Pastor Mary Cosby’s Son Caught Doing DRUGS and Flashing GUNS On Social Media!

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Mary Cosby

Pastor Mary Cosby’s Son Caught Doing DRUGS and Flashing GUNS On Social Media!

Robert Cosby Jr, son of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star, Mary Cosby, has been spotted on social media with his wife, Alexiana Cosby, flaunting various drugs that seemingly include marijuana, prescription codeine syrup and unidentified pills. 

Mary Cosby sonRobert Cosby Jr and Alexiana Cosby 

The 20-year-old reportedly still lives with his mother in the Utah mansion featured on the Bravo series. 

Mary has stated that she doesn’t keep track of the couple’s activities, because “we kind of have our own wings.” The Bravo star appeared shocked to learn that her son had tied the knot with his then-girlfriend, in August 2022. 

Mary Cosby

In 2021, Mary and Robert were both slammed with accusations alleging that they had contributed to the delinquency of a minor, which was Alexiana, who would’ve been 16 or 17 at the time, and provided shelter to a runaway. They both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Alexiana Cosby via Instagram

The duo’s attorney, Clayton Simms, told Fox 13 at the time that the incident was “simply a case where Robert‘s girlfriend’s mother didn’t want him hanging out, so she called the police.” 

Alexiana CosbyAlexiana Cosby via Instagram

The police officer who removed the young woman from the reality star’s house stated — “I responded to assist. The maid initially answered the door when we attempted contact. I advised the maid to tell the suspect Mary that we needed to talk to her. I advised that if Mary did not come to the door we would get a warrant and make entry and then take her to jail. I stated that if she came to the door jail could be avoided. Mary eventually came to the door. I advised her that we now knew the juvenile was in the house. Mary stated she was not but agreed to check her son’s room. She then came back with the juvenile.”

The criminal charges against Mary and Robert were later dismissed. 

Robert and Alexiana have both shared multiple posts featuring various drugs. Robert has posted dozens of images and videos of himself alongside codeine prescription bottles, promethazine hydrochloride cough syrup and/or bottles and cups of a “purple drink,” which is reportedly mixed with various clear soft drinks.

The photos of the bottles included labels, offering further clarification. The outlet included one social media image of two young men holding firearms. 

The patient and prescribing physician’s names had been removed in most of the pics and screen grabs, but one doctor’s name is actually visible in at least one photo. The photos appeared to have been snapped inside Mary’s home. 

Medical marijuana use is legal in Utah. However, the law requires users to possess medical cannabis registration cards. 

“Under current Utah law, possession of as little as an ounce or less of marijuana can result in a six-month jail sentence,” according to the Marijuana Policy Project.

However, codeine syrup, Oxycodone, or Percocet pills without a prescription is a felony charge.


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