‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Monica Garcia’s Mother Calls Her ‘Motherf*cker’ In Heated Argument!

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Monica Garcia

‘RHOSLC’ RECAP: Monica Garcia’s Mother Calls Her ‘Motherf*cker’ In Heated Argument!

Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City featured a tense encounter between Monica Garcia and her mother, Linda, as well as other interpersonal conflicts among the cast.

Monica Reveals Troubled Childhood 

The episode begins with Heather Gay and Monica Garcia following the contentious Easter Brunch at Angie Katsanevas’ home, Heather invited Monica for a snowmobile ride, providing her an opportunity to express her feelings. “Thank you so much for calling me,” Monica tells Heather. “That meant a lot, and I really needed this.” Monica shares past experiences of abandonment and conflicts with her mother, resonating with Heather’s personal history.

Heather Gay

Monica shared traumatic experiences from her past, explaining how her mother left her with another family at age 12 to pursue dreams in New York. This backdrop set the stage for the intensified emotions during the conflict at Angie’s Easter Brunch.

Monica Garcia

Monica opened up about ongoing tensions. Monica’s mother, having financed a car for her due to Monica’s bad credit, used the vehicle as a means of control, threatening to report it as stolen if not returned promptly during disagreements. “It’s a control tactic,” Monica explained during a discussion with the group.

Monica Garcia

Mary’s Done With Whitney

Additional tensions were showcased in a dinner meeting between Whitney Rose and Mary Cosby, marked by candid and harsh exchanges. Mary ultimately left the dinner early, expressing profound discontent with Whitney’s words and actions.

“We missed you at Greek Easter,” Whitney tells a disinterested Mary. “I didn’t miss it,” Mary quickly snaps.

Mary Cosby

The waitress serves their food and unintentionally spills a bit of balsamic vinegar on Mary’s dress, causing Mary to react with wide eyes.

“I am so sorry!” the server apologizes. “Let me grab you a new plate, okay?”

“You did not spill food on me,” Mary mutters. “Oh, my gosh.” In an interview, she adds, “Why didn’t she spill it on Whitney? That’s a sign. You should not be here tonight.”

Mary Cosby

Whitney breaks the ice by offering Mary an apology, “I got caught up in a lot of bullsh*t talking about you, and I’m so sorry,” she starts off.

“You severed our future,” Mary responds.

Mary Cosby

“But, Mary,” Whitney says, “you have to own it, too.”

“What do you mean?” Mary asks. “I have to own you talking about me?”

“You sent me mean text messages,” Whitney responds, “and it hurt my feelings.”

Mary Cosby

“Grow up, little girl,” a fed up Mary says. “I’m done … I’m not doing this with you. You’ve wasted enough of my time … You called my husband and [me] “predators … I’m not wasting my time with you. Wake up, bobblehead … Watch me walk out the door.” She says before getting her food wrapped to go and storms off.

“You can’t just say anything about people,” Mary says in a talking head confessional, “and think it’s okay. Someone’s gonna backhand you. Seriously, it might be me.”

Monica’s Mother Calls Her Out

Monica and her mother, Linda, share a tense dinner together, the atmosphere thick with unresolved issues from their heated blowout during Angie’s Easter celebration. Monica feels hurt and unsupported, believing her mother sided with Angie instead of defending her. Adding to the strife, Linda has taken control of Monica’s car, which was in Linda’s name due to Monica’s poor credit, leaving Monica and her children without transportation.

“You want me to feel bad for you,” Monica tells her mom, “but when I was crying, you didn’t give a sh*t. At Angie’s dinner, you made me feel completely alone … And then you expect me to sit here and feel bad for you that you’re crying.”

“I’m not asking you to feel bad for me,” Linda says, the tears suddenly drying up as her voice rises. “I’m asking you to have a conversation with me.”

“Don’t talk to me like that,” Monica answers.

“I’m not gonna talk to you like some weak-ass bitch,” Linda yells, pounding her fist on the table for emphasis. “When you were in Palm Springs, you said that Angie was acting like a crazy person … you were trying to calm her down, and I was just trying to do that for you.”

“I didn’t get in Angie’s face and humiliate her,” Monica says. “You instantly took her side … I don’t understand that.”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this,” Linda shrugs.

“You tried crying. You tried yelling. That’s usually all you do.” Monica says.

“Stop that,” Linda argues. “That was sincere. Don’t be disrespectful.”

“Mom, you’re not gonna scold me like I’m a f*cking little child anymore.” Monica barks.

“And you’re not gonna disrespect me,” Linda fires back. “I’m still your mother … Don’t mock my feelings.”

“Like you did to me?” Monica asks.

“I don’t care,” Linda shouts. “I don’t. I’m so over it.”

“I know you don’t care,” Monica claps back.

“Let me talk, motherf*cker,” Linda yells. 

“Where did this start?” Linda ponders.

“Easter at Angie’s was reliving my abandonment as a child,” Monica continues. “I was 12 years old, and it was so easy for you to leave me … and go off to live your life in New York.”

“You treat me like I’m still that little, tiny girl that you can f*cking sh*t on and leave here and leave there … And still right now you don’t give a f*ck.”

“Get over it,” Linda says coldly.

“I’ve dealt with emotional and mental abuse my entire life,” Monica interviews. “All I can do is make sure my kids never feel that and break that cycle.”

When Linda asks whether she will be forgiven and if they can move forward, Monica responds by saying, “You just told me you don’t really feel bad, so not today!”

“This sh-t is now affecting my children, and that’s where I draw the f*cking line … When you take our vehicle, I’m done.”

Both agreed to seek therapy as a step towards potential reconciliation and healing.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Tuesday nights, at 9pm ET, on Bravo.


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