‘RHOC’ RECAP: Gina Suggests Shannon Needs REHAB After She’s Caught In Damaging Lies!

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‘RHOC’ RECAP: Gina Suggests Shannon Needs REHAB After She’s Caught In Damaging Lies!

The August 30 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County opens with Terry and Heather Dubrow discussing the pending sale of their lush Newport Coast mansion, when Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles couple, Josh Altman and Heather Altman stop by to chat about the property’s imminent sale. As they sit before the home’s renowned champagne wall, Josh remarks, “You guys should be elated, really proud.” He further pointed out, “For the record, this ranks as the third top sale ever in Orange County.”

Josh Altman

Adding to the accolades, Josh Altman continued to share that the sale of the home marked a distinct highlight in his already illustrious career, “I see the best houses in the world,” Josh tells the homeowners. “I haven’t seen a house like this throughout my career.”

Heather Dubrow

While the deal was still in the works, Josh clarifies that once finalized, Heather and Terry would need to vacate in just three weeks. Even though the RHOC duo recently acquired a penthouse in Los Angeles, the stunning apartment wasn’t precisely Heather’s envisioned family abode for the next chapter.

“Our L.A. apartment is a two-bedroom apartment,” Heather explained in an interview. “That was supposed to be for me and Terry for someday. Not for now, and not with all of those children.” Later, she joked, “Maybe we just stay in the house. I mean, it’s big. Will they even notice we’re there?”

Josh Altman

Acknowledging her reservations, Josh assured, “Heather [Altman] is going to help Heather [Dubrow] find a perfect lease.”

As Josh and Heather prepared to depart, confident about sealing the deal later, they were in for a surprise. Just as they reached the door, the dynamic duo swiftly pivoted back, with Josh excitedly announcing, “They just f-cking signed.”

Heather Dubrow

Naturally, the quartet wasted no time in toasting to the successful deal. The home sold for $55 million. 

Next up, Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter meet up at a motorcycle shop. Emily wants to take a ride on the wild side and embark on motorcycle lessons. While Emily is ready to rev up a motorcycle engine, Shane’s branding her as “insane.” Meanwhile, Gina spills tea about Shannon Beador’s incessant chit-chat about Gina’s DUI from eons ago (four years, to be exact). Apparently, Shannon’s been gossiping about Gina’s past and taking credit for Gina’s kids not being taken away by CPS (Child Protective Service), due to the incident. Gina is NOT here for Shannon’s walk down memory lane and warns sisterhood doesn’t run on backstabbing fuel.

Speaking of alcoholics, over at Shannon’s house, things are getting scratchy! When Tamra Judge pops in for a tea spill, she spots John Janssen — giving us all the morning-after vibes. Quite the plot twist given the grapevine’s take on their so-called “just for show,” romance. No sooner than John scurries out, our ever-curious Tamra is all ears for Shannon’s take on her recent epic spat with Heather Dubrow. Shannon’s playing her cards close, insisting she owes zilch explanations. But, the lady doth protest, especially when it comes to John’s sleepover dodging moves — earning him the title of “Runner,” by Tamra. While Shannon admits she’s vented to the other ladies about her issues in the past, she insists that, all things considered, her relationship with John is on solid ground.

“I’m not going to talk about every argument I have with John. I’m not, I’m not,” she told castmate Tamra when the two were hanging out together at Shannon’s house. “But, I’ll be honest with you, I get really upset when John and I don’t spend a lot of time together.”

As for vacations? Purely business, darling. No romantic getaways in sight. Three years and not a whiff of wedding bells. Tamra’s side-eye says it all in her talking head confessional.

Shannon and John not talking about getting married is a huge red flag,” Tamra explained. “They’ve been together [for] three years, and no talk of marriage at their age? It doesn’t sound right.”

Over at Jennifer Pedranti’s abode, she’s working out with her boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian. He brings up the topic of marriage and while she’s apprehensive, he’s all in and wants to walk down the aisle STAT. Jenn asks Ryan, “Why do you of all people who have not been successful in relationships — why do you want to tie it up?”

“Because it’s you,” Ryan responds. “I want to be with you all the time, and you know that.”

Jennifer Pedranti

Jenn breaks into a smile but adds with a playful side-eye, “Though the thought of a lifetime with you? Kinda gives me the jitters.” She adds, “Because I hate the fact that somebody else came between us,” Jenn quipped, alluding to that little “break-time rendezvous” Ryan had when they hit pause on their relationship.

But, in Ryan’s world, he views things a bit different. “But somebody didn’t come between us,” he replies. “You can’t say because we didn’t know if we were ever gonna get back together and we decided to take a break, that somebody came between us. I just don’t think that’s an accurate statement.”

Jennifer Pedranti

Cue the RHOC time machine. In a blast-from-the-past moment, we see Ryan spilling the tea to Tamra and Eddie Judge. Apparently, about six months into his whirlwind romance with Jenn, they hit the pause button for a “four or five weeks,” intermission. “Did she expect me to go carry on and connect — let me back that up — have sex with somebody else? She did not.”

Ryan Boyajian

Ryan suggests Jenn should, “choose to stay present in the moment” rather than “let [her] mind run,” but she argues that that logic is flawed. “I can’t do that stuff all the time. This is real life. We do have seven people between us and it is forever,” Jenn says, referencing both her and Ryan’s kids from their previous marriages. “I don’t worry about me. I want to know that my man has it so f-cking worked out that I’m never moving my kids out, that I never have to set the kids down and say, ‘Your f-cking mom failed it again.'”

Later in the week, Heather and Shannon meet for lunch to navigate the bumpy road back to friendship bliss after their blowout fight.

“I don’t really have any hope that we’re going to resolve anything, but I want to hear what Heather has to say,” Shannon said in a different interview on the episode. “Because Heather’s violation of the vault that I thought we had together is a total slap in the face.”

Shannon Beador

Off the rip, Heather tries to calm tensions by saying she just wants resolution but Shannon is not buying it. “There is no vault,” Heather argues in a talking head confessional. “She goes and gives everyone the combination, and I’m sick of it.”

During their tête-à-tête, Shannon confides to Heather, admitting she felt, “hurt.”

“It’s never been my goal to talk about your relationship,” Heather explained.

“I have relationship issues that most people have,” Shannon added. “I’m hopeful that we can navigate through them because I’ve never loved someone more in my life. It’s nobody’s business, so if you’re so concerned as my friend, then talk to me about it.”

Heather Dubrow

Heather extends an olive branch with an apology, hoping to pave a path forward with Shannon.

“I apologize, honestly. I would never intentionally do something to hurt you,” Heather said. “I feel like in my heart and in my mind, I don’t believe I was ever sh-t talking you or trying to stir things up at all. If it came out that way or [it] moved that way, then I apologize.”

“Thank you for saying that. It means something, and I appreciate that,” Shannon tells her.

After expressing her need to digest the swirl of emotions, Shannon left their meeting on a hopeful note.

When the ladies gathered for some pumpkin-carving fun, what was meant to be a serene autumn day quickly turned into a gourd-gone-wrong drama fest. Shannon found herself in hot pumpkin soup when Gina called her out for peddling the tale of CPS nearly confiscating Gina’s kiddos.

Shannon says sh-t, and then she wants to pretend that she didn’t do it, and if you can say things that are that f-cking hurtful and not even remember you said it, you need to go f-cking check yourself into rehab,” Gina shares in a talking head confessional.

Gina pointedly mentions Shannon’s “convenient amnesia,” over her spilling a baseless rumor that nearly saw Gina’s kids knocking on Child Protective Services’ door back in 2019. Memory lapse or not, the tea is scalding!

“So I will have to tell you, Gina took me aside evidently, um, Jenn told her you brought up CPS at your party? That CPS was coming for her kids?” Tamra whispers to Shannon

Shannon’s face painted a picture of utter astonishment. She swiftly refuted the claim and then, in a dramatic escalation, belted out her feelings for all to hear across the pumpkin-laden table, “Jenn, you said that I said CPS was coming for Gina’s kids? What are you talking about? I would never say that!”

A trip down memory lane to just four days prior showed Shannon had, in fact, spilled those beans. The power of reality TV flashbacks – always there to expose a liar. 

Shannon dished out quite the narrative to Jenn and Tamra in the flashback, painting a dramatic scene post-Gina’s arrest. She hinted at a near-second arrest for Gina, suggesting her kids were on the brink of a rendezvous with CPS. But thanks to Good Samaritan Shannon, she handed Gina a lifeline — a friend’s contact who supposedly had a chat with the D.A., thus preventing this Hollywood-worthy scene from playing out.

Shannon Beador

Even with the weight of her own words from an earlier event hanging over her, Shannon was on full denial mode, ducking and diving away from any memory of ever dropping that Gina’s kids bombshell. 

“Never said it! God strike me dead, that’s when I know I didn’t say something, OK? So stop stirring sh-t up, Jenn. Jesus Christ,” Shannon yells across the table.

Jenn, however, wasn’t having any of it. Firmly planting her feet, she declared her innocence in the drama, pointing out that back then, she wasn’t even in the Shannon/Gina friend circle.

“Unbelievable! Unbef–kinglievable!” Shannon continues screaming.

On the other hand, Tamra developed a case of amnesia, saying, “I don’t recall Shannon ever mentioning that.” 

Shannon is super sideways about not saying it which tells me, you totally know you said it,” Jenn said in a confessional, while Heather added, “good try, Shannon.”

Shannon Beador

In her confessional, Shannon emphatically insisted that she did, “not recall saying it.”

“My friends were there!” Shannon shouts at Jenn. “I would never say that! You know what I said, Gina? I said, ‘I’m not allowed to talk about anything good that I did for Gina.’ I said, ‘I’m not gonna talk about it.’”

Gina confessed she had asked Shannon to zip it about her arrest, saying it’s not exactly her favorite icebreaker. But alas, Shannon seemed to have “conveniently,” misplaced that memo when chatting with Jenn.

“Maybe she Googled it,” Shannon suggested, to which Jenn made it clear she wasn’t the puppet master Shannon was painting her to be.

“It is NOT true!” Gina belts out at the top of her lungs. “Nobody gets a DUI and then their kids are taken from them! Let’s let this go!”

Gina Kirschenheiter

With unwavering conviction, Shannon asserts that the authorities had their eyes set on an early morning raid at Gina’s home.

“No they weren’t, they weren’t scheduled,” Gina argues. “How do you know? Did you clock in with the cops?”

Gina, choking back tears in a confessional, vented, “I have put my children before f-cking everything, so to insinuate the authorities would remove my children, that they would see me as an unfit parent, is f-cked up.”

Shannon Beador

Shannon held her own before exiting the pumpkin extravaganza. Once she was gone, Gina couldn’t help but suggest that perhaps Shannon might benefit from a therapist’s couch.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays, at 8 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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