‘Sister Wives: One-on-One’ Kody Brown Admits He’s “Jealous” of Janelle and Christine Brown’s Close Bond

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Kody Brown

‘Sister Wives: One-on-One’ Kody Brown Admits He’s “Jealous” of Janelle and Christine Brown’s Close Bond 

Kody Brown admitted that he was “jealous” of the close bond his two ex wives, Janelle and Christine Brown, share during the first part of the “Sister Wives: One on One” special. 

Christine weighed in on the dynamic and determined that her ex was finally getting a glimpse into her past life as a sister wife.  

The Sister Wives patriarch addressed the pair’s tight friendship during Sunday’s episode, during which he implied that Janelle wasn’t there for him during his split from Christine. 

Kody told host, Sukanya Krishnan — “She never once expressed any empathy to me.”

Sukanya clarified—”During the breakup with Christine?”

Kody continued — “Never. Never. She sided with Christine … her and I just gradually, slowly unwound to this point.”

Sukanya summarized — “OK, so you think that she sided with Christine. She never showed you any empathy, any love.”

Kody then suggested that Janelle was not “capable” of feeling empathy. 

“I don’t think she’s capable of it,” he replied. “It’s weird to me that she wouldn’t just go, ‘Oh, that’s just so sad. That’s hard.’ Or whatever.”

The host asked the TLC personality if he was “jealous” of his exes’ shared friendship. 

“I’m jealous because they’re behaving the way they should have for 25 years now. Yeah. It’s like I see it as a big ‘F you’ to Kody. It’s like we’re going to get along now because this will really p— Kody off,” he said.

The footage shifted to Christine, who was asked how she viewed her ex spiritual husband’s take on the situation.  

“Does he feel betrayed because Janelle is friends with you?” Sukanya asked.

“Yes, for sure. And I’m like, ‘Well, buddy, this is what jealousy looks like. See, see, see, This is what jealousy looks like. Here you go. Here you,'” Christine quipped.

Christine drew a parallel between her friendship with Janelle and Kody’s obvious favoritism toward his fourth and last wife standing, Robyn Brown. 

“Now you see how hard it is when two people have a bond. Janelle and I have an awesome bond. And maybe he’s jealous about that bond. Maybe he’s jealous that we co-parented. Now you see what it’s like, buddy. And it sucks,” she pointed out.

Christine added — “It sucks that sometimes she picked me over you because she can talk to me and I will work things out with her, and because we’ve had our fights and we’ve had our disagreements, but we work them out.”

Christine agreed after the host summed it up as Kody getting a “dose of what it’s like to be a sister wife.”

“Here you go, buddy. This is what it’s been like for 26 years. Take off your blinders and look and see what it’s like for us,” she reiterated.

Sukanya relayed Christine’s take to Kody, telling the father of 18—”Christine has said, ‘Well, they’re getting along and they chose each other. And now Kody understands how it feels like to be a sister wife.’”

Kody replied — “I mean, sure, reverse the tables. If you look at it from a perspective of one-on-one institutionally, it’s an unfair lifestyle. I never said it wasn’t. They got to choose their husband and they chose.” 

Earlier in the season, Kody complained about Janelle seemingly siding with Christine, after their split. 

“I’m begging Janelle for a closer relationship. It feels like she’s rejecting that and just choosing to have one with Christine,” Kody said at the time.

He added — “I’ve always wanted my wives to have close relationships. And it’s a tragedy to me now, after all these years and Christine trash talking Janelle for four years about (our living arrangements), now Janelle and Christine have a better relationship?”

The Sister Wives: One on One special continues Sunday, at 10 pm ET, on TLC. 


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