’90 Day: The Other Way’ TJ Plans To Use New Wife Kimberly as a ‘Caregiver’ Servant!

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90 Day: The Other Way

’90 Day: The Other Way’ TJ Plans To Use New Wife Kimberly as a ‘Caregiver’ Servant!

Monday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way featured lots of surprises as the couples’ stories continued to unfold.

Brandan’s mother was welcomed by bugs and spiders as she checked out her son’s new digs in the Philippines, Kimberly wrapped her marathon Indian wedding in blissful ignorance, and Daniele was stunned to learn that her husband had been making secret withdrawals from her bank account.

90 Day: The Other Way

Kimberly and TJ officially wed in multiple ceremonies, but axed some traditions so the bride could take a much needed nap. 

“This is probably the most exhausting experience I’ve ever had, but I like being married to him so far,” Kimberly said from under the covers. “Right now, my goal is to just give living here a fair shot, try my best at communicating clearly and calmly with everyone and allowing these relationships to grow and flourish because I feel like all of us really need a new beginning.”

Kimberly was later welcomed into the family kitchen as a “head of household” as TJ explained her new wifely duties. 

“Now we are married and Kimberly is about to know her responsibilities in the household, but she has no clue. And I haven’t been open about all this thing with Kimberly so that she shouldn’t freak out [about] the things,” he admitted. “So in India, we give that particular respect to the women only because she acts like a mother whenever it [is] needed. She works outside, she acts like a sister. Also the caretaker as well. That’s why she’s  [the] head of the house.” 

Daniele and Yohan had a blowout fight after she noticed that her husband had been making $40 ATM withdrawals from her account without her knowledge. He initially denied the claim, but admitted his actions after Daniele threatened to seek video footage of the person responsible for accessing her account. The duo went on to squabble over finances, until Daniele slapped her husband with an ultimatum. She demanded that Yohan equally contribute to the household or return to his mother’s home. It appeared that Yohan wasn’t going anywhere, as the episode wrapped.  

Yohan said — “The problem is, I won’t go back empty-handed. You want me to leave this apartment? Give me the money I’ve spent here.”

90 Day: The Other Way

Daniele told cameras—“The fact that Yohan is asking for reimbursement for rent doesn’t make any sense to me. Like, why do I owe it to him? Has he lost his f—ing mind? Like, I’m not paying you.”

“You need to find another American wife, one who is codependent. There are so many. I can refer you out,” she angrily told her husband. “Get out of my house. You are out of your mind, and I don’t want you here anymore. Do you understand that? I don’t want you here.” 

Daniele went on to say in a confessional spot — “I never thought that Yohan would be the kind of person that wouldn’t want to contribute equally. I believed that he didn’t contribute because he couldn’t.”

She added — “But now that he can contribute and he’s choosing not to, and actively choosing to steal from me, who’s provided for him for all this time like this is so unreasonable. It’s insulting, it’s embarrassing. And this is more evidence that Yohan is only with me for money.”

Shekinah and Sarper went shopping for a new bed and grabbed the opportunity to discuss their their red hot sex life. Sarper finally posted a photo with his American girlfriend on social media, officially announcing that he was off the market. 

90 Day: The Other Way

Meanwhile, Holly struggled to adjust to life in South Africa one week after marrying Wayne. Holly, who described her new life as “very isolating,” called her mom, who shared that she was also concerned about her daughter spending so much time alone while her husband was at work.  

“I don’t know if South Africa ever will feel like home,” Holly explained in an interview. “My life’s so different and don’t have any friends. And Wayne’s the person I fell in love with, So I feel a lot of responsibility on my shoulders because I agreed to this life. I’m supposed to make this work, but at the same time, I don’t know if I can make it work.” 

Holly’s mom pointed to safety concerns that are the norm in South Africa, commenting — “When I was there, I just really didn’t feel safe. It was scary to me. And I do worry about you there.”

90 Day: The Other Way

Brandan’s mom visited her son’s new home in the Philippines and was forced to adjust to living alongside bugs and lizards. 

“She has arachnophobia in my opinion, but she just needs to know that there’s a different way of living here in the Philippines,” Brandan said. “You got to be one with the bugs.” 

Mary was not happy about her future mother-in-law’s visit, explaining—“I feel a lot of pressure because she will stay with me and Brandan. I’m really worried that she will judge me and my family and how we live no matter what I do.”

Brandan explained that his mom just wasn’t used to the environment and Mary indignantly called him out for taking her side. 

“From the start you’re defending her,” she said, despite her fiancé’s insistence that he was on her side. 

“My biggest hope for my mom visiting us in the Philippines is for her and Mary to be good with each other. Because if something bad occurs between them, I’m in the middle,” he shared. “If I can’t get them to just have some sort of mutual understanding before they get into a fight or, God forbid, get into a fight during our wedding day, it would just ruin everything.”

“90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way” airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on TLC.


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