‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Brown Hurt Over Dad Kody’s Special Bond With Adopted Daughter Aurora

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‘Sister Wives’ Mykelti Brown Hurt Over Dad Kody’s Special Bond With Adopted Daughter Aurora

Mykelti Brown, daughter of Kody and Christine Brown, admitted that she was hurt to see her father taking his adopted daughter, Aurora, to get her ears pierced in a scene featured on Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives.

Fans watched Kody, 54, and his fourth wife, Robyn, take the 21-year-old to get her ears pierced during the August 27 episode. 

Sister Wives

The 27-year-old took to a Patreon live stream on Tuesday, to sound off about the situation via “Without a Crystal Ball.”

Mykelti explained that Kody had forbidden his daughters to get their ears pierced as long as they lived under his roof. Aurora currently resides with Kody, her mother, Robyn, and her four siblings.  

Mykelti Brown

Mykelti revealed that Kody had made rude and disrespectful remarks about women with pierced ears for years. She added that she and her sisters were upset that they had experienced a “different dad” during their childhoods. The mom of three went on to say that Kody had not accompanied any of his older daughters when they made decisions to have their ears pierced, and did not put forth any real effort to nurture close relationships. 

Kody Brown

Mykelti explained that she knew that the scene was filmed by TLC cameras, but had hoped that it would not be included in aired footage, so her other sisters wouldn’t have to see it. 

She guessed that Kody agreed to film the outing to provide a storyline that challenges the Mormon way of life. The Church of Jesus Christ website states that “latter-day prophets strongly discourage the piercing of the body except for medical purposes. If girls or women desire to have their ears pierced, they are encouraged to wear only one pair of modest earrings.”

Mykelti Padron

The father-daughter bonding moment played out as viewers watched Robyn refer to herself and Kody as “outsiders” within the fractured Brown clan. Robyn spoke about feeling disappointed after her effort to organize a Zoom call to discuss a Christmas gift exchange with Christine and Janelle Brown’s children fell apart. 

Tony Padron

Robyn told cameras — “I was pushing for the video chat for the sake of the kids.” 

She explained that she received “pushback,” adding — “I just finally went, ‘Why am I trying here?’ … Here it is, just another reaffirmation of all the messages that we’re getting that we’re the outsiders and we’re on the other side [of the family].”

Robyn Brown

Christine declared that the matter had been “blown out of proportion,” and Janelle explained that her children weren’t “opposed” to the group chat, just not available due to their busy schedules. 

“It’s just another example of them not wanting to be a family with us,” Robyn said in a confessional spot. “It’s been like this from the beginning. By the time the whole thing was over with, my older kids … did not feel comfortable being involved in the gift exchange anymore.”


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