‘RHOA’ RECAP: Drew Sidora’s ‘Damaging’ Messages from Ty Young Revealed by Shereé

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Drew Sidora

‘RHOA’ RECAP: Drew Sidora’s ‘Damaging’ Messages from Ty Young Revealed by Shereé 

Welcome to part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion! We pick up as Andy Cohen inquires about how much Ralph Pittman has told Courtney Rhodes, regarding his divorce from Drew Sidora. Courtney replies that Ralph’s hurt and does believe Drew’s had an affair on Ralph. Drew fires back that Courtney knows nothing about her relationship and begins pointing her finger at Courtney as she tells Courtney to never speak on her son again. Courtney instigates by saying “And what are you going to do?” as Drew gets activated! Courtney says she never spoke about Drew’s son and even Andy had to chime in, “You absolutely did,” as Drew points out that Courtney didn’t know the cameras were rolling. 

Drew Sidora

Drew and Courtney scream at each other as Courtney claims Drew single handedly destroyed her own kids. Kenya Moore tells Courtney how wrong she is as Courtney tells the peanut gallery that she’s not talking to them. Drew tells Courtney to lean off the vodka as Sanya Richards-Ross says, “Kids are off limits.” Andy ask Drew whether she attended Ty’s game in Texas and Drew admits she did. Drew brushes the event off as minuscule and mentions Ralph doing his own thing, as Monyetta Carter-Shaw says, “You’re going to have to talk about it at some point” and Courtney whispers “liar” on the side. At the end of the day, Drew believes Courtney’s being coached by Ralph on what to say and is collaborating with him to bring Drew down. 

Drew Sidora

Drew says she doesn’t have to answer to Courtney and Courtney calls Drew a liar. Andy wants to know when Ralph told Courtney he was divorcing Drew and come to find out, it was after their trip to Portugal! Courtney claims Ralph wanted to ensure he had evidence of the affair before making his move. Courtney reports Ralph being heartbroken but as Andy directs a question to Kandi Burruss-Tucker, Drew calls Courtney disgusting and tired. All Kandi knows about the Ty situation is that Drew told a couple people that she thought Ty was cute and the next day Ty began coming to set. 

Courtney Rhodes

Drew says she and Ralph discussed her crush on Ty and that she doesn’t like women. Marlo mentions Ty being at Ralph’s birthday party, but Andy wants to know what Sheree Whitfield knows. Sheree hesitantly brings up information that was dropped off at her house and it’s personal text messages between Drew and Ty. Andy wonders if Courtney dropped the evidence off as Kandi and Kenya read the new receipts. Kenya can’t find anything incriminating but Kandi questions the long-winded messages. Drew doesn’t confirm or deny the messages but mentions the fact that she’s seen Ralph beat the IRS and there’s no telling what else he could do. Andy gives Monyetta props for her orphanage of eleven years and even Marlo wants to donate to the cause. 

Andy Cohen

Andy thanks Courtney and Monyetta for joining them and releases the ladies to a forty-five minute lunch. Backstage, Sheree and Marlo team up to discuss the first half of the reunion and Marlo wants to know how she can subscribe to She News. Marlo and Sheree laugh at how mad Kandi is and Sheree says she’s only firing back because Kandi continuously talks about She by Sheree. Marlo laughs at the alleged mark-up of Kandi’s merchandise as Courtney gushes and hugs Ralph as he gets a haircut. As Ralph as Courtney how she’s doing, Allison walks by and Courtney attempts to shut the door in her face! Allison pushes that door back and Courtney tells security to come get this b****! Allison catches Courtney’s slip of the tongue and says “Oh, but I thought you didn’t use the word b****?” as production separates them. 

Allison asks, “Who are you?” before Courtney focuses her attention on Ralph. Courtney once again calls Drew an impulsive liar and understands he loves Drew, but he can’t allow Drew to keep disrespecting him. Marlo and Sheree know it’s about to go down and is ready for round two. Andy welcomes the ladies back and takes a look at the ladies tantalizing moments from the season. Production calls it “Peach Hub: The XXX Wives,” as we see Kenya admit to eating booty as Martel Holt changing, and Scotley flirting with Marlo. Kandi’s responsible for over one-hundred-thousand orgasms and counting. 

Drew Sidora

Kenya mentions putting threesomes on the map and while discussing the movie “Trios” Marlo shades Kenya on the side, saying “What year was that released?” Andy believes we need more Black threesomes on screen and congratulates Kandi on ten years of Bedroom Kandi. Andy wonders if any of the ladies have some of Kandi’s products and a few of them have. A fan wonders why the ladies were shocked at Kenya’s admission and claims everyone’s eating booty now. Andy commends Kenya on her honesty as Sheree ask Kandi what’s the freakiest thing she’s done. Kandi has to think for a moment and Kenya wonders how many people where involved. Kandi admits to sleeping with four people at a time and Marlo mentions her best sex coming from a Gemini. After Andy jokes with Marlo, we move onto Sanya’s journey this season. 

Sanya begins crying as Andy thanks Sanya for sharing her story. Sanya loss the baby in February while she was traveling for a meet in New York. Sanya planned to have a DNC but ended up experiencing a traumatic miscarriage that required a blood-transfusion. Luckily, Sanya got pregnant one month later and decided to keep it under wraps this time. Sanya had support but was disappointed in Kenya due to her not responding to Sanya’s message immediately. Kenya says she called Sanya, but she didn’t answer the phone. Kenya tells Sanya that she looks stunning as Andy reads a question from a fan. The fan questions the way Sanya treats her family and mentions she doesn’t own them. Sanya doesn’t see the error in her ways and admits to struggling with work/life balance. 

Sanya shares that the family has moved out and has moved five minutes away. Andy asks Kenya if she’s closer to getting pregnant, but Kenya has decided to adopt! Kenya wants a three or a four-year old and the ladies support Kenya’s decision. A fan questions Sanya’s loyalty to Kenya after shading Kenya’s relationship. Sanya says, “But what relationship?” and Kenya replies “And that’s why I unfollowed you” as we get a recap of Sanya questioning Kenya’s reaction to Roi messaging Marlo. Kenya likes Sanya but doesn’t feel like she can be biased when it comes to her and Marlo. Sanya believe she’s calling out the double-standards but Kenya wonders when Sanya ever called Marlo out on camera. Sanya brings up Marlo sending the video to LaToya Forever and told Marlo she shouldn’t have sent it. 

Drew Sidora

Kenya doesn’t remember that part as Andy moves onto Marlo and her hesitancy to give to Sanya’s charity. Marlo doesn’t see the problem as she mentions calling her accountant to ensure the money was available. Kenya calls out Sheree and Marlo not raising their paddles and even Sanya admits Marlo told her she’ll give her the money but didn’t want to support Kenya’s hosting. Sheree and Kenya go back and forth briefly before Sanya jumps in, saying she feels Kenya is calculating and doesn’t trust she’s genuine! Kenya fires back with “I don’t have to give you my time or my money girl” as Sanya tries to finish her sentence. Sanya tells Kenya that there’s opportunities to support her off camera but Kenya’s no where to be found. 

Kenya Moore

Kenya dismisses Sanya as Andy reads a question asking Kandi why she has a YouTube channel dedicated to shading the cast. Kandi replies that she’s only matching energy and to carry on. Another fan questions whether it’s time for Kandi to step down or step up. Kandi doesn’t believe that and brings up Kandi and the Gang and the fact that we know all about her issues with Mama Joyce. Kandi mentions to Sheree that she knows all about taking breaks and Sheree claims they keep bringing her back because the girls are lackluster! Andy laughs on the side as he congratulates Kandi on her journey to an EGOT. 

Kandi Burruss

It felt amazing for Kandi to be at the Tony Awards and mentions producing The Whiz coming up next year. Andy moves onto Marlo and her two-year-old grudge with Kandi. Andy wonders why this is a issue two years later and Marlo replies that she got triggered by the news, once the shooting occurred. Marlo states she was upset after leaving Kandi’s house and Kandi’s confused because she thought they shared an emotional moment. Marlo admits to wanting more from Kandi, but Kandi mentions Marlo continuing on like nothing happened. Kandi doesn’t believe she did anything wrong, but Marlo wanted Kandi to call her sister and sing a song. Andy wonders why Marlo was so concerned with Drew’s word choice and Marlo claims everyone’s afraid to go against Kandi. 

Kandi doesn’t understand why they want to hold her to the fire for her issues but not one of them mentioned Sheree’s website crashing. Kandi believes Marlo wanted Drew to challenge Kandi on what happened at Blaze, but Marlo and Sheree deny it. Kandi tells Marlo they haven’t been friends in a long time and that they’re jealous at the way things go well for Kandi. Marlo denies it and Drew thinks Marlo should’ve talked to Kandi privately. Marlo tells Drew she should worry about her marriage and now they’re going at it. Drew tells Marlo all she has is a Birkin and some memories and tells Marlo she’s looking for a moment. Sanya chimes and Kandi had to mention the many times Marlo’s story changed. Kandi doesn’t want to argue with Sanya about Marlo and Marlo ends it by saying she wanted Kandi to do more. Marlo claims they can move forward but Kandi’s cool with being cordial moving forward. 

Andy gives the ladies a break while mentioning running to the nearest tequila once they wrap. Drew’s texting as Ralph makes his way to the couch and Andy welcomes him. Andy wonders if the two are communicating and Ralph answers as Drew faces away from him. Drew’s trying not to cry as Drew and Ralph stare at each other awkwardly. Andy recaps their story and afterwards Drew hands Andy a peach to give to Ralph! Kenya wonders where Drew’s getting her props from as Andy ask where the divorce stands. Ralph and Drew are going through mediation and Andy ask a question, but Drew’s hurt and wants Ralph to have his moment. Ralph claims he loves Drew but he’s there to give the best representation of himself for their kids. Ralph says Drew’s slandering his name and both admit the kids don’t know anything yet. 

A fan wonders if Drew and Ralph were fronting but Drew believes she still hasn’t told everyone to protect Ralph. Ralph claims he’s been faithful to Drew and Drew says the same, but Ralph says, “What about Ty?” Drew’s surprised Ralph’s playing in her face, but Ralph wants to be mature and honest. Drew says Ralph’s always chosen other women over her and that Ralph quit marriage counseling because Dr. Ken was holding his feat to the fire honey! Ralph didn’t want to be held accountable, so he gave up on Drew and their marriage! Ralph accuses Drew’s assistant Danny of spreading the rumor and even Kandi admits Drew’s assistant told a few other people. Drew believes Ralph is the streets and that they can’t get involved in things they know nothing about. Drew shows Andy her phone where Ralph’s texting a woman who asked, “Are you gonna bring me back that d***?” 

Drew Sidora

The ladies are shocked as Drew says this is what she’s been going through for the past eight years. Drew hoped Ralph would come and do right by her but says it’s a done deal and claims they’ve been going through these issues since Chicago! Drew says Ralph apologized to her off camera but is now playing in her face. Ralph says the text is a catfish, but Drew says Ralph’s other women texted Drew as well. Ralph calls Drew fake as Drew brings up another woman while Andy ask about Vegas. Ralph says it was a work trip and that he didn’t audition for The Chocolate Magic Mike. Unaired footage shows Kandi calling the producers to confirm Ralph was indeed auditioning.

Ralph says a bunch of nothing and claims he was already going to Vegas for a work trip and that it wasn’t a secret. Drew says Ralph wanted to audition and that her insecurities began to come out due to Ralph embarrass her. Drew begins getting emotional as she explains what Ralph has done to her over the years and accuses Ralph of dropping off the text messages to Sheree. Ralph believes Drew’s been with multiple women and that Drew brought Ty to his birthday party. Drew fires back that Ralph told her that he’s been getting blow-jobs around the world! Ralph begins laughing and dismisses Drew while Andy goes into Courtney’s comment about Ralph adopting Josiah. Ralph mentions abuse, abandonment, and death should be the only reasons to adopt a child and gives the excuse that JoJo’s dad wants to be in his life.

Ralph continues saying a bunch of nothing as he claims he didn’t want to take that away from JoJo’s father. Andy ask if there’s hope for reconciliation and both love each other but feels like there’s so many issues. Drew doesn’t feel Ralph provides her a safe space to be vulnerable or acknowledge her emotions. Drew says Ralph isolates her and coached Courtney to go against her. Drew begins crying as Ralph says, “Drew you’re acting” and Drew’s had it! Drew leaves the stage and goes backstage while Ralph jokes on stage. Drew continues crying as her team fixes her up and Allison wonders why Drew won’t bring up the Private Investigator. On stage, the ladies try to give Ralph advice as Sanya and Monyetta encourage Drew to come back onstage. Ralph regrets letting Drew walk off stage and Kenya gets in his a** about the way he sides with Drew’s enemies. 


Drew makes her way back to the group as Kenya tries to give Ralph pointers on his communication skills. Ralph ask Kenya how long she was married, and Kenya immediately catches the shade as she points out that Ralph’s trying to discount Kenya’s experience. Ralph finishes his time on the couch by telling Drew he loves her and that he wants to see her happy. Andy mentions Drew’s new song and Drew admits to writing it while she and Ralph were going through their issues and used music as a form of therapy. As Andy resets for Drew’s performance, Ralph attempts to check on Drew but she tells him he doesn’t have to act like he cares. Ralph says he always cared as she tells him to stop, and he walks away. 

Andy gives Drew his chair as she prepares to sing her new single, “Threw us Away.” Drew sounds good as she shares her pain with the world. Everyone’s listening as Drew obtains her closure through a song and Ralph thinks it’s a good song. The ladies admit the song was good but also awkward as Andy gives Drew props for her performance as the ladies prepare for a toast. Andy ask Sheree to end the night on a healing note and Sheree ends it by saying she loves everyone, and she isn’t giving up on them. Andy toast to another epic season and toast to Portugal’s green wine, to health and healing! Andy congratulates Sanya’s newest addition as the ladies toast to season fifteen! Thanks for riding with us for this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


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