RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Phaedra Throws a ‘Funeral’ for Quad, Sweet Tea’s CHECKS Heavenly

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Phaedra Parks

RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Phaedra Throws a ‘Funeral’ for Quad, Sweet Tea’s CHECKS Heavenly

Welcome back for another dose of Married to MedicineDr. Heavenly Kimes is checking in with Alaura after prom and apparently miss girl had a hotel and didn’t come home last night. Looking a bit hungover Alaura gets off the hook as Toya Bush-Harris compliments her boys on their haircut. Dr. Jackie Walters and Dr. Simone Whitmore are having lunch while cracking up about Heavenly being left off Dr. Gregory Lunceford and Lateasha Lunceford’s guest list. Phaedra Parks visits Quad Webb as she’s washing dishes in the kitchen. After pleasantries, Phaedra complains about being tired as Quad explains Heavenly’s on the way. Quad’s excited to get things figured out and admits she has mixed feelings towards Heavenly. 

Quad Webb

Quad’s feeling some type of way about Heavenly hanging out with Sweet Tea and Quad basically runs to the door to let Heavenly in. The ladies laugh as Phaedra tells Heavenly she got it right today and Heavenly lets that pass to hash things out with Quad. Phaedra and Heavenly bring up the wedding and Quad asks if there were any ice sculptures there. A flashback shows the ladies trashing on basically everything and Phaedra hated the drapes that were wrinkled. Quad brags about her wedding at the four seasons as Heavenly mentions Greg spent all his money on the first wedding. Heavenly acts dumb as she tells Quad about being removed from the wedding guest list. Luckily Heavenly made it at the tail end and explains that Lateasha should be mad at Phaedra for bringing Quad to the pamper party.

Phaedra Parks

Quad changes topics and reveals to Heavenly her feelings were hurt to see Heavenly posted up with Lateasha. Quad questioned Heavenly’s loyalty but Heavenly didn’t think Quad would give a f***. Quad claims she cares about Heavenly and is now questioning the way Heavenly moves. Heavenly apologizes to Quad and Quad accepts the apology while asking for support. Heavenly brings up that Quad stepped away from the group during her tumultuous divorce and didn’t reach out to anyone. Quad continues not taking accountability as Heavenly tries to explain that a friendship and phone work both ways. Heavenly tells Quad that she doesn’t take accountability for anything and Quad calls Heavenly a liar. 

Quad Webb and Heavenly Kimes

Heavenly says it’s just how she feels and that’s why the group is frustrated with her now. Quad tries to talk as Heavenly asks her to adjust her tone and Phaedra sits silently in the middle. The two agree they both could’ve done better and Heavenly asks if Quad’s going to reach out to the group. Quad promises to as the ladies share a laugh and make up. Later, Dr. Jackie is checking in on Da Brat and the baby. Da Brat’s hands are swollen but Dr. Jackie’s happy for the couple and their growth. Dr. Jackie gives Da Brat her due date and compliments Da Brat on her progress, but soon Da Brat gets agitated at the mention of slowing down. Dr. Jackie wants Da Brat to go to work and home but according to Judy, Da Brat don’t know how to sit still.

Da Brat tells Judy to stop being a snitch and a flashback shows Judy telling all Da Brat’s business. Da Brat feels unproductive not doing anything, but Dr. Jackie assures her that due to the Black birth immortality rate, there’s nothing wrong with kicking your feet up when you need to. Dr. Jackie orders Da Brat to eat right and work a little less to stay stress-free. Dr. Jackie listens to the baby’s heartbeat and its cute to see Da Brat get emotional by the sound of her little one. Dr. Jackie tells Da Brat and Judy to take twelve-weeks of maternity leave and Da Brat’s frustrated but agrees.

At Simone’s, she and Cecil Whitmore are doing a vision board and Simone has instructed Cecil to look through pictures with her. Simone wants to create a board that will assist them if they felt sad or down and Cecil agrees. As they go through the photos Simone asks Cecil about his conversation with Miles about the summer. Cecil replies that he discussed Miles getting an internship, but Simone wants Cecil and her to discuss things together before going to the boys. Cecil admits he’s more relaxed with the boys and Simone’s drive is what’s motivating her to seek change. Cecil doesn’t care if Miles isn’t done by May and Simone’s just wants to be on the same page. Simone tells Cecil she wants the boys to know that after they help them purchase their first place, that the pocketbooks close after one year. 

Cecil Whitmore

Simone wants Miles to get a job, but Cecil’s afraid Miles won’t be able to afford his place. Simone assures Cecil that he doesn’t know that but the fear in Cecil’s eyes tells it all. He’s afraid for his boys but Simone wants/needs them to learn how to be independent. Simone calls Cecil “unreasonable” and that it’s time to push him into manhood. During the confessional, Miles calls Cecil to get the verification code for something he needs. Cecil understands the boys aren’t on the same track as Simone and to give them grace because they are taking their time. Simone and Cecil put a pen in the conversation and begin laughing while calling each other “fast.”

Simone Whitmore

Later, we see Phaedra riding around in all black with her butler to hand deliver some invitations. Phaedra wants to throw an event for the ladies to officially bring Quad back to the group. Phaedra wants to redo bringing Quad back into the fold and therefore decided to go big or go home since Quad feels like she’s been buried alive. Phaedra wants to do a Resurrection and Rebirth event and a flashback shows Jackie questioning Phaedra about being a mortician. Phaedra’s unsure how the ladies will feel but is hopeful the ladies will give Quad another chance. Toya answers the door in a robe and begins laughing as Benji tells her to open the briefcase. Heavenly’s goofy self’s closes the door on Benji at first  and is afraid while swipes at the briefcase before reading the invitation. The ladies accept Phaedra’s strange invitation and Jackie appreciates the eye candy from Benji. That night as Toya’s cooking, she opens the door for two shot bar technicians to get Sweet Tea back on her feet. 

Phaedra Parks

Toya knows her girl must be exhausted after the honeymoon and wanted to do something nice for her new friend. Although Sweet Tea’s Aunt Flow came to town during the ceremony, she still seems happy to be a newlywed. Toya gives the technicians instructions to set up as Simone arrives first with Sweet Tea showing up shortly after. Simone congratulates Sweet Tea with a huge hug as we get a snippet of her and Greg’s honeymoon.

Toya notices Lateasha’s voice and she admits she’s jetlagged and tired. Toya understands because she and Eugene Harris didn’t have sex until the second night of their honeymoon. Simone and Cecil slept the entire ride to their honeymoon but once they were there it was on and popping! Toya encourages Lateasha and Simone to finish eating and soon reveal the surprise of the Shot Bar.

Lateasha Lunceford

The technicians explain the process and since Toya’s treating, Simone decides to order the top of the line LOL. Once the technicians leave the room, Simone asks Sweet Tea what happened on their honeymoon and Sweet Tea replies she began to menstruate. Lateasha thought she was pregnant at first but now she thinks she’s bleeding due to stress. Simone tells her that’s not good and a flashback shows Lateasha in Simone’s office three weeks ago, complaining about the same thing. Simone wants Lateasha to take her health seriously and after the shot bar they all feel a lot better. As Lateasha gets up from her seat, she notices Toya’s invitation to Phaedra’s resurrection event. Simone got her invite but now we know Phaedra left Lateasha off the list. 

Lateasha wonders why she wasn’t invited, and Simone thinks it’s because the event is about Quad. Toya then asks, “Then why was I invited?” and makes it clear that she’s over Quad and her shenanigans. Lateasha questions if Quad’s trying to be the peacemaker and Toya has nothing to talk about. Toya wants the O-shot again and Simone tells Lateasha she shouldn’t need it, but Sweet Tea doesn’t need it because she’s “gushy.” Ew. It’s the night of Phaedra’s Resurrection event and as Dr. Alicia, Heavenly, and Jackie ride to the funeral home, Heavenly inquires whether Lateasha will be there. 

Toya duplicated her invitation for Phaedra’s event and asks Lateasha what she’d do if they turned her away. Sweet Tea don’t want that smoke and says she would leave but two days ago Toya encouraged Sweet Tea to stand on business LOL. Simone will have Lateasha’s back if she’s kicked out and Toya’s stuck on the possibility of Quad being there. Alicia hears the ladies talk a lot about Quad but never see them talking to Quad. Jackie tells Alicia that she’s talked to Quad for ten years and Heavenly thinks Phaedra invited Quad tonight. Toya wonders if Heavenly will approach Sweet Tea first and admits Sweet Tea should’ve called Heavenly to disinvite her. Sweet Tea disagrees and feels like Heavenly deserved it since she talked sh** behind her back. 

Sweet Tea don’t know if she’s going to turn into Mean Tea and tells Simone to hold her back if she swings. The ladies finally arrive at Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home and Heavenly immediately starts freaking out! Toya feels unsafe as Sweet Tea avoids Heavenly, and the rest of the ladies feel like they’re in the Twilight Zone. The band begins playing as Phaedra’s escorted down the aisle in a black dress. The ladies shade Phaedra in their confessionals and wonder what this ex-housewife has up her sleeve. Phaedra thanks the ladies for coming and although she points out that Lateasha wasn’t invited, still welcomes her, and continues her speech. 

Simone Whitmore, Toya  Bush-Harris

Phaedra compares this event to a phoenix rising from the ashes and shades Toya in the process by calling her a “tennis expert.” Phaedra raises her arms like the phoenix and Heavenly begins clapping as a woman plays a saxophone as a casket is wheeled in. The ladies are quiet as they figure out what’s happening and once upfront the men open the casket to Quad being inside.

Phaedra Parks

Heavenly shakes her head as Phaedra lays a rose on top of Quad’s chest and Quad rises up with a monologue. Quad mentions being put in an early grave and Toya wonders if Mariah Huq’s popping out the casket next. The ladies laugh as Quad gets on her feet to continue her show. Quad says it is a funeral to bury the pettiness, turmoil, and strife within this group. Quad asks Jackie if she’s ready and Jackie doesn’t understand why Quad had to do all of this.

Heavenly says she doesn’t have a problem with anyone and direct her attention to Sweet Tea and why she was removed from the wedding. Sweet Tea tells Heavenly she knows about her sh** talking at the pamper party and Heavenly says she was concerned about Sweet Tea. Heavenly apologizes but stands on what she says as Toya tries to chime in.

Lateasha Lunceford

Toya admits she thought they did have communication issues but tells Heavenly that doesn’t give her the right to say they shouldn’t be married. Lateasha tells Heavenly that she and Dr. Damon have communication issues and that Heavenly went upside Damon’s head with a frying pan! 

Heavenly calls Sweet Tea a bitch and that she’s a grown a** woman as Simone tries to pull Lateasha back. Lateasha’s not backing down as Heavenly runs her mouth about how she can whoop Lateasha’s a** like her mama should’ve and that Lateasha has Daddy issues. Jackie gets Heavenly to sit back down as Quad tries to get her resurrection under control. Quad clarifies there’s no animosity between she and Lateasha before focusing on Simone. Quad wants to bury the hatchet, but Simone asks Quad if she see’s all the ladies there as equals or if she’s on an island. Quad claims they are one but of course Quad choses Toya for last and a flashback shows all the discourse at the reunion. 

Heavenly Kimes

Quad says if Toya lets it go today then she can let it ride out and Toya proudly rejects Quad’s lame attempt. Toya calls Quad nuts as Quad finishes her speech with a nasty look on her face. Phaedra hoped Quad would’ve taken this opportunity to be accountable and is beginning to question whether Quad can humble herself. Though she’s disappointed, Phaedra helps Quad usher the ladies to the repass where there’s chicken and greens waiting! Alicia’s ready to eat and downstairs there’s a whole band but Heavenly’s over the bullsh**. Heavenly blesses the food and Phaedra asks the group if there would ever be a time where they said, “screw this?”

Quad Webb

Lateasha speaks up about Phaedra bringing Quad to her bachelorette party and mentions that wasn’t the place to meet her husband’s ex-wife. Phaedra mentions speaking to Greg afterwards, but Sweet Tea doesn’t care! She didn’t think the timing was appropriate and Quad says she thought Sweet Tea wanted her there because she was combing through her social media. Lateasha looks confused as Heavenly whispers “It wasn’t me” as Simone tries to acknowledge that they’ve all hurt each other. Simone ask Toya what needs to be said or done to move past this and Toya simply wants Quad to stop being so malicious towards Toya and her family. 

Phaedra tries to get Quad to open up, but Quad can’t remember what she said about Toya until Toya blows up and says “Thieves, you called us thieves” as Toya tells Quad she went lower by speculating Toya cheated on Eugene. Quad brings up the rumor about the contractor and we are back to square one as Phaedra tries to keep Quad’s hands to herself. Quad begins pointing too close to Toya and soon Toya grabs Quad’s finger! The ladies begin to step in between them, and once calmed Toya tells the group she feels that Quad wants people to act beneath her! Toya’s not with it as Quad screams about the ladies coming from humble beginnings and Heavenly takes a shot at Lateasha. The ladies laugh and as Simone tries to leave, Quad stops her because she has more to say. Here we go again, Jackie’s over it and the everyone agrees as they head out the door. What in the world SMH. Come back next week to see the continuation of this mess next week, on Married to Medicine! 


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