Sara Haines Absent from The View, Whoopi Goldberg Discloses the Reason

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Sara Haines

Sara Haines Absent from The View, Whoopi Goldberg Discloses the Reason

Sara Haines was absent from The View on Monday. Whoopi Goldberg explained to the audience why her co-host was a no-show, announcing that  Sara was under the weather. 

Sara is out sick today,” the moderator said. 

Sara Haines

Whoopi, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farrah Griffin made up Monday’s four-person panel, as Joy Behar, typically joins the ladies on Tuesday. 

“There’s only four of us at the table,” Whoopi, 67, pointed out. “Cause I just said, ‘Is somebody missing?’”

Whoopi Goldberg

Sunny, 55, asked — “Where’s Sara?” and Whoopi chimed in — “No, but Sara’s out sick apparently.”

The panel moved on to Monday’s Hot Topic, without offering any further explanation on Sara’s health issue and/or when viewers can expect to see her back on the daytime show. 

Ana Navarro

Fans took to X to sound off about news, reacting to the host’s absence. 

One fan tweeted — “Sara is out today!!!! Notice the crowd’s ‘who the hell cares’ reaction #TheView.”

Another noted — “Sara is not on today #TheView.”

Sara Haines

A third person said — “Thought about Sara missing. So she’s sick. Get better. #theview.”

One user theorized that Sara ducked out to film an episode of “The Chase” in California. 

Sarah Haines

Sara, 46, landed in the hot seat after using a banned word on the live broadcast, a few weeks ago. The women were chatting about a judge handing down a gag order on former President Donald Trump, during the October 4 broadcast. Sara drew a comparison between “Back to the Future” character, Biff Tannen, and the former POTUS. 

“So, think about what he was like in 1983 when he was a jerk-off,” she said casually. “Like doing what he does. Like nothing’s changed.”

Sara realized that she may have crossed a line, looking at the audience and then to a producer, asking—”Can I not say that?”

Sara Haines

Joy, 80, bluntly confirmed — “No, you cannot.”

Sara objected — “That wasn’t even a swear!”

Viewers could hear the producer clarify off-camera—”It was 1985, but you can’t say that.”

Earlier this month, Joy made a raunchy remark as she and her co-hosts chatted about ABC’s new reality series, The Golden Bachelor

The spinoff show follows Gerry Turner as he searches for love following the 2017 death of the 72-year-old’s wife, Toni. The dating reality show’s premiere provided plenty of hot topic material for “The View” panel the next day.  

Sara and Alyssa Farrah Griffin, 34, gave the show rave reviews, gushing over the unique premise. Alyssa noted that she was happy that the show “leaned into sex” rather than hold back because the cast members are seniors. 

Joy joked — “I think the word you’re looking for is ‘horny.’”

She later quipped that “nobody wants to hear the words, ‘Nana has the clap!’” as the group swapped banter about senior sexual escapades.  


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