about to live in a three-hundred-thousand dollar condo. The boys have two bedrooms with two bathrooms, with a washer and dryer in tow. The condo looks amazing as Simone inquires how the boys feel about moving out. Simone tells the boys they have to sign a contract to stay there and begins listing off all the rules for her new tenants. No overnight guest for more than two-days unless she’ll owe rent and that all disagreements must go through mediation, with Cecil. Cecil tries to back out, but Simone continues by telling Miles he has one year at the condo rent free, whereas Michael has two years at the condo rent free.

Any violation will result in the boys immediate eviction and home will not be an option to return to. You go mama Simone! The boys love the condo and the family laugh as Cecil begins planning an upstairs boom boom room. Toya’s packing for Napa Valley as Eugene Harris brings her a glass of wine before asking if Toya’s excited for the trip. Toya’s all in and Eugene loves seeing Toya get in the groove, while telling Toya he’s proud of her. Eugene talks about Quad being on the trip and calls her a powered-keg, meaning she’s waiting to explode. Eugene doesn’t want Quad to go on the trip and tells Toya to keep one eye open during the trip. 

Toya already said her peace and tells Eugene if Quad isn’t willing to work things out then she can focus her energy on mending things with the ladies individually. Toya doesn’t want the weekend to be about Quad and wants to focus on elevating the ladies taste buds. The next morning, the ladies are at the airport and Heavenly mistakes Simone as Dr. Alicia. Simone’s ready to get her relaxation on as the rest of the ladies arrive. They land in San Francisco and head onto the sprinter van to go to the hotel. Toya advises the ladies of the plan for today before mentioning Jackie and Phaedra are together, while shading Heavenly for inviting “ole girl.” Heavenly responds that she didn’t invite anybody as Toya clarifies that Phaedra brought Quad. 

Toya asks if the ladies have been there before, and this is Lateasha’s first time being in California. Simone enjoys that the ladies are sharing in Lateasha’s special moments but Heavenly ruins it by bringing up the wedding. Lateasha tells Heavenly that she wasn’t happy for her and that she shouldn’t have been there. Heavenly comments on Lateasha and Greg’s age, while mentioning that the two won’t mesh well. Simone tries to calm things down as Lateasha and Heavenly begin going back and forth. Toya tries to mediate as Heavenly attempts to apologize to Lateasha as Lateasha asks Heavenly to be there for her, while revealing she won’t confide in Heavenly anymore. 

At the hotel, the ladies meet the staff as they grab a flute of champagne. Toya toast to a wonderful weekend vacation as they get a walk through of the beautiful cottage. Toya did it up with the luxury and everyone’s happy with their accommodations, for once. Heavenly begins eating as Simone ask Toya what room Quad is in. Since she didn’t know if Quad was coming, Toya admits she didn’t get Quad a room. Simone tells her to fix it as Toya asks if Quad can stay in Simone’s room. Simone says no and Toya begins asking the ladies if Quad can room with them, but it looks like Quad might be a**ed out. 

Toya considers putting Quad with Jackie but Heavenly speaks up on Jackie’s behalf and says, “Hell no!” Toya texted Jackie and Phaedra but neither want to room with Quad and luckily Alicia doesn’t mind sharing her space. Toya decides to take the ladies on a bike ride before diving into the wine and its nice to see the ladies have genuine fun. Heavenly begins calling Alicia dumb for the way she rides her bike and afterwards the ladies get ready for a spa session. Toya set up massages for everyone as Lateasha inquires about dinner and the ladies share their room accommodations. Simone has multiple showerheads and Toya’s jealous since she is the showerhead girl. Toya asks Lateasha about Greg and Lateasha tells the group she told Greg about what Heavenly said. 

Lateasha thought Greg should know since Heavenly is Greg’s dentist. Toya’s surprised anyone would go to Heavenly for dental care but puts that on ice as the ladies enjoy their massages. Lateasha likes hanging with Simone and Simone mentions being cooler than Lateasha’s mama. Meanwhile, Quad arrives looking like a highlighter excited to support Toya, although the two aren’t on good terms. Simone text Quad the room number and soon Quad joins the rest of the ladies smiling but Toya doesn’t fake it and tells Quad she was scrambling to find her a room. 

Toya then spills the beans about Jackie and Phaedra not wanting to share a room with Quad and as Quad mentions going to another hotel, Toya tells Quad she’ll be sharing a room with Alicia. Quad’s good with whatever makes everyone comfortable but begins asking Toya if she found a room in the basement to put her in. Simone asks Quad if she thinks Toya would really do that to her and Quad doesn’t really respond. In her confessional, Quad wonders what happened because she thought only Toya had an issue but apparently Simone has an issue with Quad as well. 

Simone comes back to laugh with Toya, but Toya isn’t happy with Simone playing nice. Simone promises she’ll let it all out at dinner and that she has her own specific issues with Quad and wishes Toya had confidence in Simone’s ability to be cordial. Simone doesn’t want Quad to be on guard so that the ladies can try to break through to Quad. We shall see. Heavenly’s outside soaking up the sun as Phaedra and Jackie finally arrive. Toya wonders what took them so long and wonders why Phaedra didn’t fly with Quad. Toya wanted to verify that everything’s good between Phaedra and Quad, as we get a flashback of Toya telling the ladies that Phaedra called to apologized to Toya. 

Jackie sees that Quad didn’t make Phaedra look good during the resurrection and mentions that Phaedra will cut you off if you don’t make her look good. The ladies get dressed for dinner and Lateasha downs some Crown Royal before heading out with these women. The dinner table looks beautiful as a violinist plays in the background for a sexy ambiance. Toya and Simone laugh at the tiny print on the menu as the Jackie and Alicia join them. Jackie inquires about Quad before telling the ladies about her upcoming zoom call with Madam Vice-President Kamala Harris! The ladies are happy for Jackie as Jackie explains she’ll be discussing Black pregnancy mortality rates with our VP. 

The ladies are proud of Jackie and Jackie reps her organization Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority INC. as Phaedra and Quad arrive. The table gets real quiet as Quad walks around to find a seat as Toya calls her a fool. Quad tells Toya how proud of her she is and Toya thanks her as Simone brings up the elephant in the room. Simone questions Quad’s relationship with the group and Quad admits she should’ve done better, while claiming there wasn’t a safe space for her to express herself. Simone tells Quad to stop playing the victim as Quad continues wishing she had more support. Simone wonders what has changed and why keep coming around the group if Quad doesn’t feel supported.

Quad says she isn’t going through anything right now, but Simone doesn’t get why Quad’s there if she doesn’t feel safe. Quad feels that if she’s able to clean the slate for them, then they should be able to clean the slate for her. Quad understands their relationships have been broken and admits she took a step back, but she wants to be good to them and vice versa.

Quad tells the ladies that she doesn’t have an emotional attachment to them. Heavenly’s hurt by Quad’s comments. Heavenly mentions that she only heard from Quad after Phaedra told her she wouldn’t invite her to Napa Valley. 

Heavenly believes Quad is using her. Quad’s face gets screwed up as Heavenly mentions Phaedra switched her flight to avoid flying with Quad. Phaedra admits she wasn’t going to keep inviting Quad places since her attitude was so bad and says she made it real clear to Quad. Quad begins shading Phaedra in her confessional while insinuating she’s the one that got Phaedra on the show. Heavenly continues calling Quad a user and tells Quad that even Jackie told her that Quad is a user. In Heavenly’s confessional, she admits Phaedra called her and said she’s not going to bat for Quad anymore as Quad refutes what happened. 

Heavenly wants Quad to own what she said and begins bringing up what Quad told Heavenly about Phaedra. Apparently, Quad told Heavenly that Phaedra used to date Gregory but when she asked for four-thousand-dollars a month, he had to let her go. Quad reiterates the story as the ladies laugh but Phaedra asks Lateasha what Greg said and clarifies the two only went on a date.

Heavenly stands by her point that Quad is a user and the two begin arguing, as Heavenly tells Quad she’s sick of her bullsh*t!! Looks like this friendship is going to be dead on arrival! Be sure to come back next week for a new episode of Married to Medicine.


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