Southern Charm: Taylor and Shep Have S*x After Their Blowout, as Rod’s Chances with Olivia Diminish!

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Shep Rose and Taylor Green

Southern Charm: Taylor and Shep Have S*x After Their Blowout, as Rod’s Chances with Olivia Diminish!

Shep Rose and Taylor Green landed in the same bed on Thursday’s episode of Southern Charm, following a nasty argument. The exes woke up together after a boozy night in the North Carolina mountains, during which Shep declared that cheating on her during their two year relationship had been “fun.”

Shep Rose and Taylor Green

The group’s trip to North Carolina continued on Thursday’s episode, as Olivia Flowers joined Taylor at her family’s mountain house, while the guys enjoyed a fly fishing adventure.   

Rod Razavi wrestled with doubt over his budding romance with Olivia, after speaking with Austen Kroll about a suspicious bra spotted inside his house. He compared Olivia’s tossed lingerie to “a little bit of a slap In the face.”

Shep Rose and Olivia Flowers

Craig Conover admitted to feeling impatient amid his seemingly stalled relationship with Paige DeSorbo, during the fishing excursion.  

“I’m sitting around waiting for her to decide if she’ll be ready to move in together,” Craig told pal, Rodrigo Reyes. “I guess I just don’t know the math.”

“I would like to be engaged by the end of the year,” Craig added. 

Shep Rose and Taylor Green

The “Sewing Down South” founder said that he wondered if his vision of the future would align with the desires of the woman he called “the love of my life.”

“My future’s, like, always consisted of like a family with kids,” Craig told Rodrigo. “Like, what do I want more? Do I want to be with Paige and be patient to eventually have that family with her? Or do I want the family so bad that I’m going to leave like the love of my life?”

Craig Conover

He added that he’d “never settle,” but felt as if the couple was “spinning in circles a little bit.”

Back at the Greens’ house, Taylor gifted Olivia with friendship bracelets to honor the birthday of her friend’s late brother, Connor, before addressing  her lie about kissing Austen.

“My actions were a mistake and I have to make it right,” Taylor told her co-star.  

Shep Rose and Taylor Green

Taylor admitted that she was a “very s—ty friend for lying and doubling down and betraying your trust,” but told Olivia that she hoped to “earn your trust back.”

“I genuinely believe ya’ll had sex,” Olivia said, an allegation that Taylor denied.

Shep Rose

Olivia left after declaring the pair’s friendship “broken,” pivoting to catch up with the guys at Shep’s place. She soon learned that Taylor would be joining them. 

“I left her house just to come and have dinner with her,” Olivia noted.

Austen Kroll

After dinner, Rod pulled Olivia aside to discuss her rogue bra. 

“I literally, while we were watching the movie, took my bra off and tossed it,” she said to Rod, adding that “nothing happened.”

She shot down Rod’s request to date exclusively, explaining — “You are literally the perfect guy. I respect you too much to just like, drag you along in like a … I mean, I am seeing other people and I do want to keep that open with you.” 

Meanwhile, Shep was melting down over losing a pingpong game and lashing out at Taylor for teasing him about his defeat.  

“Do you like poking the bear?” Shep fumed, to which Taylor fired back — “Do you like cheating on me?”

Taylor spun into a rage after he replied—“I mean, sometimes it was fun.”

The dramatic duo ended up between the same sheets anyway, with Shep calling his ex a “kissing bandit.” After Shep’s dog, Little Craig, jumped under the covers, Shep told Rodrigo that the pair had simply “slept in the same bed with the dog that we love.”

Southern Charm airs Thursdays, at 9 pm ET, on Bravo.


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