‘RHOP’ RECAP: Wendy Osefo’s Mother Summons Evil Spirits After Nneka Exposes Wendy’s Lies

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RHOP Recap - Nneka Ihim and Wendy Osefo

‘RHOP’ RECAP: Wendy Osefo’s Mother Summons Evil Spirits After Nneka Exposes Wendy’s Lies

Glad to have you back for another wild episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac! Up first, we see Nneka Ihim heading to the airport to pick up her husband, Iyke Ihim. Nneka and Iyke discuss his fear of flying and his upcoming week off work. The two are trying to conceive, so Nneka had to be sure to check her ovulation calendar to make this baby a go. During the ride, Nneka receives a call from Karen Huger inviting Nneka and Iyke to a game of pickleball. Karen wants to get the group back together and thought a game of pickleball would do the trick. Nneka and Iyke readily accepts although they have no idea what pickleball is. Nneka realizes all the girls will be in attendance and begins telling Iyke how angry and aggressive Wendy Osefo’s family has been. 

Nneka Ihim

A flashback shows Nneka and Iyke talking to their cousin Lebe, about Wendy being allegedly upset that Nneka is using Wendy’s name for clout. Nneka thinks Wendy and her mother are sabotaging Nneka’s chances of connecting with the group. Iyke thinks Wendy doesn’t want Nneka to take her spot and we learn Iyke went to college with Eddie. Apparently, the two are no longer on good terms but claims after Wendy’s mom submitted their names to the shrine, Eddie unfriended Iyke on Facebook. The two arrive home to begin their baby-making exercise as we slide over to Robyn Dixon meeting Gizelle Bryant for lunch. 

After pleasantries and ordering drinks, Gizelle checks in on Robyn’s boys as Gizelle provides an update on her girls. Gizelle’s preparing for Grace to go to college and the two flirt with their server before Gizelle downloads new information to Robyn. Gizelle tells her bestie about Karen’s pickleball game and Robyn reads Karen’s invitation with little enthusiasm. Karen’s open to speaking with Juan Dixon but Robyn makes it clear that he doesn’t want to talk with Karen. Gizelle ask if Juan will be there and surprisingly Juan will be there and Robyn doesn’t care about the ladies opinion. 

Gizelle Bryant

However, Gizelle tells Robyn that while they were in Atlanta for their live Reasonably Shady show; Gizelle got a chance to speak with Juan and things didn’t go very well. Gizelle tells Robyn that Juan kind of came for Gizelle and was yelling at her. Robyn excuses Juan by saying his hearing isn’t good because of coaching, but Gizelle mentions Juan isn’t happy with her. In her confessional, Gizelle says Juan kept saying he didn’t sleep with that woman as Robyn continues saving face for her man. Robyn doesn’t think Juan and Gizelle have to see eye to eye and as their food comes out, Gizelle ask the server how old he is. After the twenty-eight year old walks away, Robyn tells Gizelle about her recent conversation with Nneka. 

Robyn Dixon

Although Nneka asked Robyn to keep the Wendy information between them, we all know Robyn can’t hold back from Gizelle. After relaying the information, Gizelle doesn’t understand what Wendy’s upset about and thinks Wendy wants to be the only Nigerian in the group. Robyn then tells Gizelle about Wendy’s mama praying against Nneka and her family; and now Gizelle’s scared while calling Wendy evil. Later, Candiace and Mama Dorothy are spending time together as Candiace struggles with her dishwasher. Mama Dorothy offers to buy Candiace a new one for Christmas, but Candiace would rather have a tour gift instead. Candiace is happy to have a better relationship with her mama, but don’t get it twisted; the two still tussle every now and again.

The two go outside to enjoy some wine as Mama Dorothy inquires about Candiace’s upcoming tour. Candiace mentions how much she spent last year but tells Mama Dorothy this time around, she’ll have to cut back financially. Chris Bassett screamed at Candiace once he found out what they spent, and Mama Dorothy begins rolling her eyes in disgust. Candiace catches it but instead of shading Chris, Mama Dorothy asked what Chris is working on. Chris continues teaching online and hosting private events, but it seems like Mama Dorothy wants Chris to do more. 

Mama Dorothy ask if Chris is making money from his events and Candiace indulges Mama Dorothy, before discussing their problems with Chris’s work schedule. A flashback shows Chris and Candiace bickering about Chris’s work schedule and Candiace notices the double-standards in their relationship. Candiace runs inside to grab a charcutier board and once she comes back, Mama Dorothy inquiries about Candiace’s relationship with Robyn. Candiace doesn’t know how she feels and thinks Robyn stood by while Gizelle spread lies about Chris. Mama Dorothy wants Candiace to let go of grudges and says life normally takes care of our enemies. Candiace may see Robyn at pickleball and thinks things will be strange, but Mama Dorothy encourages the group to discuss their problems like adults. Yea right…

Candiace says, “adults don’t lie” and Mama Dorothy responds “yes they do” as we move onto Karen’s pickleball event. Karen, Ray, and Matthew are setting up as Karen sets the tone for fun and team spirit. Gizelle arrives first as Karen and Ray show off their matching green outfits. Karen tells Gizelle that she’s proud of her and her new young thang, Jason. Gizelle won’t call Jason her boyfriend but Karen’s trying to help her out as Mia and Gordon Thornton arrive in separate cars. Karen’s giving Mia the double kiss and meets with the instructors to practice. Wendy and Eddie Osefo arrives as Mia claims Wendy ruins everything as she walks in. Candiace and her friend Vivian have arrived as Gizelle and Candiace avoid speaking to each other. 

Gizelle makes it clear that nothing good will come from speaking with Candiace and Candiace says phuck Gizelle forever. Ashley comes with her friend Stuart as Karen begins facilitating a group conversation. Wendy and Candiace briefly speak about Candiace not speaking with Gizelle and soon Karen sets up the teams to begin playing. Meanwhile, Nneka and Iyke arrive and Nneka hurries to join the game. Wendy and Nneka are acting weird before anything even happens as we see Robyn and Juan show up. The entire group is shook but happy to see their old friend.

As Robyn introduces herself to Iyke, Candiace watches her and in a confessional becomes confused as to why Robyn has a problem with Candiace. However, producers show us Candiace’s tweets where she ripped Robyn and her marriage to shreds! Robyn ain’t talking to anyone that trashed her marriage and that includes Candy pants. The ladies prepare to play as Karen rips apart Robyn’s leggings. Jaun ask some questions as Eddie and the men talk as the women play. Gizelle serves first and its clear the ladies don’t know how to play. The men go to another court to have their own game as the ladies hit the ball every which way. Once the game is finishes, the women go over to the table to eat as Ray provides the prayer. 

Iyke and Juan are bonding over basketball, as Karen urges the ladies to eat pickles. Keiarna and Gizelle’s hairstylist, Kal, arrive, as Karen begins her speech. Karen mentions that although the group isn’t on the best terms, she’s happy that everyone decided to come out. Karen mentions drama with Robyn, which prompts Juan to exit and finish his game with Iyke. Robyn’s frustrated that Karen keeps mentioning her name, but Karen continues her speech without missing a beat.

Karen Huger

Nneka brings up the miscommunication between she and Wendy, which prompts Ashley to apologize again. Candiace asks if Nneka and Wendy are good and both ladies said they don’t know each other but Nneka did hear that Wendy had a problem with her. Nneka tells the group that she’s aware of Wendy’s sister calling her in-laws, saying they submitted Nneka’s name to a shrine (voodoo). 

Nneka Ihim

Wendy looks shocked then claims that she didn’t call anyone (Nneka never said she did) and as Nneka attempts to clear things up, she calls Wendy a b**** in the process. Nneka clarifies that Wendy’s sister (Ivy) called Nneka’s family and then Wendy’s mama called Nneka’s cousin. Mia says “I’m not surprised” under her breath and soon Wendy and Nneka are cursing each other out! Lord this is a mess! Wendy tells Nneka she’s been nothing but nice to her as Karen walks over to Gizelle to say it’s all her fault. 

Wendy Osefo

Karen and Gizelle share a laugh while Wendy and Nneka continue their heated exchange. Wendy insists that Nneka produce the phone records, which the editors provide, confirming Wendy’s falsehood. Wendy goes on to label Nneka as “crazy” and a “hater.” Oddly, Wendy stands up and struts around confidently, although the others find it amusing because she doesn’t really have it all together.

Karen Huger

On the sidelines, the men engage in their own discussion. Robyn confides in Ashley, hinting that there’s more to the story, while Candiace informs the group that Wendy shouldn’t be held responsible for her mother’s actions. Nneka questions Candiace about her stance on voodoo, although Candiace clarifies that she’s not making that accusation and just wants to give Wendy the benefit of the doubt.

Wendy reiterates her conversation with Ashley regarding Osu and believes Nneka is using a different angle to attack her. However, Nneka remains steadfast and continues to expose Wendy’s lies, unmoved by Wendy’s theatrics and attempts to deflect the discussion.

Wendy Osefo

Wendy asserts that her mother worships Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, but Nneka holds the belief that Wendy’s mom submits to shrines at night. Robyn suggests that Wendy and Nneka can find a way to resolve their issues, but to everyone’s surprise, Wendy expresses a preference to reconcile with Mia instead despite putting her down and calling her “slow,” a few days prior.

Nneka Ihim

Robyn suspects that Wendy might be deflecting from the real issue, while Wendy takes Mia aside in an attempt to mend their relationship. This leaves Robyn and Ashley questioning Wendy’s actions as they observe her interaction with Mia.

A flashback is shown where Wendy makes rude remarks towards Mia while pretending to make amends. Gizelle’s stylist, Kal, shares the belief that Nneka is telling the truth, adding to the growing skepticism surrounding Wendy’s behavior.

Wendy Osefo

In a shocking turn of events, Wendy’s mother summons evil spirits to orchestrate a fire by knocking over food burners, clearly as a diversion tactic. Candiace dramatically proclaims, “These must be the demons coming to haunt us!” Wendy, in a rather confident tone, suggests that Nneka has targeted her and challenges her to confront her again, all while casually invoking the idea that God’s favor isn’t fair.

Nneka then informs Mia about Eddie’s sudden decision to unfollow her husband, Iyke, on Facebook, after Wendy’s sister and mother issued threats. She emphasized their shared college background and participation in the same African Student Union. They are clearly familiar with each other. Mia then inquires if Iyke had spoken with Eddie, and Iyke responds by simply raising his hands, choosing silence. Subsequently, Mia directs her question to Eddie about his acquaintance with Iyke, leading Eddie to approach Iyke directly. In a somewhat bewildering twist, Eddie claims not to recall Iyke from their college days. Producers showed proof on the screen that the men indeed followed each other on Facebook, then Eddie unfollowed. The timing is very suspect.

Iyke Ihim

Tensions escalate as Eddie and Iyke engage in a heated exchange, while Nneka insists that Eddie is attempting to break free from Wendy. Nneka refers to Wendy’s mother as a “witch,” while Karen expresses hope for a more civilized conversation later on, signifying the end of the playful banter.

Come back next week to see what else goes down on The Real Housewives of Potomac! 


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